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2014 Horoscope

TAURUS (April 19 May 20)
Yearly Horoscope for 2013

By Barbara Goldsmith

Books by
Barbara Goldsmith

For Taurus

You will be under the favourable trine energies of Pluto for the next 11 years while Neptune is in a benign sextile aspect to your Sun for the next 13 years. Saturn, however, is opposite to your Sun this year which will bring challenges and oppositions for you to handle as well. Demands on your time and your energy will increase and you will have to make a concerted effort to improve your time management skills.

Work and Money
Your career looks promising this year and you can have a positive effect on other people by guiding them to make practical plans for their own success in life. This is a great time for you to mentor or to be mentored by others. You will find that efforts that you have been putting in consistently into your work will start to pay off.

You may find new ways to market your skills that you hadn't previously considered. This is a great time to go back to school, to study, to learn some new skills or to add to the ones you already have. These new skills can add to your earning capacity and thus to your income this year.

You are going to be very busy and people will probably make more demands on you than ever before. Make sure you are not spreading yourself too thin and that you only commit to things you know you can fulfill.

You need to keep an eye on your relationships with people in authority or who have control over your work situation. There could be some tensions in this area and you would probably do best if you could create a situation where you can work autonomously. If you are in charge, then watch others who might want to take advantage of your good nature.

If anyone can survive and thrive in difficult times, it's tough Taureans. You're the business brains of the zodiac, with a need for financial security and a nose for bargains. The next 12 months should be financially fortuitous, as Jupiter enhances your business acumen and boosts your ability to generate extra income. It's a great time to purchase your first home or invest in real estate - just make sure you are buying within your means. Got the renovation and DIY bug? Don't commence unless you have a healthy contingency fund to cover unexpected blow-outs in your building budget.

Financially this should be a slow but steady year. There is the possibility of gains through income or investments during the second part of the year. If you work for someone else or you are in business for yourself, foreign expansion looks likely. It is a favourable year to teach and to learn and you could earn some extra income through either activity. Your trading and investment activity looks to be good this year. You have a good eye for something that could be profitable - either in a business or in real estate. Consider investing in real estate later this year.

The best times for business and career are from October 14th - December 7th. Challenges in your work are indicated between the end of August to the middle of October. Try to avoid confrontations during this time. From April 20th-end of May, you will have opportunities for starting a new project or a new business.

This is going to be a significant year for your relationships. Many of you are examining your existing relationships and wanting to bring about some changes. You have been feeling that you are doing all the giving and not feeling appreciated enough. Or you may simply want to spend more time alone. You will have a stronger need to be self-sufficient and independent, so make sure you don't get into a codependent or enabling relationship or this will cause a great deal of resentment inside of you.

There could be an ending of a relationship because you are no longer the same person as when you first met. Your emotional needs have changed and your current partner is not willing or able to fulfill your needs. A partner may become a burden on you and the relationship may require more effort than you are willing to put in and therefore a separation could occur. On a more positive note, you could have the opportunity to reinvent your relationship in such a way that it could lead to a long term commitment or even marriage. Many of you, however, will leave an existing relationship because one partner doesn't want to make these huge changes and therefore is not vibrationally in the same place as the other. Don't feel badly about it, just know that when one door closes another door opens.

For those of you who are not in a relationship, there could be an infatuation and a romance during this year. You love affection and there will be people around you who are willing to give it to you, especially during the second part of the year. The challenge for you will be to keep it light and casual rather than forcing it to become deep and meaningful too soon.

Socially your circle of friends can increase this year. There will be many opportunities for you to enjoy life and experiences with others, whether in a friendship or in a romance. But you will have to keep in mind that you don't need to push the river, it flows by itself. Try not to push your relationships forward too quickly, enjoy people in the moment and drop any expectations you have about the future. This will be a huge learning experience for you but will bring you more happiness in your interactions with others.

Good times for romance and love and January 9th-February 1st, mid April-May 10th, July 23rd-August 17th and November 5th-end of the year.

Barbara Goldsmith, professional astrologer for over 30 years, gives personal readings to clients worldwide. She has a loyal following on You Tube with her free monthly horoscopes. Author of Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, and Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Also a qualified financial adviser, she brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge and her practical business experience. Contact Barbara at

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