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Updated Sept. 4, 2014

Affiliate Programs & Resources for Webmasters

Our Favorite Affiliate Programs

Based on payment rate, high CTR or CPM, fast loading banners if using their banner server, timely stats reporting, web publisher protection, referral commissions, ease of use, reliability, and reputation and recommendation from other webmasters.

The following sites are NOT listed in order of preference. They are all programs that are used on AstroStar.

In most cases, we earn referral revenue if you sign up through our links on this page.

Convert your website to mobile quickly at DudaMobile. - Recommended by Google for webmasters. But it's not for everyone. It IS good for a site that requires immediate contact with customers and if you use Adsense; otherwise, your other ads won't show up on mobile, possibly they will on Iphone but not on Android phones.


If you no longer see a program that was once here, it means we are no longer using it or phasing it out.

Spiritual Singles pay "30% for every subscription generated, for the life of the subscription! (Subscriptions are automatically renewed every 30 days until the member chooses to cancel.)" Affiliates are paid on the 15th of each month. With more people wanting a spiritual partner who has similar values to themselves, Spiritual Singles is becoming more popular than ever. Vibrational therapy products are becoming increasing popular and doing well on metaphysical sites such as ours. I have met Kaitlyn Keyt, the owner and creator of and was impressed with her own high vibration and gentle ways. I use and wear many of her products. I love them! I signed up for the affiliate bandwagon as soon as it was available and have been advertising Kaitlyn's entire line of products at since May 2009.

Commission is 15%; then 5% referral sales for affiliates who sign up from your site. VibesUp received the 2008 Visionary Award.

ClickBank The affiliate program is a breeze, one of the easiest to use, sign-up, fast loading, view your live stats, etc. They offer dozens of astrology and metaphysical merchants. For awhile I had this in the NOT RECOMMENDED category, but Clickbank has changed their tracking system. This program used to be better for the advertiser because it didn't always track referrals, but now that they've changed their codes, I recommend it. ValueClick Media bought Fastclick in 2006. I didn't like the old Fastclick enough to keep it on this page. But the new operations and accounting of ValueClick seem more finely tuned now. For every ad impression that you serve you know exactly what you will earn. Payments are through PayPal.

It's working well to combine Casale Media ads with ValueClick's. As you look around, you'll see both.

ShareaSale This is a very easy affiliate program for web publishers to use. They offer per lead and per sale referral commissions. It's simple, clean, fast-loading. Merchants are rated. We have used this program since April 2003.

Casale Media We signed up in April 2004. They pay web publishers 70% of their ad revenue, which is the highest I've come across. Casale Media was our favorite revenue source for a long time. One of my favorite features is the ability to auto-format your ads to not show "excessive animation," "gambling," or "political," if you choose. The 728 x 90 ad at top of page is from Casale Media. Other ad sizes are available. No adult sites or warez. They are particularly discerning about which sites they will take. It's worth trying but usually only the largest websites will be signed up.

Refer a publisher to receive 5% commissions on your ad earnings for the 12 months following the referral's sign up.

Refer an advertiser and get 5% commission on all their campaign buys for the 12 months following the referral's sign up. For example; if an advertiser you referred bought two $10,000 campaigns, you would get $1000 commission.

LinkShare For years, Linkshare was on my Not Recommended list, even though I used them reluctantly to advertise Hay House, Sierra Club, Gaiam, Alibris, and some other favorites I couldn't part with. We've used Linkshare since 1997. Since early 2006, I realized they were doing much better on all fronts - reporting, linking accuracy, and ease of linking. Not once did I have to track down a glitch or code mistake as I had in the past. I'm grateful for their improvements.

AllPosters Affiliates Program Earn up to 30% of sales. They have over 50,000 poster and art print images. It's easy to sign-up, track your sales, and build links and storefronts. Some months we earn more on our second tier referrals than we do on selling the posters! We've used this program successfully since AstroStar first went online in 1997. It's mostly been on our Romantic Realms pages which aren't as high volume as the rest of the site. But FriendFinder has been consistently a good payer while our links are tucked away quietly racking up commissions. So we finally added it here July 2004. Checks are issued monthly with a $50 minimum.

Other Favorite Webmaster Resources

SelfPromotion - Terrific free site submission service. Pay $15 annually to get the extras. It's worth it. - It's free. We use to shorten those l-o-n-g affiliate links in our newsletter. If you use it, please make a donation at their website, so we can all keep using it.

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Kabbage analyzes a complete set of a business data (e.g. sales history) in real-time, and, based on that information can provide access to anywhere between $500 and $50,000 in ten minutes or less. Service is easy, secure, and automated.


  • Approvals happen in 7 minutes! - Over 80% of merchants who are selling $1K per month get approved.
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  • Customers' data is safe and secure.

  • - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website.

    Lunar Pages Web Hosting. Highly recommended. We have been use them for for many years (at least eight) with no noticeable down-time, at least none that's affected our stats. Lunar Pages is now offering a discount on a service we like and use: