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Gemstones for Relationships

By Michael Katz

Love makes the world go round! Perhaps this is the year you will discover true love. Or you will give love like never before and reap the true rewards. Or you'll open your heart to the joys of giving love in a selfless, unconditional way. Gemisphere would like to invite you to take a look at the ten special Love & Relationship gems guaranteed to make your heart a little warmer, your life a little brighter.

If you want to open your heart to more love, or have had difficulties with love, or want to heal that broken heart once and for all, now is the time! Gemisphere offers these ten necklaces guaranteed to help you create the love that makes hearts sing and the sun shine more brightly - a gift you can give yourself or someone you truly care about.

Healing the Emotions

Radiant Ruby opens the heart and reveals divine love at the core of every molecule in creation. Become a vehicle through which divine love can enter your life and touch all those around you. Powerful, beautiful, amazing Ruby!

Ruby Rose
Healing the Heart

If you've ever had a broken heart, Ruby Rose will call to you. This gentle necklace heals the wounds of lifetimes of pain, as it soothes, mends and strengthens the heart. Release the heaviness and help your heart find better balance with this lovely gift of Ruby.

Radiant Heart
Finding Inner Peace

Build the inner strength and awaken the most tender and playful part of you! This lovely blessing nurtures, heals and comforts you while it repairs and rebuilds any part of your emotional foundation that needs strengthening.


Purifying the Emotions

Emotional limitations take flight in the presence of purifying Roselle. Now you can have the personal growth and happiness that comes with the release of emotional limitations and suppressed feelings. Let the love flow with rare, natural pink Roselle.

Developing Inner Freedom

If love were a storm, it would be Rhodochrosite! This gentle tempest of a gemstone sweeps away any negative patterns and emotional clutter that could hold you back from your own natural brilliance. Rhodochrosite has the power to help you transform your life and truly become the being of love you are meant to be.

Magic Gift

The wholeness of love and self-confidence combine as one in this magical necklace. Powerful Ruby and transforming Rhodochrosite join forces in Magic Gift to increase self-love and let your spiritual essence shine through. A gift indeed!

Balanced Change

Transformational Rhodochrosite is accelerated by the rainbow energy of Quartz. As your overall energy is raised, all life signifies your beauty and brings you to a new level of appreciation for all you have to give. Welcome the joys that change can bring.

Stabilizing the Emotions

Where is a kind word when you need it? Where is a soothing touch and healing heart? It is all right here with the miracle of Rhodonite. Instantly soothing and uplifting, Rhodonite transforms your emotional foundation and lifts you up where you belong!

Mother of Pearl
Stirring Primordial Memory

Let the divine love flow through you and fill every need you have ever had. Sweet, dear Mother of Pearl delivers every promise she makes! Listen to the song that divine love sings to your heart though the magic of Mother of Pearl.

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