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VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)
Yearly Horoscope for 2014-2015

By Barbara Goldsmith

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Barbara Goldsmith

For Virgo

  • Last Year's Virgo Horoscope
  • 2015-2016 Virgo Horoscope

    You have positive aspects from your Sun to Pluto for the next decade. Saturn is in its last year helping you to complete major projects. Neptune, however, still has another 11 years of opposition to your Sun sign which will bring great creativity, but also many uncertainties and twists in the way towards success and happiness in your work and your relationships.

    Work and Money

    This will be a hard-working year, but you are no stranger to hard work. In fact, you like it. You need to feel as though you are being productive.

    Be careful about misunderstandings with people. Make sure you have clear agreements in writing and if necessary get an attorney to check everything through to ensure that you are fully protected.

    You will need to be very clear in whatever you undertake, your understanding of the tasks ahead, and the needs of the person requiring your help. If you just assume what they need without clarifying it, you may find that you are incorrect.

    If your work is focused on specific tasks, you will be able to accomplish a great deal this year and you will be given credit for it. The issue will be in focusing your energies. You need to ensure you are working on the most important tasks and not being distracted by unimportant issues.

    You will attract some powerful people into your life this year and they can help you towards the next level of success. New projects will come into your life and you can play an important role in the fulfilment of these projects. Your organisational abilities will be invaluable. Your ability to create a sense of teamwork will also be important.

    For trading and investing, make sure you do your own analysis. Don’t rely on other people’s advice. You are a great student and teacher and you have the knowledge to invest wisely. If you do it yourself, you will do very well. If you allow yourself to be influenced by others who you think know better than you, you will probably lose money. Focus on finding your own ways to invest and you will do very well.

    Your best time for business activities and new initiatives is from January 1st until March 4th and from October 25th – December 7th.

    Your more challenging times is from September 13th – October 27th. Try not to get into confrontations during this period.


    Your relationships this year are likely to be intense and transformative. In romance there will be intense passion and an awakening of your sexuality in ways it has not happened before.

    Love is in the air especially during the first half of the year. You will be charming and magnetic and can draw to you whoever you have been looking for. Make sure you are putting out a clear vibration to the universe so that it can bring you that perfect person. Or, if you are already in a relationship, make sure you are being clear about what you will compromise and where you will not compromise. Your existing relationship has the potential to become deeper and more fulfilling for you both.

    For those of you with children, you will elicit a very deep feeling of love that can be expressed in new ways. You will share many enjoyable moments together and you will feel loved and appreciated.

    Be careful about falling in love with someone who is unavailable. You may start out being friendly and then one thing leads to another and the next minute you find you are in a sexual relationship asking him or her when they are going to leave their spouse. Be alert to being attracted to the wrong people. Make sure you are honest with yourself and with others. You are an earth sign and you can do this if you really want to.

    Your best times for romance and love are from December 28th 2013 until March 5th 2014, May 29th - July 5th, September 4th – 27th, December 11th until the end of the year.

    Barbara Goldsmith has been a professional astrologer for more than 30 years. She contributes monthly forecasts on YouTube and has a wide audience. Computerized Astrology Reports: Get your Year Ahead 12 Month Forecast.

    Barbara is also the author of: Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis, Moon Cycles - In Tune with Your Moon, and The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology.

    Barbara hosted her own show on Canterbury Television, Money Talks. She consults internationally with clients from all over the world by phone and on Skype. Contact Barbara at:

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