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2014 Horoscope

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) Yearly Horoscope for 2013

By Barbara Goldsmith

Books by
Barbara Goldsmith

For Capricorn

Pluto is in your sign for another decade which in the long term can be self-empowering and a total renewal of every aspect of your life. Uranus is in a challenging square position which indicates sudden changes of plans and directions. You will have to be very patient and adaptable to new situations and circumstances. You will need to be ready to turn on a dime if necessary. Saturn and Neptune, however, are in a harmonious position and can help you towards success with your creativity and your imagination. Jupiter moves into Cancer in the middle of the year which will favour new partnerships and could bring proposals and opportunities to you from other people.

Work and Money
You are going to be very busy this year. Every major planet is aspecting your Sun - some are beneficial and others are challenging. Some things you know about and you are already working on them. The things that you feel are within your control will be fine. But there are other things in your life that do not feel as though they are within your control and it is those things that you will have to come to terms with during 2013.

You will have the opportunity this year to make a greater influence on your community this year than ever before. We are living through great earth changes and you will at some time need to help and direct people through these changes. Be alert and aware of how much trust and faith others are placing on you. Have they become too dependent on you? Have you become too dependent on them? Make sure that you have a healthy balance.

You are going to be a catalyst for change for the people around you. Make no mistake although you may not feel as though you are doing very much, you are having a considerable effect. You can help others transform their lives, but there are deep responsibilities for this power assigned to you and there are consequences for how you handle it. Other peoples' well-being is at stake here and so is your reputation, so you must take this very seriously. Others may blame you for the changes in their lives that didn't work out how they had hoped. You may experience separations and breakups in business relationships because of the changes in the plans you have made.

Your career is in a state of transformation as you are transforming yourself. Certain structures in your career have served their purpose and are now coming to an end. You will have the opportunity this year to build new and more effective structures for the future. The sooner you begin this process of rebuilding, the more successful you will be. The longer you wait, the harder this process will be.

You are beginning a new phase that is very creative and imaginative. This could result in a redesign of how you present yourself, market yourself, your advertising, the way you conduct business. The more you use your creative imagination, the more success you will have and the more enjoyment you will experience in your work. People like you and they will want to help you. You may even find that people volunteer to work for you for nothing just because they are inspired by what you are doing and they believe in it.

Many of you will receive lucrative business propositions this year. People will want to do business with you. Make sure you study each proposal very carefully as some have great possibilities to succeed while others have over-estimated what they can produce. If you choose wisely and do your due diligence, you will be able to make a great deal of money. If you don't choose wisely you could sustain loss of time and money.

As far as trading and investing is concerned, this will depend on how much time you have to do serious research and analysis. If you put in the time and effort, you will make good decisions. However, it looks as though you will be very busy with your work and career this year and you may not have enough time to allocate to this. If you act without doing careful analysis you will suffer losses.

Your best times for business activities and new projects are from April 20th to the end of May and from mid-October until December 8th. Be careful of conflicts and confrontations from March 13th to April 20th and from mid-July until the end of August.

In both your professional and your personal life, your significant relationships are going to change dramatically. Some of these changes will be outside of your control e.g. someone may get sick and have a life-threatening condition. You will have to keep an eye on your own health right now. Don't overdo anything and make sure you are eating well and getting enough rest.

Some relationships need to come to an end. You may have been resisting this, but it may be time to move on and to let go. You are not the same person you were before 2008 and your needs and your interests have changed. Therefore all your relationships needs to change as well. If you are married or engaged in a serious relationship, that may change. If you are involved with someone intimately you may find that the relationship is on and off. You may separate and then come together, only to separate once again. So there may be relationships that you think are over, but they come back into your life once more.

You are in a romantic period of your life and you will draw relationships to you at this time. These relationships are not only romantic but they also can be spiritual and have divine qualities to them as well. This is a good year for travel and having an enjoyable social life. During the second half of the year you could receive both business and personal proposals and offers. If you are not married, you may get an offer of marriage in the latter part of the year.

You will be popular and many social invitations will be extended to you. Have a good time, meet new people and some of them may become deep friends. However, you do need to be careful of people who are using you and who are not giving you anything in return.

Your best times for love and romance are from January 8th to the beginning of February, mid-April to May 10th, July 22nd to mid-August and from November 6th to the end of the year.

Barbara Goldsmith, professional astrologer for over 30 years, gives personal readings to clients worldwide. She has a loyal following on You Tube with her free monthly horoscopes. Author of Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, and Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Also a qualified financial adviser, she brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge and her practical business experience. Contact Barbara at

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