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The Chemistry Compatibility of Libra

Amy E. Ellis

Libra with Aries

Libra is ruled by charming Venus and is extremely attractive to Aries. Libra's natural beauty and grace are what Aries secretly desires. They will share lots of laughter together and enjoy the hottest parties. Aries provides power and passion to Libra and the attraction could lead to marriage, even though Libra could find the aggressiveness a bit extreme. If they give each other freedom, the relationship can survive the rough waters. The potential for sex is extremely good.

Libra with Taurus

Venus, planet of beauty, rules both these signs. Libra's natural beauty and social graces are what Taurus seeks in a partner. They will think alike and both value beauty and status. Taurus provides substance and power to Libra. Libra lifts Taurus into greater brightness. Libra could find Taurus dark moods a bit severe for their tastes and Taurus may feel the need for more consideration and dedication at times with Libra. If they give each other space, they can survive through rough waters.

Libra with Gemini

Both these air signs can talk the whole night together. Gemini will love the good looks and social charms of Libra. Libra will love to chat with Gemini and have great sex with Gemini. This is a truly promising couple that has the capability to go places together. Gemini will need to focus more on romance and stick to sexy Libra. Libra will just have to look gorgeous and be social which will be easy for them. These two signs should go get a room and see what happens. This combination usually ends in a fulfilling marriage.

Libra with Cancer

These two could meet each other almost anywhere and end up getting married the next day. These two cannot get enough of one another and Libra will truly value the sensitive side of Cancer. There will be a lot of childish talk, gifts given and show of romance. Sex will be great with Libra, and Cancer can sexually rejuvenate Libra in a way like no other can really do. This is an unforgettable and meaningful encounter that has the potential for children and marriage.

Libra with Leo

Libra is particularly attractive to Leo. Leo also values the beauty and social graces that Libra has. Libra will welcome the drama and sex appeal of Leo. The appeal could lead to marriage. Libra may find Leo's over-protective side a bit severe for their tastes. This relationship will improve over time or it could ultimately collapse. The probability for sex is very good.

Libra with Virgo

Both of these signs share a remarkable capability to communicate and know one another. You two will hold up each other through good times and bad as well. Sexual and romantic compatibility will be exhilarating. This is particularly good combination for sex and love. Virgo must not keep secrets from Libra to avoid misunderstandings. Virgo needs to keep Libra unprejudiced and both will be happy. The scenario for a long-term association is excellent providing no secrets are kept back from each other.

Libra with Libra

Charming Venus rules both so there is a lot of beauty and possibilities in this relationship. Both will find the other sexually appealing. This is a sexy, stylish and extremely compatible combination. Sex will be powerful and love will be irresistible. But long term may get boring eventually.

Libra with Scorpio

Libra's charming beauty is what Scorpio's secret desire. Scorpio offers substance and power to Libra. Libra might feel Scorpio a bit extreme to their taste and Scorpio may demand more understanding and commitment from Libra. Libra will help Scorpio become fashionable and lovable. Through Scorpio, Libra will come in touch with the mysterious side of life and that might fascinate them.

Libra with Sagittarius

Sagittarius would love Libra's charming beauty and positive attitude and the attraction leads to sex, love and sometimes marriage. This association grows sexier in due course. There can be some emotional dramas or showdowns but a strong attraction will survive. Sagittarius must curb the playfulness and the nature of seeking change and must work on the loyalty factor if they want Libra to stick with them forever.

Libra with Capricorn

There will be an amazing ability to communicate and understand one another. Sexual and romantic compatibility can be delicate in the beginning, but will get better over time. The prospects for a long-term association is good provided no secrets are kept from each other. These two will have some kind of unconventional lifestyle if they live together.

Libra with Aquarius

Libra will find a lovable partner in Aquarius and Aquarius would enjoy the excitement with beautiful and charming Libra. These two may have a strong sexual relationship that will grow better over time. This association could begin quickly and continue that way forever. This association almost certainly will lead to a long-term love and aspects for a marriage are very strong.

Libra with Pisces

These two would enjoy drink, music and dance together. There will be excitement, variety and appeal when these two are together. Libra feels secure with Pisces. Pisces will love the class and style of Libra. This could be a long-lasting romance. Sex will be very passionate and Pisces may want this relationship a legal bond.

About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA. To contact Amy, email her at Elleeaston@roadrunner.com

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