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Astrology Forecast for August 2014

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon


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General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

August is going to be lots of fun, because at least three planets will be in Leo throughout the month. Jupiter will be out of sorts with Neptune around mid-month, and that could stimulate superstition or even prejudice. Also, Mars, presently in Scorpio, will be aspecting four different outer planets this month, and this could bring blessings and challenges, especially for Aries and Scorpio. And, best of all, the Perseids meteor shower will be here to entertain us mostly between August 10th and the 13th. The Full Moon may wash out much of it, but I hear the best viewing time is a few hours before sunrise. So, get up early, or stay up late. And, don't forget to wish upon those falling stars.

August will begin on the weekend, and right off the bat, Mars will be fighting with Jupiter and Mercury. Our patience may be short, and we may really feel the need to escape. People could be touchy and verbally cruel through most of the weekend, but we should begin to feel some relief by Sunday, August 3rd.

Many will find the week of August 4th to be a "trust your gut" kind of week, with Mars and Neptune working together. We should find that we intuitively know what to do, especially as we get closer to the peak on Thursday, August 7th. It will be a great week to contact your favorite psychic, and any kind of creative (or even romantic) projects should go very well.

The planets are going to be waltzing and the Moon will be almost full as the weekend of August 8th begins. Mercury will cross behind the Sun on Friday, August 8th, while dancing in sync with Uranus, but they will be totally out of phase with Saturn.

We may find ourselves coming up with some really bright ideas, but the boss may feel we've gone overboard. Uranus hates to wait, so we may be motivated to make instant changes throughout the weekend, but they could backfire. Be sure to think before you act, because sudden, unexpected changes are also possible with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday, August 10th.

Our beliefs may override our ideals throughout the week of August 11th, with Jupiter and Neptune out of sorts. Some will be fearful, others could be overly critical, and selfishness could also slow our progress. But, we should also notice our energy increasing by Tuesday, August 12th (the same day as the Perseids meteor shower), with Mars shaking hands with Pluto. It will be a great week for problem-solving if we can keep our personal values out of it. When we pass judgment on others, we are only hurting ourselves.

The Moon will enter Taurus on Friday, August 15th, and many will be ready to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life over the upcoming weekend. It will be a great weekend for entertainment, so take in a show. People should be pleasant and polite overall, but there could also be a deeper feeling of joy for many.

Scandal and gossip are possible as the week of August 18th begins, with Mercury and Neptune at odds, but most will be forgotten by Tuesday, August 19th.

The Moon will enter nurturing Cancer on Wednesday, August 20th, and we could get some extra support from those around us. A special idea could become manifest before the week ends, so don't be afraid to speak-up and ask for help.

Our behavior could become rash or impulsive as the weekend of August 22nd begins, with Mars taking potshots at Uranus. The Moon will be in Leo this weekend, and the "lions" could be restless. But we should see things improve rather rapidly on Saturday, August 23rd, and it will be a great time for a few little indulgences. Go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

The Moon will be void of course on Sunday, August 24, and it will be an excellent day to work alone. Many will be ready to tackle some big projects.

The week of August 26th begins with the Virgo New Moon, and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus will all be making triangles in the heavens. Monday is going to be a very busy day, and big accomplishments are possible. But some will be tired and cranky on Tuesday, August 26th, and sarcasm and hurtful words are possible.

Then, come Wednesday, August 27th, our moods may swing the other way, and extravagance could become the norm. It is likely that practicality will be flying out the window as the week ends on Thursday, August 29th. Think twice before making commitments or whipping out your credit card.

We may still be holding on to an impossible dream as Labor Day weekend, the weekend of August 29th, begins, but that will not last long. By Saturday morning we should find that our insight and our passion have returned. And it should be an excellent weekend for travel and celebrations. Many will be serious about everything they do as the month ends on Sunday, August 31st, and we may find ourselves laughing too much on Labor Day, September 1st.

New ideas and opportunities are possible in September. Check back next month to find out more.

Author Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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