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  • The Sexual Compatibility of Capricorn through the signs.

    The Romantic Compatibility of

    By Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed

    Capricorn is intrigued by magnetic Libra, and Libra is charmed by Capricorn's slowly revealed passions. But over the long term, Libra needs more excitement, romance, and beauty than Capricorn can provide. Capricorn is not oriented toward social and artistic pursuits, which are Libra's favorite activities. Capricorn prizes discipline and responsibility, and finds Libra altogether too frivolous, vain, and self-centered. Libra turns restive and starts to look elsewhere. Throw in some Capricorn jealousy to keep the cauldron bubbling. A recipe for disaster.

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    Astrology-based relationship advice. Discover your partner's unique love triggers.

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