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SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22)
Yearly Horoscope for 2014-2015

By Barbara Goldsmith

You have favourable aspects from your Sun to Pluto for the next decade and to Neptune for the next 12 years. Jupiter is in a positive aspect for the first half of 2014 which will bring some interesting opportunities.

As you will probably be aware, though, Saturn is in the last of 3 years transiting your Sun sign. This has been a serious time and it has not been easy. You may feel sorely tested and not sure how much more you can handle. However, you are very strong and you are a survivor. You are in the process of letting go and planting new seeds for the future. This can take time and you will need to be patient, but it will come together for you eventually. 

Look carefully at how you spend your time. Are you feeling productive? Are you accomplishing what you set out to do? Make sure you maintain a balance between work, play, exercise and your spiritual endeavours.

Work and Money

You will be working hard this year and you will have many responsibilities.  Others will have high expectations of you and there will be many demands on your time. Be careful about over-stretching yourself as you could just burn out.

The good news is that by the end of 2014, this will all be behind you. You will feel as though a great weight has lifted from your shoulders. However, all the hard work you are putting in now will pay off as you will be able to earn more money, more recognition and more success. You will truly be like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The aspects are favourable for a pay increase during the first half of the year, or an increase in sales and income. However, some of you may find that your savings are depleted and you will have to make sure that your expenses are not exceeding your income.

Although this is not a bad time to invest, you may not have the resources to do so during this year. That will change when 2014 is over. Right now, you are feeling that there is not enough time, money or resources to do as you wish. Try not to get into debt.

Some of you will have the opportunity to rise to a position of power and authority in your workplace. Your success depends on your persistence, dedication and hard work. If you have been working very hard and diligently for a long while, it will all pay off for you. Keep in mind that it won’t be handed to you on a plate. It requires a great deal of effort and concentration, but at the end of a 2 to 5 year period, you will reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Make sure you believe in yourself and in whatever you are doing and you will be successful.

Your best time for business activities and new opportunities is from October 11th – December 15th.

Your challenging time is from March 17th – April 7th. Try to avoid any confrontations during this time.


This area of life is very critical in 2014 with many possibilities for love and romance.

Some of you won't have any time for relationships this year as you are so focused on your career. And that’s fine. Make peace with that and know that by the end of 2014, things will get easier for you and you will have more time for relationships in 2015. Make sure you get enough alone time in order to recharge your batteries.

You need to learn how to ask others for help and understanding. You have a tendency to soldier on without asking for outside help.

If you are already in a committed relationship, you may find that you don’t have a lot of time for one another as you are both so busy. Even if you only manage a few minutes every day, try to give each other your full attention for that time period. This will keep your relationship going and can avoid a painful separation.

The first half of the year is most beneficial for social activities and romance. You are especially attracted to,or attractive to, people from other countries. If you get the opportunity to go overseas, jump at it as it could lead to romance or a new friendship.

Your popularity will be high and you will also be able to enjoy social occasions.

Your best times for love and romance are from April 4th – May 2nd, July 17th – August 11th and from October 22nd – November 20th.

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