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    2013 Snake Year Fortunes for the Dog

    Feb. 10, 2013 - Jan. 30, 2014: Water Snake Year

    By Peter Allsop

    Author's book: Year of the Snake: Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide

    Dog is the Eleventh Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the faithful and respected dog. Are you 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 17th February 2018 and 6th February 2019 (Dog Year's end)? Do partners, friends, relatives or colleagues, parents or children fall into this category? Answer 'yes' and this article is for you.

    The Dog

    Years of the DOG:

    1910 Metal; 1922 Water; 1934 Wood; 1946 Fire; 1958 Earth; 1970 Metal; 1982 Water; 1994 Wood; 2006 Fire; 2018 Metal.

    Famous Dogs Include

    Madonna, George W. Bush, Naomi Campbell, Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Andre Agassi, Claudia Schiffer, Mariah Carey, Winston Churchill, David Bowie, Sharon Stone, Bill Clinton and Prince William.


    Dogs are helpful, trustworthy, caring and reliable individuals. Usually possessing good listening skills, Dogs are willing to stand up for the rights of others. Dogs make loyal and perceptive friends due to their intelligence and insightful natures.

    Given to mood swings, sensitive and emotional Dogs would benefit from being more assertive and rational. Dogs can appear stubborn or obstinate at times as they prefer direct action to polite socialized activities.

    Ideal Dog Careers and Occupations Include:

    Law, Education, Politics, Law Enforcement, Security, Civil Service, Nursing, Counseling, Science and Social Work.


    Dogs find those born under the Signs of the Horse and Tiger most compatible in relationship terms and are least compatible with Dragons and Roosters.

    Fortunes of the Dog in Snake Year 2013-14

    Snake Year financial prospects for Dogs are excellent. This is an ideal time to start a new career or to launch a new business; however, Dogs should strive to control their temper and avoid angry outbursts whenever possible.

    Dogs should also tread carefully and watch their health during this period to prevent accidents. Be particularly vigilant about catching contagious diseases.

    In relationship terms, there is little happening for Dogs this year as incompatibility hampers any advances on this front.

    The Dog in Chinese Culture and Tradition: Fu Dogs

    Fu Dogs or 'Lion Dogs' sometimes referred to as 'Temple Lions' may have been originally bred to fight the once prolific Asian Lion (which only survives nowadays in India in small numbers). Associated with the Shih-Tzu Breed, these usually come in pairs; the Female holds down a cub with one paw while the Male pins down a ball of flesh in similar fashion.

    Pairs of Fu Dogs have been used as Feng Shui good-luck and protection symbols in China for centuries. These should be displayed in doors and windows or similar openings with Female to the right, and Male to the left facing outwards.

    Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed. publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine' free online. Peter's interests include Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Doaism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology, along with gem and crystal Feng Shui. Explore resources at or As a Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong, Peter teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong as a Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor.