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    What Does Your Day of Birth
    Say About You?

    By Sonam Kaur

    Numerology is the ancient art and science of numbers. This clandestine science offers profound insight into a person's life. Birthdate is a fun and powerful place to start learning about the significance of your own numbers.

    At the moment, we are only concerned with the actual day of your birth (i.e. someone born on March 7, 1969 will only look at the DAY of birth, in this case, he or she is a 7).

    If your birthdate falls on a two-digit number, like the 27th, for example, you must reduce it to a single digit (1-9). For someone born on the 27th, you would add the 2 and the 7 to get 9 (2+7=9).

    Got it? Find your number below and see what your number has to say about you.

    Day of Birth

    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9

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