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LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)
Yearly Horoscope for 2014-2015

By Barbara Goldsmith

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Barbara Goldsmith

You are still very much under the influence of the Cardinal T-square of Jupiter- Uranus-Pluto during 2014. Uranus is opposing your Sun sign for another 4 years and Pluto is in square to your Sun for another decade.

For much of 2014, Mars will be in your sign which means that there will be many new beginnings. It can be both exciting and challenging as Mars is part of a grand square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Work and Money

This area of your life is going to go through significant changes this year, especially with respect to your career. Treat each day as if it were your last and give 100% in whatever you are doing. Don’t be complacent and think nothing will change. It will be very stressful for you if you are caught unprepared. There will be many unexpected events, especially with Mars, Uranus and Pluto being so prominent all year, so be prepared to go with the flow.

In all areas of your life there will be profound changes. Some of these changes will be very beneficial, so don’t be frightened of them. Welcome them.

With Uranus and Mars in the picture, the only control you have is in your attitude for the unexpected, and your reactions to those events when they occur.

It is very likely that you will either change your career direction or your job this year. Many of you have been feeling restless and ready for a change. Take the bull by the horns and be proactive in making those changes. Don’t wait for outside events to force you to change.

Financially, there will be ups and downs. When money is coming in, save some of it for the times when it might not be coming in. The first half of the year is not favorable for speculation; the second half of the year is much better.

However, you can still do well financially in 2014. Just don’t spend money unwisely, or put yourself in a position where others can adversely impact your earning power. You have some excellent  ideas on how to increase income or sales, and you can implement these changes with favourable results.

Avoid getting into anything connected with real estate during 2014. Focus your energies onto stabilising your career direction.

Your best time for business activities and new work opportunities is from January 2nd – March 17th, and again from December 17th – January 15th, 2015.

The more challenging time is from April 17th – June 1st. Try to avoid getting into confrontations at this time.



Your sign rules relationships and this is always an important area for you. With Mars in your sign there could be endings of old relationships and beginnings of new ones.

It could be an exciting time for you filled with passion and sexual attraction, especially during the first half of the year.

Some of you may end a long-term relationship or marriage. Don’t be tempted to hold on. You will know if the time is ripe for this ending. As long as you have tried everything within your power and you are still not happy, then maybe it’s time to move on. As a Libran, you hate to end any relationship, but many of you stay in a relationship well past its sell by date. Keep in mind that you need to make space for someone with whom you are better suited to come into your life.

As soon as you decide to move on and open yourself up to other relationships, your life will become exciting for you again.  

In the latter half of the year and until the middle of 2015, you will feel popular and in demand again. The prospect of happiness will be back on the horizon and you will have many social opportunities to expand your circle of friends.

Your best times for love and romance are: Mars 4th – April 7th, June 22nd – July 17th, September 28th – October 24th.

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