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2012 Astrology Forecast - Part 3 of 4

By Philip Sedgwick


Philip Sedgwick photo

Part 1 - January thru March 2012
Part 2 - April thru June 2012
Part 3 - July thru Sept. 2012
Part 4 - Oct. thru Dec. 2012

Philip Sedgwick is a heliocentric astrologer. Description of heliocentric astrology from Wikipedia: Heliocentric astrology is a method of astrology based on birth charts where the Sun is at the center.

Standard forms of astrology are geocentric and the geocentric birth chart is drawn with the Earth at the center, and the planets are placed around the cartwheel in the positions that they would appear in the sky as seen by a person who is looking at them from the center of the Earth.

The Greek language word "helios" means the Sun. Heliocentric Astrology draws birth charts with the Sun at the center, and the planets are placed around the cartwheel in the positions that they would appear if someone looked at them from the center of the Sun.

Geocentric Astrology relies heavily on the ascendant, midheaven, houses, the Moon, planetary aspects (astrological aspects) and placements of birth planets in the houses and signs. But Heliocentric Astrology does not have houses, the ascendant or midheaven, and there is no moon in heliocentric birth charts.

Instead, Heliocentric Astrology depends primarily on planetary aspects and configurations for interpretation. For this reason, no astrologer uses Heliocentric Astrology to the exclusion of Geocentric Astrology. But supporters of Heliocentric Astrology believe that it can reveal much that Geocentric Astrology cannot and therefore recommend that all astrologers add Heliocentric Astrology chart analysis as a supplement to Geocentric Astrology.

Philip Sedgwick's

Published Dec. 27, 2011

Part 1 - January thru March 2012
Part 2 - April thru June 2012
Part 3 - July thru Sept. 2012
Part 4 - Oct. thru Dec. 2012

2012's Cosmic Forecast ~ Part 3 of 4 - July thru Sept. 2012

(h) indicates a heliocentric planetary placement. The object it is aspecting will also be heliocentric.
ROI = Range of transit Influence on either side. Time of influence is estimated.

Jul 1 - Ceres in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces.

Don Quixote comes to mind. How many of those imagined windmills actually pose threats or operate contrary to the kind of progress you seek? Pick fights with clarity. Every battle is costly. Combat, whether verbal, physical or spiritual taxes the body, mind and soul. What do you have the energy to engage? Where is your dharmic track best laid down?

Better yet, what are your rationalizations for taking on the campaigns you believe call you to action? Should motives be unclear, diluted, or deluded, perhaps the war at hand is one internal.

Understanding what you oppose and its reason for topping your list of concerns is critical. In the illuminating documentary "The Fog of War," former U. S. Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara speaks passionately about the need to understand the culture and theology of any adversary. Without clear understanding of what you oppose and your intent to engage it, defeat is likely.

Clear the fog. Refine your own culture and theology. If you must defend your beliefs and views, remember that justification is not required - only the statement of your beliefs. After all, how can you define why you believe in astrology? Beware the Ides of Ceres and her urge to fight for the fun of it, and the urge to protest too much.

Jul 17 - Neptune in Pisces, retrograde, opposes Orcus in Virgo. ROI 21 days.

Crossing hearts, fingers or toes when fibbing might satisfy Neptune, but such actions offend Orcus. Given his charge of dealing with those who intentionally fail to uphold verbal promises and agreed obligations, he'll make sure that every letter of negated agreements comes to light. Neptune in Pisces might argue that a little fib to let someone down easily is a decent and kind approach. Underworld deities hold different views and evidently worked as intern readers in the film industry where there is no qualm about telling a person what they think of their literary work. They'll freely tell you your work sucks, and claim that sugar coating only keeps someone they don't want around hanging out in the foyer, hoping to share a ride in an elevator for one more ptich.

With a pattern like this, some promises made may be unintentional, typically the result of poor estimations of time, resources and the ability of outsourced printing firms to manifest deadlines under strange transits. However, Virgo energy might reply that one must always assign a time/space margin of error, such that unexpected delays are comfortably included in one's promises. Airlines pad the actual flight time with anticipated runway delays, and statistics related to seasonal effects such as holiday travel and weather patterns.

Best to remember that Orcus has a zero tolerance policy for those who make promises with no intention to fulfill them or with the realization at the time of issuing a promise that they are incapable of completing the promise.

Jul 19 - Chiron (h) conjunct north node of 225088. ROI 18 days.

Hopefully, the milk of human kindness is enjoying an outpouring to be rivaled. The essence of this transit is to locate kindness and the high side of compassion. Seek to employ empathy in lieu of sympathy. Offer aid to those wanting to accept it instead of forcing what intends to be helpful efforts to those who would rather work it out on their own.

Back on the inner psyche front, allow yourself indulgence of tolerance and forgiveness. Assert that when challenged, you responded the best way your consciousness knew at the time. Allow for errors along the path, while not expecting to err. Hold no expectation that things will go poorly or wrong. Adjust your attitudes toward positive thinking such that the way you approach expectations in life works to support what you seek. Create an internal sense of trust that you'll never knowingly let yourself down.

Perhaps by this time, and if reminder e-mails to astronomers are actually read, a name will exist for this planet. It is worth noting at this point that the planet once nicknamed Snow White is known to be a planet very red in color. Is it the poisoned apple, the blushing Innocent, or a desire to invoke passion in all matters of life with the knowing that invoking the fullness of one's spirit is a fabulous healing remedy?

Jul 22 - Saturn (h) conjunct the perihelion of Chiron. ROI 21 days.

This passage is notable because of the relationship between Saturn and Chiron. Saturn sired Chiron as the result of an affair with a nymph, during which he disguised himself as a horse. Thus, Chiron entered the world half man-half horse. Saturn disavowed any relationship with his son. Because of Saturn's god status and the realization that despite Saturn's denial, his progeny was of the gods - Chiron was born on sacred ground, albeit a cave. And Chiron received the benefits of his lineage but in a backhanded, with a wink way.

As a result, Chiron carries the rallying flag for anyone feeling "not enough." Issues of not being clever enough, smart enough, tall enough, muscular enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, talented enough, creative enough, or of enough consciousness appear for healing - and they all belong to Chiron. Given the Sun-centered pattern, this aspect works to soothe the soul and heal the psyche. Saturn actually offers the antidote.

It's what you do and the quality of what you do that Saturn sanctions. If a person prepares fifty hours for a role in a commercial, the devotion to preparation is noted by Saturn regardless of getting the role. If an astrologer works ten hours in response to a casual question, Saturn observes the dedication and conscientiousness of the star gazer. Saturn knows what you do and supports the notion that it is what you do that seeks to advance your causes and position in life shall not be negated.

It's a great time to document accomplishments, pat yourself on the back, perhaps raise a glass of vintage for a sip of celebration (careful with the wine around those centaurs) and after sufficient savoring, get back to it.

The nutshell essence: celebrate accomplishment and effort, give credit to steps taken, and praise quality of effort and dedication to dharma.

Aug 1 - Pluto (h) square nodes of Chiron. ROI 6 weeks.

The fight over health care and against large pharmacological companies heats up. Potentially a huge life extension breakthrough, most relevant for folks believing they are with their soul mates. The status quo may challenge healing methods that do not fit in with their beliefs or line their pockets. Issues regarding food labeling may also come to light. If a food additive can be toxic, should the food be labeled with a warning label as tobacco products are? It's up for grabs.

For yourself, plan a personal time out from life. Take extra time to hunker down and commune with nature. Adjust your psyche such that it is perfectly compatible with and accepting of all your desires and inner motivations. Accept all aspects of your psyche for what they are. No need to justify. If something feels awry, transform it into something good. Be gentle with yourself. No need to admonish yourself in addition to incoming criticism.

Explore your psyche and set it on the track that works. Taking a tour of an underground cavern or visiting a cave might do wonders to restore your sense of awe and wonder.

Aug 14 - Neptune in Pisces, retrograde, conjunct dwarf planet 225088, retrograde. ROI 14 days.

A replay of a previous aspect, however with the upcoming Jupiter aspect to 225088 to follow in three days, the compassion and tolerance quotient of this yet to be named dwarf planet demands application in the religious, theological and spiritual realms. As long as someone is seeking as you are, find that thread of aspiration to be your common denominator. Then, you get to move forward as allies instead of adversaries. A word of caution here: those who categorically condemn other religions as invalid or inferior might be in defiance of not only their stated beliefs, but certainly this transit.

Should you be agnostic, atheistic, or evolved beyond religious/spiritual confrontation, this is a great time to adopt something... maybe a kitten, kangaroo or a kumquat tree. Show your humanity. Allow your compassion to extend globally and to all living things.

Aug 17 - Jupiter (h) in Gemini square dwarf planet 225088 in Pisces. ROI 21 days.

Astrologers are quick to point out that Jupiter is, in fact, a benevolent god. And it's also true that he amplifies and embellishes anything he touches. So, on the upside, this may be a time when folks are urged to be compassionate and tolerant to a fault... the threshold of fault being naivete, ignoring important information that may contradict a fair vetting process, or dismissing facts in the interest of supporting one's personal mythology. As well, rumor, innuendo and smear campaigns should bite the instigator on the behind during such a transit. Those developing election ads might do well to take note. There is a "live by the sword" implication in the undercurrents.

While Jupiter reaches out to promote the good in people and restore faith in others, he also intends to keep a sharp lookout for grifters, Internet trolls, terrorists, plutocrats, and Erissians with agendas of disruption only.

While in the natural process of contrasting your beliefs with those of others, realize "different" is not bad. Sameness is not necessarily a benefit. Those working toward common goals are encouraged to have and proclaim differences within the boundaries of civility.

Aug 27 - Jupiter opposes the Great Attractor. ROI 14 days.

This Gemini to Sagittarius pattern wants to suggest that all bets are off; every option is on the table. Jupiter should love the extensive breadth and range of the Great Attractor. He should love the emanation of all known frequencies and the exclusion of none. No doubt, by Jove, the Grand Ole Planet loves the fact that nothing can be hidden behind the back; better yet, with the virtually unlimited gravity of the GA, you get to see around the next bend in present tense reality. Nothing like gallons of gravity to distend time and space into a slo-mo perception that one can apply while racing at supersonic velocities on the path of life.

If your natal chart aligns with this transit, others push you to the center of the circle, demanding you provide answers to questions you're hearing for the first time without the benefit of researching via Bing, or Google or WikiWhatever. Accept the challenge. Get a little space from the throng, set yourself down, center and open up the cranium. Imagine that all the energy out there in galactic points is reaching you in spite of our atmosphere, satellites and their cable network/cell phone beams and wayward astral travelers bouncing off pink clouds. You might be sufficiently amazed at what you bring down.

The information is there. Like the Galactic Center it is available to all in the collective, assuming a pulse and a willingness to be receptive. Here, you do not need to seek the guru on the hill; the sky comes to you. Instead of raising hell, you're realizing you can lower heaven and bring all of its essence through your being for effective manifestation on Earth.

When questions arise, personal or collective, rise to the occasion and do what you can to track. "Remember," quips the Great Attractor, "the opposite of confound is profound." Oh by the way, check out what's next around the bend.

Aug 31 - Ceres (h) conjunct Jupiter in Gemini. ROI 5 days.

In mythic lore, more than once Jupiter mopped up the messes made by Ceres' wrath. Seems like every time Ceres took on an issue, Jupiter had to come calm the masses, negotiate peace and assign harsh terms and conditions that tempted even the best of the sensibilities of the gods.

Check out political unrest and the protesting now taking place. Is progress being made? Is the passion for a quest something that spreads and can quickly accelerate into vitriol? Can frenzy race like a wildfire through protesting crowds and police lines? We've seen it can and have been shocked by the horrific results.

There might be a better way. First, how about a clear definition of what the cause actually is? Second, what are the demands, terms that must be negotiated and expected outcomes? This is a Gemini pattern. Both sides must listen, speak, listen and speak. A scattergun approach of shooting at the side of a barn hoping to hit something fails to support the need for specificity that Jupiter requires. Third, when you get what you sought, no fair pushing out the demands. When fulfilled, stop talking and go for satisfaction.

These ideas apply to life whether heading to your political representative's office with a demand for action, petitioning for the professional advancement that you know should be yours (and why is that?), or going head to head with your soul mate to make sure your relationship does not skid into a hell and back scenario.

Here, Ceres is the trigger. Remember, calm must prevail. Rage, revenge and raucous rants do nothing to produce positive results. Be cool. Be calm. Be determined and focused knowing what the original objective is and allow for its evolution. As a propitiating effort, maybe having a bowl of breakfast grains before heading out on a quest would please Ceres. Better to keep your objective in mind while eating too, instead of reading the coupons on the cereal box for send away stuff.

Sep 6 - Jupiter (h) in Gemini square the perihelion/aphelion of Ceres. ROI 5 days.

Yet another Jupiter-Ceres pattern for human and global consumption. This time, Jupiter is the trigger to the relatively fixed position of where Ceres comes closet the Sun - perihelion. This orbital marker is where a planet experiences solar intensity through the shortest distance, making the influence of the Sun maximum, and is where the planet moves the fastest, stressing temporal urgency. Realizing the hair-triggered nature of Ceres, Jupiter enters to provide rules, guidelines and protocols.

After the tragic shooting in Tucson in January 2011, one of the shooting victims, a member of Gabrielle Giffords' staff, Ron Barber, created The Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding. The agenda supports a healthy discourse between those of opposing views free of vitriol and the assignment that an opposing position is wrong. Despite the tragedy involving guns and being shot, his agenda is not to take away guns and defy the rights of the Constitution (which would be upheld by Jupiter). Instead, creating political discussion of charged issues in cool, calm environments offers a viable solution to inflammatory talk by pundits and malicious intent in political ads. Actually, there could not be a more apt positive example of this pattern.

Jupiter seeks understanding, civility, respect and in Gemini, adds discourse to his demands. Since it is Jupiter, even the will of Ceres, who receives extreme deference from the other gods, must bend.

Take a knee for Jupiter. Genuflect and reflect to verify all your doctrines are high-minded. Otherwise, you'll end up like a Saturday morning cartoon... on one shoulder is the angel representing the download from the heavens; on the other shoulder stands the figure communicating the uplink from other places. Given that Jupiter in Gemini is animated, maybe a little Mighty Mouse goes a long way.

Sep 12 - Neptune (h) in Pisces conjunct dwarf planet 225088. ROI 30 days.

How curious it is that so many transits to 225088 occur this critical year when people are most on edge about the End of the World and what happens when the Mayan Calendar calls it a wrap. As well, we must fight the financial doomsday prophecies on cable television and the promise of unending rioting in the streets suggested by astrologers caught in the down side of Uranus and Pluto patterns. And flipping pages of the ephemeris looking at the transits ahead when your blood sugar is low may not be the best cheer up strategy.

Planet 225088 holds its north node in Pisces. Maybe if each person on the planet felt that she/he manifested the maximum of their inner creative birth promise, they might live a life of contentment. Perhaps understanding, empathy and compassion are signposts for life. With Neptune involved, these attributes are likely quadrupled in importance. Maybe adopting a sense that when going with the flow, you still get to keep a hand on the rudder would help. Within the tides of life, the course can be corrected and you may not end up in the sludge waters of tidal backwash.

With 225088's perihelion in Libra, virtually aligned with the perihelion of Eris and the aphelion of Haumea, and under transit from Neptune, it's high time to realize you and your creative efforts are not invisible. Expression will be noted. Count yourself in and present the best you have to offer with the confidence of knowing you gave it all you had as you developed your offering. Count your needs as equally valid to those of your partner in relationships. Establish a strong sense of symbiosis between yourself and your employer. They need you to do your job; you need the paycheck, acknowledgment and a sense of fulfilling your job description. And you might as well put into the mix a healthy sense of your interaction with the Cosmos. You need to receive cosmic input; the Cosmos is counting on you to be an excellent representative of what you download. Representation in this instance, is truly more of what you do and manifest than what you claim.

If you're not feeling that your hobbies have your undivided attention, cut a slice of the pie of scheduling to favor it. If you're sensing you need to do more to be the sage, artist or innovator per your potential, get kinetic. There's a long, lingering "ah" of satisfaction that follows for those that do.

Sep 17 - Ceres in Gemini square Makemake in Virgo. ROI 7 days.

Here we see a global caution that will be reiterated in December. The resources of the planet are limited. On behalf of the Earth, which cannot seem to find a voice that some will understand, Ceres will take charge. I wonder if during these transits, Ceres, who rules agriculture will protest scientific efforts to engineer what nature does... you know, don't mess with Mother Nature.

This is a tough grind it out aspect so you can find perfect creative solutions. On one level the demand to create plans to save the Earth is high. But can those plans actually be executed in a way that the effect of the plan will not be dismissed? Even if we do clean up the garbage in the Pacific, the Gulf is still polluted. Is it too late? No, but the threshold is close. Someone needs to come up with effective solutions. Resource consciousness prevails and discussion of matters of population management would do well to be in every political summit and church in the world.

For individuals, this is a great time to locate, relocate, search for and agree to surface all latent levels of creativity and ingenuity. Someone must design the light bulb that goes on above someone else's head when birthing a fabulous idea.

Part 1 - January thru March 2012
Part 2 - April thru June 2012
Part 3 - July thru Sept. 2012
Part 4 - Oct. thru Dec. 2012

Astrologer Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He started astrological counseling in 1975, becoming a full time professional in 1980. He has lectured internationally and has conducted classes and seminars in many major conferences and conventions. Philip can be contacted at 520.888.1920 or by Email You can visit Philip's Blogs and website at

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