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Astrology Forecast for July 2014

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon


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General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

It appears that the biggest astrological event for July will occur on July 1st when Mercury turns direct. After that, it will be pretty much good days and bad days, but nothing major.

The Sun will be traveling through Cancer, and he will revisit the battle zone of that ugly Grand Cross that we lived through in April. But, this time the Sun will aspect each planet individually - not all at once. Mercury and Venus will be following behind the Sun, and they will begin aspecting the ruins during the last ten days of July. But, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all quick planets, and their effects will only last a day or two, so all in all, I am calling July a great month for moving forward with our lives.

As I mentioned above, Mercury will be turning direct as July begins, Tuesday, July 1st. The Moon will also be void of course most of the day, so we really won't know what to do. And, of course, there could be travel delays, communication problems, and computer troubles for some. Stick to your routine on July 1st and wait for the smoke to clear and new ideas to emerge on Wednesday and Thursday, July 2nd and 3rd.

The weekend of July 4th could begin with some rather aggressive behavior. The Sun and Pluto will be at a stand-off, and the Moon will be misunderstanding Neptune on this US holiday. There could be arguments, and some will drown their emotions in their addictions, all in the name of Independence Day. Things should improve dramatically on Saturday, July 5th, and Sunday, July 6th. It will be a time for ending arguments and making peace.

Mistakes will be a strong possibility as the week of July 7th begins with the Sun and Uranus battling. Be sure to double check your work on Monday. Saturn will also be sending positive energy to the Sun on Monday and Tuesday, July 7th and 8th, which will make it easier to deal with authority figures. So, if we do screw up, odds are the boss will be understanding. The week will finish-up under the glow of the Sagittarius Moon, so it will be a great time for seminars and trips.

Friday, July 11th should be a good day for business under the light of the Capricorn Full Moon, but Saturday, July 12th, could bring obstacles and reasons to complain. If we can rise above our moods, there is also the possibility of putting our ideas into action. Mercury will re-enter Cancer on Sunday, July 13th, and our plans may take a new focus.

The week of July 14th will begin with the Moon traveling through thought-provoking, Aquarius. Keep your schedules light on Monday, because they are likely to change. The Moon will enter empathic Pisces late Monday night, and the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday, July 15th and 16th) will be a time for strong intuitions, helping the less fortunate, and for some of us, a time for release (even if it requires Vodka).

Mars will be crossing two eclipse points on Wednesday and Thursday, July 16th and 17th. These are echoes of the eclipses on April 15, 2014 and October 18th, 2013. Issues we went through last October and April may arise again this week. The Moon will enter, "me first," Aries on Thursday morning, July 17th as the week ends. It should be a good day for starting new projects, but there could be conflicts late in the day.

Those conflicts from Thursday night will continue into Friday, July 18th, and some of us will be quick to react because of an argument between the Sun and Mars. There will also be the potential for romance and idealism on Friday if we can avoid the fights.

Saturn will be turning direct Sunday afternoon, July 20th, so the whole weekend may encounter problems. We may find that projects are requiring more work than anticipated, and others may find themselves feeling fearful and/or depressed (especially those with dominate Capricorn or Scorpio in their charts). There will could also be problems with authority figures this weekend, so drive carefully.

There will be many changes in store for us during the week of July 21st. It will begin with Uranus turning retrograde on Monday, and that can bring sudden, unexpected events, including accidents. Mercury and Pluto will also be arguing on Monday, and that means quarrels and people shooting their mouths off.

The Sun will enter Leo on Tuesday afternoon, July 22nd, and we may be ready for a little leisure time. But, we should be anxious to get out of our ruts by Wednesday, July 23rd, and we may decide to do a little redecorating around the house.

Mercury and Uranus will be arguing as the week ends on Thursday, July 24th, and that could get some of us worrying. Others could be sarcastic and hurtful. But, it will actually be a good day to make realistic decisions about our futures.

Mars will be entering Scorpio as the weekend of July 25th begins, and even though the Moon will be void of course, Friday could actually turn out to be a very productive day. Social events will also go well on Friday evening.

The Moon will enter Leo on Saturday, July 26th, and it quickly moves between the Earth and the Sun (the New Moon).

Saturday will be an excellent day for writing your personal wish list (or a letter to Santa). Ramadan will end on Sunday, July 27th, and passionate romance could be in the air with Venus reflecting Pluto. Creative projects will also go well.

The final week of July begins on July 28th under a Leo void of course Moon. Monday will be an excellent day to play, so schedule some time off, if it is possible.

We will be ready to get back to work on Tuesday, July 29th under the light of the Virgo Moon.

Tuesday and Wednesday, July 29th and 30th, will be excellent days for getting things done. We will be ready to get down to the details of any project, even personal projects.

The Moon will enter Libra on the last day of July, Thursday, July 31st, and Mercury will enter Leo. We may find tension building, and we may really want to run away. Do not push yourself and don't press your luck.

Mars is going to be a very busy planet in August. There could be big arguments and big possibilities. Check back next month to find out more.

Author Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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