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Astrology Forecast

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio -
October 23, 2014

By Barbara Goldsmith


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    On October 23rd, the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is a powerful New Moon, bringing you the opportunity for new beginnings.

    Scorpio is a Water sign, so be prepared for emotions to run high!

    Mercury is still retrograde in Libra until October 25th.

    Venus rules your relationships and your finances, so this is a good time for deep reflection about your beliefs and perceptions concerning love and money.

    Can you love in a new way?
    What do you need to let go of?

    Perhaps you have some bitter feelings to someone. I certainly did this week, when, during Mercury retrograde, Paypal reversed a $95.00 fee I had received from a client for a one hour in-depth reading. I was astonished because this client told me how much she enjoyed her reading and how appreciative she was. It turned out that she had used a stolen credit card. In good faith I had given her the reading, sent her audio recording afterwards, and she abused my time and energy.

    So for a brief, stunned while, I reflected on the occurrence. Was there anything I could do in the future to prevent this from happening?

    Not really. Paypal only covers products and not services. Thankfully, this is the first time this has happened to me ineight years of working with Paypal, so I chose to see the situation from a new perspective: I had been fortunate that everyone before her had been honourable and respected my time and energy. I felt grateful for that. This raised my energy once again and I released the negative emotion.

    What do you need to release in your life?

    How can you see a situation from a new perspective?

    With Pluto ruling Scorpio and still square to Uranus, the spread of fear about this Ebola crisis will continue to grow. Keep in mind that the dark forces are beginning to get desperate because more and more light is coming to our planet.

    There are more people who are awakening, people who want this shift in consciousness away from so much suffering and towards a more peaceful and loving world.

    So I am expecting the dark forces - those who would even spread this virus deliberately, to create panic among people to try to regain their power. The more we listen to them, the more we are at their mercy.

    With Neptune making a wonderful trine to this New Moon Solar Eclipse, this is helping to bring in lighter, more compassionate and loving energy. If we focus on caring and loving ourselves and one another, we can free ourselves of fear.

    To finish on a funny note: since Scorpio rules sex, and with Venus also in Scorpio, I was surprised when a rather handsome young Greek man came up to me and said: 'na kano mia erotisi?' - I thought to myself, hmmm, he's a bit young for me, but he seems to be asking me something erotic!

    I later found out that it was perfectly innocent, because the translation of that phrase into English is: 'can I ask you a question?'

    Here's the video about the eclipse:

    Scorpio Solar Eclipse - Light up your Life

    Moon Cycles - In Tune with Your Moon - order your own copy!

    Barbara Goldsmith has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years. She contributes monthly forecasts on YouTube and has a wide audience. Computerized Astrology Reports: Get your Year Ahead 12 Month Forecast.

    Barbara is also the author of: Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis, and Moon Cycles - In Tune with Your Moon.

    Barbara hosted her own show on Canterbury Television, Money Talks. She consults internationally with clients from all over the world by phone and on Skype. Contact Barbara at:

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