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(March 20 - April 20)

logo Scooters at (Quick & Easy Transportation - Get the fastest one for Aries)

logo Red Hats - Aries women wear more hats than any other sign, and you can bet there's at least one red hat in the closet. But they would also like colors that complement their red apparel. Aries rules the head and much pride goes into what's on top of it.

logo Flashy, Blinky LED Lights - An Aries Favorite! Young Aries enjoy firetrucks (red again) and police car lights and sirens.

logo Tshirts - But must be colorful, especially red! Go with a saying that starts with "I such as I am (an Aries), I want, I have, I love, I need" etc. Depending on your Aries' need for action, they will like themes that include sports cars, motor cycles, combat, boxing, war, big trucks, military.

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