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  • Combinatorial Systems (wheels) with Guaranteed Wins for pick-5 lotteries including Euromillions and the Mega lotteries.

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    By Tara Pierce
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  • Lottery Crusher Software - Excellent software to try your hand at winning during your luckiest days.

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    Note from Tara: I have used Remote Viewing to access the Daily 3 lottery in Calif. I have been able to get the first two numbers but the third number is fuzzy and I have to then kinda guess at that third number. But I have made a few hundred dollars here and there when I've tried, so I know it's possible to do this. The more you meditate, the easier it becomes to "see" the numbers or information for what you are requesting. Concentration is key.

    For ease of use and because No psychic gifts are required to master Remote Viewing (the ability to SEE the winning numbers of future games.) A good remote viewer is never lacking monetarily.

    I first recommend the book Remote Viewing Secrets by Joseph McMoneagle. This is an inexpensive way to get the basics of Remote Viewing.

    Both Major Ed Dames, author of the DVD set below, and Joseph McMonaegle are regular guests revealing their often startling Remote Viewing predictions on

    FOR AN ENTIRE COURSE TO LEARN REMOTE VIEWING, I recommend this 4 DVD course. It features retired U.S. Military Intelligence Officer, Major Ed Dames, former head of operations and training for the RV 'psychic spy' unit.

    Major Dames perfected the remote viewing techniques that the Russians used and streamlined the RV training program. The 'How To' of it is no longer just for the CIA. This is invaluable training in remote viewing and is now available to us all.

    What is Remote Viewing? - No psychic gifts are required to master Remote Viewing. Remote Viewers state they are NOT psychics. RV is a structured, teachable discipline that enlists the unconscious mind in gaining direct conscious knowledge about inaccessible targets - people, places, things, or events (winning lottery numbers!) - in the past, present, or future. You learn to psychically "see" your target. Liken it to conscious dreaming where you watch sometimes detailed "movies" in your mind.

    Some people are naturally talented at Remote Viewing, especially those good at concentrating and focusing. A remote viewer learns to hold his or her unconscious attention on a target. The viewer learns step by step how to hone in and record information about the desired target in an organized format.

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