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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Sagittarius 2012 Overiew

Sagittarius Love Life 2012 | Sagittarius Career 2012 | Last Year

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The winds of change are not about to let up just yet! With the arrival of 2012 comes yet another flurry of eclipse patterns to shake up your status quo. In June, the full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the last of the series, bringing the final wave of a sea of oceanic changes you've weathered over the past few years. You've probably experienced dramatic endings or beginnings (or both) of important relationships and extensive personal transformations recently. Depending on where you find yourself at the start of the year, you can expect to experience the total other end of the emotional and relationship spectrum before 2012 is over.

Venus will grace your relationship sector for an extended stay this year (spring to summer), setting the tone for beauty and romance at the ideal time of the year for new love. You'll welcome the amorous reprieve, because Mars and Jupiter will have kept you working hard most of the year. Plus, Jupiter will spend the first half of the year in your work sector, something that will bring glorious opportunities in your chosen field ... but won't leave much time for anything else. And with Mars firing up your career sector for the first six months of 2012, you'll channel some serious energy in service of taking your career to the next level. By summer, you should be at the very top of your game. This is the year to get yourself on the map, Archer, so go for it!

In June, Jupiter will enter your relationship house, changing your focus from work to relationships. Saturn will depart from your social sector this October to give you back a real social life. When it moves on to your house of sleep and dreams in the fall, you'll welcome the retreat after the constant work mode of the first half of the year. Be sure to push all your projects during the first nine months of 2012 - you'll be ready for an extended vacation by the time October comes around!

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