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Astrology Recipes

2012 Astrology Forecast

By Philip Sedgwick


Philip Sedgwick photo

Philip Sedgwick is a heliocentric astrologer. Description of heliocentric astrology from Wikipedia: Heliocentric astrology is a method of astrology based on birth charts where the Sun is at the center.

Standard forms of astrology are geocentric and the geocentric birth chart is drawn with the Earth at the center, and the planets are placed around the cartwheel in the positions that they would appear in the sky as seen by a person who is looking at them from the center of the Earth.

The Greek language word "helios" means the Sun. Heliocentric Astrology draws birth charts with the Sun at the center, and the planets are placed around the cartwheel in the positions that they would appear if someone looked at them from the center of the Sun.

Geocentric Astrology relies heavily on the ascendant, midheaven, houses, the Moon, planetary aspects (astrological aspects) and placements of birth planets in the houses and signs. But Heliocentric Astrology does not have houses, the ascendant or midheaven, and there is no moon in heliocentric birth charts.

Instead, Heliocentric Astrology depends primarily on planetary aspects and configurations for interpretation. For this reason, no astrologer uses Heliocentric Astrology to the exclusion of Geocentric Astrology. But supporters of Heliocentric Astrology believe that it can reveal much that Geocentric Astrology cannot and therefore recommend that all astrologers add Heliocentric Astrology chart analysis as a supplement to Geocentric Astrology.

Philip Sedgwick's

Published Dec. 27, 2011

2012's Cosmic Forecast ~ Part 1 of 4

Here it is. This is Part I of IV of the forecast for 2012, a year with the potential to create significant shifts in consciousness. The guideline that follows details patterns involving the new planets, transits seen from the Sun's point of view and that are hopefully more "big picture" in a cosmic way, adding a few planets to galactic point notations. I have worked to focus on patterns that most astrologers will not detail, hopefully filling in many blanks in consciousness planning. So here's to 2012!

Realizing that 2012 is charged up with collective frenzy about what may or may not happen, and that the patterns that follow are potentially challenging to assess, many of the influences are relatively new to our conscious awareness. So, this may be the time to sign up for a consultation to get the new year underway. Please visit my store for the latest in consultation offers, DVD's, the Galactic Trilogy and more. The newest consultation offer gets you two one-hour sessions for $50 to $80 off. Sometimes when pushing through a heap of life, one consultation a year may not do the trick.

More, in my sessions I will include the new planets and offer up never before seen considerations for sorting an inspired path of mundane progress and consciousness evolution. And now onto the show!

Notes on the Forecast:
These transits and patterns document celestial events unlikely to be covered in traditional blogs. This list is by no means complete, but serves to provide a template for patterns that well serve the consciousness shifts touted to be coming.

(h) indicates a heliocentric planetary placement. The object it is aspecting will also be heliocentric.
ROI = Range of transit Influence on either side. Time of influence is estimated.

Part 1 - January thru March 2012
Part 2 - April thru June 2012
Part 3 - July thru Sept. 2012
Part 4 - Oct. thru Dec. 2012

So here we go into the first three months of the year.

Jan 1 - Pluto (h) square perihelion/aphelion of Eris. ROI 6 weeks.

Nothing like starting the new year with a bang. There's a massive collective urgency to stir change in the political and economic systems. The pressure on the powers that be looks to increase. The separation of the plutocrats from the economic peons could not be clearer. The big question: how to proceed in a mayhem-less manner that encourages civility. This is the theme of the year.

In your own life you can invoke this pattern if you define your space, your aura, your status and social consciousness with impeccable lucidity. Examine where you want to fit in, and even more important, why. No doubt it's time to cull social networking profiles, connections and methods. Apply techniques and maintain connections only with those or those things that further your most aspired path. Take a look at whether you are one of those 1% plutocrats or the 99% other folks. Decide how to invoke your greatest fantasy of personal impact such that your dharmic footprint on Earth is maximized.

This pattern might be the most inspiring transit of the year. It fully wishes to stoke the personal fire in your belly to maximum burn. This might be the most beneficial pattern of the year for setting objectives, declaring intention and starting massive projects of exceptional significance. Get onboard and go for it. The year starts with a bang for those that do.

Jan 6 - Jupiter (h) square the perihelion/aphelion of Venus. ROI 7 days.

The philosophical battle over values moves center stage. Whether the glam of celebrities, social consciousness and assistance programs for the disadvantaged or global economics; what one holds nearest and dearest is shown by the affiliations maintained and the ideas supported. To some degree a redefinition of gods and goddesses and their impact on society results. This affects celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and those declared to be heros, reluctant or willing. Battles in the polls, popularity definitions and surveys might dominate the news, even to the mundane cyber battle of which search engine or Internet browser is best in the land.

For the average Joe or Josephine, define what you need, what you want and support it with a perfectly declared, philosophical intact set of beliefs for getting it. Augment your sense of deserve-ability by invoking a larger mission statement for the lifetime. Restore your motivation to seek what you require to do the greater tasks at hand, while ceasing to listen to the ongoing collective droning of the woes of worldly economy.

Jan 8 - Jupiter (h) square the nodes of Neptune. ROI 14 days.

On the most mundane level a renewed battled in the realm of global medical matters is likely regarding prescription drugs, inoculations and the programs that support those medical matters. Religious wars are likely to heat up. Those who declare "only way" or "one way" belief systems likely encounter a viable alternative to their one way. Then what?

As the course of life moves on, take a hard look at the belief systems you've inherited through your family of origin, culturally, theologically, politically and spiritually. This pattern demands the courage to adopt the set of beliefs that allows you the greatest advancement of all your causes in this lifetime. This is not a time for modesty, timidness or caution. This is an interval of big planning, statements of competence and conviction and forward progress.

Jan 23 - Ceres in Aries conjunct Uranus. ROI 7 days.

A rebellious voice echoes in the air. Megaphones and microphones blurt out on behalf of the voiceless downtrodden. But do threats made defeat the agenda or cut off one's nose to spite one's face?

Demands and declarations that contain threats, challenges or bluffs will not be taken kindly. If you have a position to establish, state it, but state it short of drawing a line in the sand. Look for any indications of self-sabotaging attitudes or psychologically conflicted behaviors before knocking on the mahogany door of the corner office with the great view of all dominion.

Jan 29 - Chiron in Pisces opposed Orcus in Virgo. ROI 10 days.

Quite simply, being true to your word promotes good health. If you feel trapped in an underwordly, fear-invoking situation and you vow your way out of it, expect that the vows will be cashed in by the heavens above. If you plead for a safe landing of an airplane when bouncing about in turbulence and indicate that you'll never smoke again, it may not be the wisest move to try to get away with puffing on an e-cigarette. Just a thought.

Jan 31 - Saturn (h) square nodes of Saturn. ROI 21 days.

In the real world, issues of infrastructure should be dominating the news. Structural inspection standards likely come under review. Political platforms will be exposed for weaknesses. Fences that need mending will be noted. Social services programs look for adjustments in their protocols that are cost efficient and improve the quality of life for those affected.

For your concerns, review every plan in progress. Look for spots that require enhancement and conduct appropriate revisions. Upgrade ideas, especially ideas that refer to never being able to meet intangible standards imposed by authorities and never being able to approach those in positions of influence that may impact your path in life. Make a commitment to quality in all things in life. Vow to wait for the money to buy a great couch instead of buying cheap furniture that may collapse under the weight of your planning and fretting while sitting in a solid, stoical position. Quality, quality and the wait is worth it when excellence arrives.

Feb 3 - Jupiter (h) conjunct the aphelion of Pluto. ROI 12 days.

The mythic symbolism of the relationship of these planets stands as an important template. Though Pluto, lord of Hell/Hades, brought with him ferocity and havoc, he had no choice but to submit to the rules and will of Jupiter. Here Jupiter makes contact with Pluto's most distant point from the Sun where Pluto chills, slows and even goes reflective. At this point, especially under the pressures of Jupiter's whims, Pluto is more likely to yield and surrender a point or boundary previously held firm. The question to Jupiter is: How much compromise do you require from Lord Pluto, whose actions have been documented to inflame Ceres? And let us note that an agitated Ceres transit occurs within the week ahead. Scraps do not a dinner make. Ask the stray cat about that.

This could be one of those times when any statements you've made of "I'd never," or "I always" come back for review. Consider this a test of your tractability. Can you keep the objective in mind when challenged by life reminders that shoot off warning flares that the dark night of the soul might lurk down the next dark alley you run by? No matter what, is the will of your soul so strong that it will be inspired by challenges and adversity? Here's a great time to find out. If things are going groovily and well, then keep in mind that fortune is cyclical. Fortify to be ready for whatever the future may hold.

Feb 8 - Mars (h) conjunct the perihelion of Ceres. ROI 5 days.

Cause-oriented actions may reach their boiling points. Ultimatums issued will be challenged. Picket lines, border fences and limits assigned protesters by police tape will be crossed. Fights regarding genetic alteration and/or toxic packaging of grains should be in the news cycle as well, hopefully receiving appropriate Cereal notation (meaning of Ceres, not corn flakes).

Engage a good fight with the agenda that you must win the war, not just battles. Pick fights that suit your philosophical causes and that you can effectively and efficiently engage. Avoid the temptation to submit to extreme efforts such as bickering, threatening and fighting. Become an advocate for the demonstration and perfection of all your skills. Follow the question often presented by Native American elders: Does this grow corn?

Feb 14 - Ceres in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. ROI 7 days.

The fireworks in the air are caused by those striking the flint boxes of creativity. Lighting a match in a dark space may lead to an explosion of consciousness. Here, good intent and free will collide. If the boy scout aids a woman standing on a street corner across the road, is he sure that is where she wanted to go? Work to confirm that good intentions are not meddlesome.

This pattern is highly charged. When gaining momentum to take on a highly charged issue in life, ensure your head of steam does not cause your psyche's pot to boil over.

Mar 12 - Ceres in Aries opposes Haumea in Libra. ROI 10 days.

This is simple. Become an advocate for your creativity. If you want an agent or a manager, you must advocate for yourself first, right? Get clear on what you've got going for you and allow no one to diminish your creative spark. Critics abound. If they do not know what it takes to do what you've done or what you do, ignore them.

Mar 13 - Jupiter in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. ROI 7 days.

Tarzan might be yelling, "Who greased the grapevine?" and those familiar with struggling in life might protest the ease with which life seems to flow right now. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. You vowed that when an opportunity arose, you'd jump on it, did you not? Stop throwing rocks in the rain and use the collective, hopeful optimism rising in the airwaves. Make progress. Get things done. Accept compliments.

Mar 19 - Ceres in Aries conjunct Eris. ROI 10 days.

This pattern neatly builds upon the rebellious edge of the Ceres to Uranus passage of January. Here, though, the pattern becomes far more personal and specifically focuses upon a person's spiritual evolution and the impact that journey offers to the world at large. It is no time to be a misanthrope or an iconoclast. It is not a time of stirring sacred pots or inciting political upheaval.

This transit works with each and every person on the planet to find their perfect space in life. Space means comfort within one's psyche and the actions one puts forth in life. Space means knowing that all skills, creativity and elements of personal brilliance are fully applied. Space means feeling in every fiber of one's being that the spiritual quest is perfect and that every action in life is purposeful. Space refers to clearing clutter of those things that confuse, distract or misdirect a person's grandest agenda in life. Cull people, places, platforms, agendas and things that do not further, to borrow a term from the I-Ching. With that all done, become the perfect advocate for your mission in life. When everyone does this, it's amazing how much progress can be made.

Mar 20 - Jupiter (h) square the nodes of Mercury. ROI 14 days.

Polishing off the first quarter of 2012, this Jupiter transit offers up a revision of one's point of view and an intensification of the urge to present one's own views. Given the square of Jupiter to the nodes, there is a balance between established methods of communication, thinking, platforms and notions and those currently under revision, in discovery, or soon to be founded. The key is to find valid points to ponder from the past, weave those into present tense experiences and derive from this a revised, reconfigured, refreshed, defragmented set of ideas that form a reinvigorated platform.

Critical to remember in this pattern: if an idea is opposed, denied, rejected or dismissed, those supporting the idea become more focused, adamant and insistent that the idea is perfect. Whether true or not, it gains momentum.

Review your own beliefs and include all new information that serves your causes. Reject that which is obsolete, invalid or plain ole false. Here are a couple of questions to help focus this point:

- If you lived during the time of Columbus, could you have shifted from believing in a flat planet to a round sphere?

- Should you have been a contemporary of Copernicus, would you have embraced heliocentric theory or persisted in believing the Earth was the center of all creation?

- What if some one could prove to you that astrology does not work? Would you give it up?

- How swift would you be to yield believing in the milk of your astronaut cow if someone could assert and prove the cow could not jump over the moon?

Part 1 - January thru March 2012
Part 2 - April thru June 2012
Part 3 - July thru Sept. 2012

Astrologer Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He started astrological counseling in 1975, becoming a full time professional in 1980. He has lectured internationally and has conducted classes and seminars in many major conferences and conventions. Philip can be contacted at 520.888.1920 or by Email You can visit Philip's Blogs and website at

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