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Astrology Forecast for April 2014

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon


General Tendencies for All Sun Signs
April 2014, more specifically Passover and Easter 2014, is going to be a time we will probably remember for many years to come. Many of you have heard about the eclipses coming this month, but we also have a grand cross among the outer planets hitting its peak beginning on Easter Sunday.

In the sixteen years that I have been doing charts and astrology forecasts, I have never seen outer planets align like this. I've seen loose ones — eight to twelve degrees apart, but never four planets lining up to an exact square over a matter of three days. That's tight, people. Very tight. And, squares bring challenges. Top them off with two eclipses and we have a recipe for big changes and even tragedies.

Go easy with the April Fools jokes on April 1st. Some people will not be in the mood for fun. Things could be very tense as April begins, and conflicts will probably be hitting us left and right through Thursday, April 4th.

The weekend of April 5th may bring a bit of a reprieve. The Moon will be in Gemini on Friday and most of Saturday, and it will be a great time for errands and conversations. The Moon will enter Cancer, and Venus will enter Pisces (both water signs) on Saturday afternoon, April 6th. We may want to spend the rest of the weekend hanging around the house. It will also be a great time for family, and spiritual events. The Moon will cross into the outer planet battleground Sunday afternoon, and some of us could become very crabby. Keep plans to a minimum Sunday evening.

Mercury will enter Aries, and the Moon will hit its 2nd quarter as the week of April 7th begins. The quarter Moon usually balances emotions, but the Sun and Mars will be hitting the peak of their opposition on Tuesday, April 8th, so there could be arguments and disagreements from Monday morning through Tuesday evening. We may also find it difficult to focus our energy. Life should be more pleasant on Wednesday and Thursday, April 9th and 10th, but there is a possibility of minor problems with authority figures, with the Sun and Saturn out of sorts.

Those authority figure issues may become a bit more prevalent as the weekend of April 11th begins, but there will also be a strong potential for romantic love as Venus crosses Neptune on Friday.

The Moon will go void of course on Saturday afternoon, April 12th, and our moods may flatten. But, the Moon will enter balanced Libra early Palm Sunday morning, April 13th, bringing polite people into our lives. Those with dominate Scorpio in their charts may find the whole weekend to be a frustrating challenge with Pluto turning retrograde on Monday, so be nice to your Scorpio friends.

As I mentioned above, Pluto will be turning retrograde as the week of April 14th begins. Mercury will also be traveling across the outer planet Armageddon from Monday through Wednesday, April 16th. And, to add a cherry to the top of the sundae, there will be a total lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning (late Monday night). I cannot say exactly how Monday, April 14th will turn out, but I can guess that there will be challenges and problems.

Mercury will still be hitting obstacles from Pluto and Mars on Tuesday and Wednesday, so there will be a possibility of arguments and even car problems. But, a ray of hope could enter our realm of possibilities on Thursday and Friday, April 17th and 18th as Venus dances with Jupiter and Pluto. We may be ready to start something new, and it is possible we could also receive a welcome reward.

That ray of hope that Venus will send us will get quickly extinguished as we enter the weekend of April 18th. Jupiter will be hitting the peak of his square with Uranus and his opposition with Pluto on Easter Sunday, April 20th, and you can bet that we will be feeling the tension as the weekend begins.

It is likely that people (and governments and institutions) will be trying to coerce one another into doing their bidding. And, some of us will be running around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling. I'm not one to predict world politics, but with stars like this, there is a possibility that another war could be brewing. Use caution with everything you do, and if enough of us pray, we may actually make a difference.

The Moon will be in stubborn, determined Capricorn, and we will be in the middle of the outer planetary violence as the week of April 21st begins. Uranus will be at the peak of his square with Pluto on Monday, and to quote Llewellyn's 2014 Astrological Calendar, "emotional strife, fanaticism, upsets, and disturbances" are likely (and that will continue for many days).

Mars will hit the peak of his square with Jupiter on Tuesday, Earth Day. The Last Day of Passover, April 22nd, may bring excess and impractical behavior. And we're not done yet!

Wednesday, April 23rd, Mars will hit the peaks of his negative aspects with Uranus and Pluto. We may lose control of our lives and make some very stupid moves before this week (and even this month) ends. This is not a good time to make any major life changes.

We may find ourselves emotionally wrecked, or if we're lucky just cleaning up a few "messes," as the weekend of April 25th begins.

The Moon and Venus will find harmony with Saturn on Friday, April 25th, so we will be ready to stand up and take responsibility for our mistakes. Mercury will join the Sun, sending positive vibes to Neptune over the rest of the weekend. Our intuitions and our need to help the less fortunate may emerge before the weekend ends.

The final week in April, the week of April 28th, will begin on the eve of a solar eclipse in Taurus. Mercury will also be winking at Jupiter and Pluto as the week begins and the month ends. We may really be ready for some new beginnings, and it will be time to make new plans.

Just as forest fires make way for new growth, planetary challenges shake up our lives and remind us that life is too short to be wasting even a moment of it. Mars will still be in retrograde throughout most of May, but under the influence of the steady and stable Taurus Sun, we will begin taking steps to rebuild our lives. Check back next month to find out more.

Author Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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