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    2013 Snake Year Fortunes for the Tiger

    Feb. 10, 2013 - Jan. 30, 2014: Water Snake Year

    By Peter Allsop

    Author's book: Year of the Snake: Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide

    Chinese Astrology's 3rd Sign, terrific Tiger's Snake Year 2013-14 fortunes are elusive in terms of business, health and relationships as this horoscope reveals.

    Are You a Tiger?

    Was your birth year the Third Sign of the Chinese Zodiac? If you were 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 14th January 2010 and 3rd February 2011 (Tiger Year's end), or if you know of a baby born then, or have partners, friends, relatives, colleagues, children or parents falling into this category, then this article is for you!

    The Tiger

    Tiger Years:

    1902 Water; 1914 Wood; 1926 Fire; 1938 Earth; 1950 Metal; 1962 Water; 1974 Wood; 1986 Fire; 1998 Earth; 2010 Metal

    Famous Tigers Include

    Demi Moore, Dwight Eisenhower, Karl Marx, Agatha Christie, Marilyn Monroe, Roberta Flack, Frederick Forsyth, Jodie Foster, Steven Chow, Sir Alec Guinness, Natalie Wood, Michelle Yeoh and Beatrix Potter.


    Warm, sympathetic, romantic, sensitive, sentimental, generous, and humorous, Tigers can also be unreasonable and selfish. Hot-tempered Tigers should strive to control this aspect of their personality.

    As they are unpredictable, when Tigers are 'down' or moody, it can be hard work trying to cheer them up. Tigers are incorrigible optimists at times and are also exceedingly competitive, outgoing and expressive individuals.

    Ideal Tiger Careers and Occupations Include:

    Travel and Tourism, Advertising, Leadership and management roles, Self-employment (impulsive tendencies in this field need curbing though), Performing Arts, Literature and Driving Jobs, Tigers are capable of 'juggling' several jobs simultaneously.


    Tigers are most compatible with those born under the Signs of the Dog and Horse and least compatible with Oxen and Goats.

    Fortunes of the Tiger in Snake Year 2013-14

    'Running harder to stay in the same place' sums up Tigers' career and wealth prospects for the year. Your returns will not be as great as the effort you put in to acquire them. Study your bank balance and general performance carefully. Avoid gambling and financial speculation.

    Romantically, that 'special' relationship will continue to elude you no matter how you try, so patience is required on this front. Health-wise, Tiger fortunes are mixed with good health in the first half of the year and the possibility of ailments caused by overindulgence in the later half. So watch your food and drink intake.

    Yin Black Water Snake Year 2013

    Some Water-related issues e.g. those associated with wealth and communications should continue and even intensify during this period as Yin Water replaces the Yang mode of the previous Dragon Year 2012.

    Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed. publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine' free online. Peter's interests include Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Doaism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology, along with gem and crystal Feng Shui. Explore resources at or As a Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong, Peter teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong as a Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor.