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    Scorpio 2015 LOVE and ROMANCE Horoscope

    Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

    Overview | Career

    Last Year's Scorpio Love Horoscope

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    You may be more concerned with your career than relationships this year, but that won't stop the love and desire from happening. It's just that you're so immersed in building your success that any potential lovers or suitors will have to take a backseat to your other more pressing priorities. That's not a bad thing, actually. This will create the balance you so need. Desire, sex and passion will always play a major part in the life of every good Scorpio. Nothing can take that away from you. It's just that this year, you'll finally realize that your power source comes from much deeper roots within. Projecting your creative power onto another is so 2012. You're ready to step into your God/Goddess self. By doing so, you'll only improve your romantic life because you'll no longer be giving your power away. You learned this the hard way over the past few years. 2015 is about standing in your strength and magnetism. You're truly a seductive presence to be reckoned with and you're finally starting to own this.

    Your ruling planet, Mars will be meeting up with the love planet Venus on several occasions this year. You're learning the art of integrating your masculine and feminine energies. You like to play rough and battle-test your relationships, Scorpio. Sometimes you expect too much of people and push them too hard. This year, you'll be learning how love is stronger than pride. You can be critical, if not demanding in love, but 2015 is about opening your heart to look beyond the imperfections. We're all flawed, Scorpio, and it's precisely in those less than perfect places that healing happens. Actually when you really love someone, and you know this kind of love, you love despite the idiosyncrasies.

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    The North Node of Fate continues to teach you about the need for conscious reciprocity in partnering. Getting the give-and-take ratio is not something that comes easily or naturally to such an all-or-nothing personality, but when you get the balance, relating is beautiful. You'll be surprised by how much harmony and balance you're able to achieve with your beloved in 2015.

    The total lunar eclipse in April could speed up some lessons in the partnership domain. You've been mastering the delicate art of giving others the benefit of the doubt. The more Mars-driven and aggressive side of your nature has a tendency to be confrontational and often unforgiving of your partners. All that is softening under the current influence. Ask yourself if your words or actions will bring more beauty to your relationships? If not, is it worth the discord? Yes, it's important to get to the truth, but at what cost to the sweetness of the connection? When you let the little things go (read: don't sweat the small stuff) you're able to preserve the relationship and remember the reason you got involved in the first place.

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