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Pisces 2015 LOVE and ROMANCE Horoscope

(February 18 - March 20)

Overview | Career

Last Year's Pisces Love Horoscope

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There is an incredibly romantic influence bursting on your scene in 2015, Pisces. First off, you've got the glamorous and alluring presence of Neptune in your stars for the long haul. Let your siren call magnetize the kind of loving presence you most desire. If you have been feeling trapped in a negative or all-consuming love affair that has zapped your life force due its toxic properties, Jupiter will likely set you free this summer by shining the light on how much you have been sacrificing in the name of love and relationships. Your discrimination kicks in once again, and you can bid farewell to any co-dependent tendencies that were holding you back from true companionship and connection. Jupiter brings great wisdom to your house of partnering starting in August until the end of the year.

There is a powerful solar eclipse in your stars on March 20 to speed up change. Again, this could be a liberating influence if you're ready to dodge the relationship bullet or it could bring you the magical bullet in the form of a new partner. It all depends on where you stand on the love and partnership spectrum when it hits.

April is especially sensual and sexy with the Grand Earth Trine hitting all of the right places in your horoscope. However, the real love potion arrives in July when the love planet (Venus) meets up with lucky Jupiter preparing your marriage zone for the rose petals and magical love dust to sprinkle your path from August until 2016.

One caveat here is that Venus is going to go retrograde in your partnership zone between July 25th and September 6. This could bring an old partner back from the romantic archives for a reunion or second try. It could also just bring the opportunity to really rework a recurring issue you have in relationships so that you can finally heal and finesse any flawed approaches to harmonizing with another once and for all.

There is so much to be learned in the relationship department in 2015, but the lessons come with lovely gifts. The part of your mushy personality that adores merging could take precedence with the gooey Neptune influence all year long.

One of the highlights arrives on September 15 and then again on October 17 when Venus and Neptune come into exact polarity in the sky, hitting the relationship line of your horoscope.

How much fantasy do you want in your relationship? Are you projecting godly qualities on to your romantic encounters? Saturn could give you one last dose of a reality check this summer when he retrogrades back into Scorpio between June and September, so try to remain grounded while indulging these romantic dreams and visions. Many may come true as long as you're willing to work with the inevitable disillusionment that comes when the light reveals the inevitable nicks and flaws of the personality.

The final quarter of 2015 is the time to really buckle down in the commitment zone. You'll have a powerful Solar Eclipse taking place in your partnership zone in September at the same time that Venus goes direct. This could very well initiate a new or improved serious relationship that manifests between September and March of 2016.

Between October 29 and November 1, you'll have a powerful line-up of planets in your relationship zone (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) to bring even more juice to this life arena.

The only competition for love is when Saturn takes up permanent residence in your career zone starting in late September. It might be all too easy to let love take a backseat to your professional ambition once October rolls around, so be mindful of keeping a healthy balance. You live for love, Pisces!

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