Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Charged Chakra New Orgonite Orgone ROSE QUARTZ, AMETHYST & CLEAR QUARTZ Pyramid Crystals Gemstones Copper Metal Mix

Charged Chakra New Orgonite Orgone TURQUOISE Pyramid Crystals Gemstones Copper Metal Mix

Udemy - Learn a New Course for $10-$15

Essential Oil Diffuser
with 7-Color LED Lights Changing and 4 Timer Settings, Waterless, Automatic Power off

Emerald Tablet in Gold
Emerald Tablet Pendant

Best Friends or Love Couples Amulet Necklaces
More Amulets at Amazon

Lava Lite
More Lava Lites at Amazon

Marijuana Cooking:
Good Medicine Made Easy

GoSun Sport, Cooks a Meal in 20 Minutes in Sunlight


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New Age Shops


Home & Garden
Intuitive Readings
Health & Homeopathic
Gemstone & Crystal Healing
Astrology Reports & Software

- Also visit our DIY How To Page to learn new metaphysical skills.
- The Natural Products Directory - no animal testing.
- And Ebay has tons of



Vibrational therapy jewelry, tools, and more - all infused with crystals and essential oils. Easily attract more of what you want in life. Vibes UP has many different products to help you attract into your home and life the energy you desire. Free Bracelet for first-time customers. (I LOVE VibesUp - wear them and have them all over my house - Tara)

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Humane Rat & Rodent Traps
Advocate against torturous glue traps. Recommends Havahart Animal Traps & Repellents.

GoSun Stove
Portable solar cooker.

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Psychic Services
- tested and customer-rated psychics at Psychic Access, our favorite psychic resource.

Reverse Speech Consultations with David Oates
David's session can help heal long-term illnesses, resolve conflicts, manifest financial abundance, and provide reasons why some things in your life just have not worked. David has been featured on CoasttoCoastam and is the author of Reverse Speech: Hidden Messages in Human Communication and A New Theory About Language. Book an initial free consultation.

Comprehensive Numerology Readings
Detailed Personal Reports by professional numerologist, Matthew Goodwin, author of Numerology, The Complete Guide. Reports include "Numerology Personality Profile," "Numerology Romantic Compatibility Reading," "Your Numerolgy One-Year Forecast Reading," and "Numerology Life Snapshots Reading."

Vibrational Manifestation
The Law of Attraction (The Secret) usually is ineffective. This is what DOES work. This $47 guide shows you how to match your frequency (vibration) to the object of your desire to obtain it. A practical application of physics.

Online Tarot Course
Get instant access to a complete online accelerated learning system which virtually guarantees you'll quickly and easily learn and remember the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards. You'll learn how to do Tarot card readings professionally.

Easy Handwriting Analysis Guides
Use Graphology to find out about anyone. Detect the potential for drug and alcohol problems, commitment phobia, sexual addiction, lying, and more.

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Boho, Embroidery, Off The Shoulder, 90's Grunge, Tie Dye, Tribal Prints.

Tshirt Laundry
Soft, Comfy Shirts & Fast Shipping! The online store featuring hundreds of geeky shirts, gamer shirts, funny and pop culture shirts. All printed on 100% ring spun cotton shirts, and they are oh-so-soft and comfy to wear. Orders are processed and shipped usually within two business days.

Cotton Traders
U.K. based casual clothing.

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Numerology Decoder and Time cycle Decoder Software

Metaphysical Software - Award winning titles: tarot, compatibility, runes, I-Ching, Dream Interpreter, and more.


Chinese Horoscope
The twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. Enter your date of birth and the software will reveal your personality and your compatibility. English version with animation and music.

Face Reading Software
The software will predict your fortune by analyzing the different elements of your face. English version with music.

Palmistry Software
An expert system will guide you in the interpretation of the lines of your hands, it will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you to the road of success. English version with music.

I Ching Software (The Book of Changes)
This famous Chinese divinatory art will help you find solutions for your daily problems and guide you to the road of success. English version with animation and music.

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Online courses for just about anything! Many metaphysical courses for $10 or $15. Look under Personal Development. A few other categories are IT & Software, Personal Development, Design Marketing, Music, Health & Fitness.

Body, Mind & Spirit, Self-help eBooks

Ka-gold Sacred Symbol Jewelry
Including beautiful astrology jewelry in gold or silver by cosmic jewelry artist, David Weitzman. Sacred Geometry, Egyptian, Jewish, Kabbalah, Tree of life, New Age, Merkaba, Tibetan Jewelry, and more.

Breathing Analysis DVD
Transformational Breath helps us to transform our breathing patterns which are considered as a metaphor of how we live our lives. The Breathing Analysis is one of the most innovative tools of Transformational Breath.
Download Version

The Spiritual Cinema Circle
Receive 4 films FREE to keep when you sign up for a one-month free trial with Spiritual Cinema Circle! Pay shipping ($4.95 domestic/ $7.95 international). Movies you'll unlikely see anywhere else!

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Novica - National Geographic
Shop handmade Jewelry, Home Decor, and more from around the world.

Artists and art lovers come together in the Imagekind Community. Engage in discussions, showcase your work, learn from the best, join groups and network with other member artists. Sell your own art.

Homegrown Collective
Each GREENBOX is created to help you get the most out of "growing" at home.

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Magic Cabin
Everything Fairies!

Exotic India Art
The web's largest retail store for Indian art, with Indian miniature paintings, batik art, folk art, erotic art of the kama sutra, Indian jewelry, bronze sculptures, brass statues, buddha art, and more.

The Home Automation Superstore

Design Toscano - Garden masterworks! Put an angel, a saint, or an alien in your garden!

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Green Roads World
CBD manufacturer & distributor of cbd infused products like edibles, terps & cbd hemp oil online. Cannabidiol, edibles, CBD Oils, hemp oils, and more. Pharmaceutical Grade.

The Health Ranger
Clean and laboratory verified nutritional supplements, organic superfoods, organic storable foods, and preparedness items. "The cleanest superfoods in the world." Every product has been extensively tested for purity in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, using ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation, and is Verified Low Heavy Metals.

Life Extension Products
Blood testing, supplements and vitamins.

Homeopathic healing oils for Skin Tags, Moles, Warts, Glow (for wrinkles), Age Spots, Joint and Muscle pain. 100% natural and gentle on the skin, highest quality ingredients, Manufactured in the USA, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Lucky Days Software
Excellent software to identify your lucky days, based on your birthday and astrology. Successfully proven on the BBC tv.

Free Personal Horoscope - with lucky numbers.

Omnicycles Astrology Software
Test run Omnicycles software and get an Astrology Course for free!

California Astrology Association
Love Spells, Money Spells, Love Horoscopes, and more.

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Romantic Realms

Natural Products

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Ring of Courage

Sacred Symbol Jewelry
"The Ring of Courage"
in Gold or Silver

SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe

Natural relief from joint and muscle pain

YesWellness Now
Based in Canada. Professional grade supplements.

Organically Grown Wines

Exotic India Brass Sculptures and Wood Carvings

Free Shipping on Most Items

Smarthome, Inc.

Relax The Back

59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures

Homemade for Sale
How to Set Up & Market a Food Business from Your Home Kitchen

featured in Mother Earth Living