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    Lucky Charms According to Culture

    Scarabs: Egypt
    Acorns: Nordic
    Rainbows: Universal
    Dolphins: Greece, Sumer, Egypt, and Rome.
    Pigs: Germany
    Tortoises: Chinese Feng-Shui.
    Elephants, Ganeshsa: Hinduism.
    Red Bats: China.
    Tigers: Chinese astrology.
    Rabbit's foot: Western cultures.
    Alligator teeth: Africa
    Buddha Charm or Statue: Good luck to rub the belly.
    St. Christopher: Catholic
    Dream Catchers: Native American - catching the negative images from dreams.
    Red Chinese Lanterns: China.
    Horseshoes: Blacksmithing is a lucky trade.
    A Pot of Gold: Doubly lucky because it's what you will find at the end of a rainbow.
    Nautical Star: Good luck symbol for sailors.

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