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2011 - Will Things Get Better?

By Christine Hoeflich


photo of Christine Hoeflich

This article discusses 2011 predictions about whether things will get better in 2011. It looks at the latest trends in what channeled messages are saying and adds that information to the personal experience and insight of the author (who has had a "head start" in the awakening/ascension process and understands where in the process humanity now stands).

During the last few months, I have observed that many channeled messages from several different messengers have been giving predictions that life will continue to get more challenging in 2011 (and into 2012) before things ultimately turn around for the better on this planet. For example, in a recent channeling, SaLuSa stated that, "After patiently waiting for some major change, you will be shortly entering a new year that holds almost every answer you seek. It will be a most challenging period, as the ways of old will fall away thereby making way for the new to come in."--SaLuSa, 10 November, 2010, channeled by Mike Quinsey

On November 12th, SaLuSa further hinted that, "Let us say that no matter how chaotic things become...out of those conditions you will see what is emerging and realize it is for your good...You have little influence over what is happening, but staying focused within your own light can help make the experience less unsettling or traumatic."

Kryon, channeled by David Brown on October 10, 2010 states that, "A new world is coming dear ones; allow the energies to dissolve the parts of you that no longer serve you and allow yourself to connect deeper and deeper to that part of you, your authentic self, your true self."

These predictions of challenging, traumatic times in 2011 (including the further eroding of national economies) have also been put forth by several other messengers, including Wynn Free. (Wynn Free is in touch with the Ra and Elohim groups through channels Terry Brown and Daphne.)

I am certain these messages are not put out there to frighten us, but to help us understand what is about to occur so that we are ready and empowered for it. I can assure you that it is not going to feel good while we're going through the crises, and you may have no idea how to resolve your challenges, but if you inquire deep within and cultivate a relationship with that part of you that is in touch with Higher Purpose, you will not only get through your challenges, but you'll attain a level of success that is unprecedented. Because the fact is, it is precisely these challenging experiences (and looking within for the solutions) that will eventually create the Golden Age that we yearn for. (That is, if you have the courage, confidence and tenacity to follow through with your inner guidance rather than being incapacitated by your fears.)

This is what the real challenge of the "End Times" is about, by the way, not about some "dark forces" trying to steal your soul. Your soul can never be gotten; your soul is what helped plan these challenges in the first place--for your growth and evolution. After all, after incarnating on this planet for ages, your soul would willingly accept the challenge of a "test" before "graduating" on to a Golden Age, wouldn't it?

I can illustrate this with my own example. In 1985, not long after graduating from an Ivy League engineering school, a work colleague of mine who was "intuitive" (his word) told me that sometime in the future, I would help a lot of people by doing something "new." "New" was the only clue he gave me.

I tried to search for this new thing, I even reread the Bible, but of course I couldn't find it anywhere out in the world. It wasn't until I found myself in a whammy of a crisis over 15 years later, a crisis that nothing or no one outside of myself could resolve, that I began to be clued in to my gifts. I connected deep within and followed through with my inner guidance--which is how I, over time, developed that new understanding that I was to share with the world.

Am I grateful for that crisis? I am now. Before my crisis, I didn't know who I was, or what I was capable of. But now I know. And I know that I can fulfill the rest of my mission.

I can't say that I was grateful while I was still clueless; it was a terrible time. However, when you have an understanding of what is happening, why it is happening, and how to go through the challenge so that you can succeed, it will help the experience not be so dang painful and frightening. Read my interesting story: If I could do what I did, so can you--don't you think?

In summary, as the 2011 predictions of challenges and changes become reality, it will prove helpful to have a deep, big picture understanding of what is really happening.

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