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GEMINI (May 20 - June 20)
Yearly Horoscope for 2014-2015

By Barbara Goldsmith

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Barbara Goldsmith

For Gemini

You have a beneficial aspect with Uranus until March 2019 which should bring many new and positive relationships into your life. Neptune, however, is in a square aspects to your Sun for another 9 years which could indicate deception and misunderstandings. Make sure your integrity is impeccable, keep excellent records and this aspect should not affect you negatively.  

Work and Money:

Some of you will be experiencing excitement about your work and also great uncertainty. It’s important to be able to go with the flow and to take whatever work is offered to you. Better to have some work and some income rather than not at all. Many of you will be thinking about taking a new direction in your career and maybe adding to your exciting skills. This would be a good year to undertake some serious studies.

Make sure that you are keeping good records in your work: emails, phone calls, texts and to avoid misunderstandings that the square to Neptune is making with your Sun, confirm any verbal agreements in writing. Trust will be a big issue in the coming year – both your trust of others and theirs of you. Make sure you keep your commitments and that you don’t take on more than you are able to fulfil. There will be a temptation to take on many different projects, but keep in mind that it is always easier to get into something than it is to get out of it. You will be better off taking on just as much as you can manage and doing a really good job rather than scattering your energies in many different directions. If you maintain a sense of trust and integrity with the people you work with and you fulfil your tasks effectively, your work situation can be enjoyable and you could receive promotion and increased finances.

There is a new sense of excitement about your work, or perhaps a project you are working on. It is taking on a new dimension which will stimulate your creativity. You will have many new ideas, several of which have the potential for great success. Keep in mind that you may need to discuss them with others before implementing them so you don’t tread on anyone’s toes. You will have refreshing, innovative ideas and you will come up with solutions to difficult problems.

Very favourable for you for this year is the study and / or teaching of metaphysics. This would include anything connected with astrology, tarot, numerology, forecasting, future predictions.

Don’t be afraid of starting something new – even your own business if you have been thinking about it. New projects, new people and new business are all favourable for you especially during the second half of the year.

Financially, this year should go well for you. Your income is likely to be better than in 2013. A word of caution: if you invest in anything at all, make sure you keep on top of it. If you just make an investment and then forget about it, or you leave it to someone else to manage it altogether, chances are you could lose your money. If, however, you pay attention, you keep abreast of what is happening, you can make good profits from trading and investments this year.

One of your best times for business activities is during July and again in December.  You can be more assertive during these times and expect positive results.  

More challenging periods are from September 13th until October 24th. Try to avoid confrontations during these times.


You have great charm and charisma this year and you will be very popular. That will inevitably attract new people into your life. This could, however, be a year of great temptations. Make sure you are clear about what you want and what your boundaries are. All too often, a new relationship moves along very quickly, and you see only the wonderful things about that person. So the saying goes - a new broom sweeps clean. However, a few months later, you begin to see the cracks and then disappointment and disillusion can set in. Don’t let this happen. Make sure you take your time in building up trust in a new relationship. Make sure you see someone on their bad days as well as their good days. Don’t allow your impatience for immediate gratification to get in the way of forming solid and long-lasting relationships.

This promises to be a very good year for those of you looking for love. Just remember to take your time and to be clear about everything from the start. For those of you who are single, there are new loves coming into your life.

For those of you in relationships, this is a good year for opening your heart and for getting closer than ever before. Mars is spending seven months in your fifth house which indicates romance and pleasure. There could also be new activities involving children. Enjoy these love aspects in your chart for this coming year!

Your best times for love and romance are from March 1st – April 9th, June 22nd – July 19th and September 20th – October 25th.

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