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    GEMINI (May 20 - June 20)

    Yearly Horoscope for 2015 - 2016

    By Barbara Goldsmith

    Last Year's Horoscope


    Uranus is still in a favourable trine to your sign until 2019. This brings you new opportunities, success at selling and negotiating, a positive social life and exciting new ideas and possibilities. Neptune is still square to your Sun until 2026 while Saturn will be opposite your Sun until 2017. It is more vital than ever before to be honest, up-front and direct in all your dealings with other people. Make sure you stand up for what is important to you and that you don't back down for the sake of a peaceful life or not to rock the boat. There is the possibility of deception and betrayal around you, so as long as your word is your bond and your actions are in alignment with who you are, you will not be harmed by this aspect.

    Career and Money

    This will be a year of taking on increased responsibilities in your work. It's a time to stretch yourself and not to stay within a certain comfort zone. This is the perfect year to go back to school and study for more qualifications to improve your career situation.

    This is a time when you can have great success, but you have to be on the alert and make sure you are not making silly mistakes. Make sure you pay attention to the details and that you don't allow your impatience for results to cause you to be careless along the way.

    Make sure you don't over-commit yourself and take on more than you can chew. If you do, this will cause problems down the line, not only for your health, but also with your interactions with the people around you.

    If you are careful to only take on what you know you can accomplish, you will be very successful. You will, however, be tempted to take on more and more because there will be lots of exciting possibilities and you will attract your attention. Make sure you don't spread yourself too thin and then end up not accomplishing very much at all.

    If you have your own business, make sure you don't take on more than you can handle. Your health could be in jeopardy if you are not listening to your body and resting when it is telling you that it needs rest. Don't keep on overriding these messages or you could end up with something that becomes a chronic condition that is much harder to shake off in the long run.

    Try to keep a balance between your work and your play. If this is in balance, your mind can come up with some amazing solutions that no one else could have dreamed up. This can be very lucrative for you and can bring considerable extra income your way. Keep your mind fresh and your body rested, don't take on too much and this can be an excellent year for you both in your career and financially.

    If you are a writer, speaker, trainer, coach, salesperson, this promises to be a great year ahead.

    Financially, it looks as though you can earn a very good income this year and you will be very persuasive if you are involved in sales and negotiations. However, you can also lose great sums of money if you are not paying attention to the details and if you don't deliver what you have promised. It would be best to over-estimate the time it will take you to perform certain tasks and to err on the cautious side this year, you will do very well.

    This is not a great year for anything speculative. If someone else is managing your finances, make sure you understand what they are doing and if you don't then read and research it because you could end up losing money if you are not careful. If your intuition is telling you that you should move your business elsewhere, do it. Don't delay and ignore these messages. They could be very valuable in helping you to maintain and increase your financial security.

    Your best time for business and professional activities is from January 1st - 21st and again from November 10th until the end of the year. You can be more pro-active during these times and achieve positive results.

    The most important business or career decisions are most likely between May 5th and June 27th.

    Relationships and Love

    During the first half of the year you will be popular and charismatic. You're attractive and people will be drawn to you. You have an extraordinary ability to make people laugh and to be the life and soul of the occasion. This would be a good time to go on a course where you can meet like-minded people and where you can have interesting conversations that can lead to new friendships.

    During the second half of the year, you may need to be honest about a relationship. Is it over? Do you need to share something that has been on your mind for a while and that you haven't wanted to bring up for fear of a conflict? Is there anything unpleasant that you are avoiding and sweeping under the carpet? I's time for complete honesty and you will be able to salvage an important relationship if you want.

    You may be feeling that there are too many demands being made of you in your relationships. You may need to take a break from a particular relationship so that you can get a new perspective on the situation.

    There could be issues with trust in a relationship. You might be feeling betrayed and disappointed. Make sure you don't run away from it, but that you face the situation.

    If however, you have been completely honest, you haven't avoided difficult conversations and your integrity is intact, then it is unlikely you will face these issues of disillusionment in your relationships.

    You will continue to be charming and attractive all year. People are naturally attracted to you and they want to be your friend. If you are single and looking for love, there could be a new love relationship this year. If you are happily in an existing relationship, there could be children or even grandchildren arriving on the scene.

    Your best times for love and romance are from January 3rd to 28th, April 11th to May 8th and from November 10th to December 5th.

    Also, check out Barbara's 2015 Video Horoscope for Gemini. (Approximately 15 minutes long)

    Barbara Goldsmith, professional astrologer for over 30 years, gives personal readings to clients worldwide. She has a loyal following on You Tube with her free monthly horoscopes. Author of Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, and Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Also a qualified financial adviser, she brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge and her practical business experience. Contact Barbara at

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