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LEO (July 22 - August 22)
Yearly Horoscope for 2014-2015

By Barbara Goldsmith

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Barbara Goldsmith

For Leo

Uranus continues in a favourable trine aspect to your Sun until 2018, which will bring many unexpected but positive situations, as well as positive changes in your relationships. Also, Jupiter goes into Leo on July 16th 2014 until August 11th 2015 which represents a 12 year high cycle when many wonderful things can happen in your life.

With Saturn in a challenging aspect to your Sun, this could be a critical point in your career and / or home life. Let go of what hasn’t been making you happy and allow new people and events to come into your life. With Neptune and Pluto forming a Yod to your Sun, this suggests a continued 10 year period of adjustments, but in the end this will improve your life and you will feel happier than ever before. 

Work and Money

Work is looking very favourable for you during 2014. There will be new, exciting opportunities and new contacts  coming into your life. You are naturally creative, but your creativity will be especially good this year. This will result in great success. Your work life will be filled with exciting projects, new developments and you will feel much more optimistic about the future.

If you use your intuition regarding trading and investing, you should do very well. As your passion grows in your work and career, and you love what you are doing, your income will increase as well. There will be many lucrative financial opportunities opening up for you.

If you are in sales or if you are self-employed, your sales are likely to improve considerably. If you work for others, you salary should increase, unless you are on commission, in which case your commissions will increase because of your increased sales.

Many of you have worked hard during the past two years, with many setbacks to get through. This year, that’s going to change for the better. There may still be some unfinished business to complete, but by the end of the year that will be all behind you and you will be free to fly to greater heights than before.

Don’t spend too much time on investing and trading. Build up your reserves this year and by 2015 you will be ready to take on greater risk and thus achieve greater rewards.

Your best time for business activities and new initiatives is from September 12th -October 28th. The more challenging period is from October 11th until December 1st. Try not to get into a confrontational situation during this time.


Relationships are going to be one of the highlights of 2014 for you, especially when Jupiter goes into Leo from July 16th. This is a 12-year high point for relationships of all kinds: love, partners, friendships, business associates, etc. You will be in demand. The more you can accept and love yourself, the more others will enjoy being around you. There will be many social invitations and your social circle will grow.

People will find you more interesting than ever before. You will feel energised and your personal magnetism will be very strong.

New lovers are on the cards for those of you who are single. If you are not in a relationship, there is a very strong chance that you will meet someone special. Make sure you are going to places where you could meet an eligible partner. You may also make significant changes to your appearance. If you are already in a committed relationship, you will have the opportunity to take it onto a deeper more satisfying level.  

If you have the opportunity to travel to another country, make sure you do so as you will meet some amazing, exciting people.

Some of you may experience challenges in your family life. There may be serious demands on you which could make you feel weighed down. You might ask yourself why it is so easy to get along with the people outside your family, but those within your family have such high expectations of you which may feel onerous. Make sure you draw clear boundaries and don’t commit to something that is too stressful for you to keep.

If you are in a committed relationship but it is no longer bringing you joy, you may decide to go for counseling to see if you can improve the communication between the two of you, or you may decide to end it. If you do end this relationship, keep in mind that there will be someone new coming into your life, so you will not need to be alone.

Your best times for love and romance are from May 1st – May 30th, August 11th – September 4th and from November 15th – December 13th.

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