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    Valentine's Day Horoscopes and Forecast 2017

    By Tara Pierce

    (Each Sign's Horoscope is Below)

    Your General Valentine's Day Forecast
    February 14, 2017

    The moon in Libra would seem like the perfect setting for relationships but the day will be marked by very different and divergent energies. Morning will see the best of the day with flowing communication and niceties and optimism.

    The afternoon, though, will be much more dramatic and intense as the hours grind toward midnight. Fights can can easily ignite. That's great if you're looking forward to passionate make-up sex afterward.

    If your day doesn't pan out as you hoped, avoid using manipulative techniques to make your partner "get the hint" that More, Different, and Better could have made for a sweeter Valentine's Day. Resist the temptation. The cold shoulder will only leave bitterness for both. Some signs will fare better than others this Valentine's Day. Fire and Air signs will generally benefit more than Earth and Water signs. Read your forecast below for details. Hint: One sign has the potential for a Valentine's Day to remember. Yet, another one shouldn't expect much and may be disappointed.

    For Singles: Even if you're not paired up with someone special on Valentine's Day this year, don't be disheartened. You're not missing as much as the commercials would have you believe. It's not an especially loving day for many signs. This year will have a share of Valentine's Day conflicts. Many couples expecting a romantic day of hugs and kisses and grand tokens of affection could feel a void. Other years have been and will be better than Valentine's Day 2017.

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