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Astrology Forecast for January 2015

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon


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    General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

    Mars will be a very active and rather unhappy planet this month, and it will be time for Mercury to begin his retrograde thing. Even with a few bumps from Mars and Mercury, we should find that most of January will be pretty average. The New Moon this month will be a super New Moon, and it may encourage new beginnings for many. But, Mercury will be turning retrograde the day after, and it is likely that the "Trickster" will foul those new starts. It will be a good month for saving and planning, but we should probably wait until the February New Moon before we initiate any big changes.

    The new year will begin on a Thursday with Mars and Jupiter at odds. These two can encourage over-spending and over doing it in other ways, so it will be very important to practice moderation on this New Year's Day. The Sun will be agitating the Uranus-Pluto square, and Venus and Mercury will be preparing to make the jump from Capricorn to Aquarius as the weekend of January 2nd begins. Tempers could be hot, and accidents will be likely on Friday and Saturday, and things may not improve much on Sunday, January 4th with the Cancer Moon reaching Full that evening. People will be emotional and some could even become rather shocking.

    Peace should return as the week of January 5th begins, and it should turn out to be a very uneventful week - maybe even boring. The Moon will enter Leo on Tuesday morning, encouraging us to take it easy, and she will remain in Leo until Thursday night.

    The weekend of January 9th begins under the busy Virgo Moon. Friday and Saturday will be excellent days for cleaning and scrubbing and getting down to the details of any project. The Moon will enter Libra on Sunday morning, and our minds may turn to beauty. After all the cleaning, we may decide it's time for a little redecorating. It will also be a great day for socializing, face to face and on the internet.

    Mars will enter Pisces early Monday morning as the week of January 12th begins. Many of us will want to focus our energy on creative and spiritual matters. But, Mars will also be approaching a square with Saturn that will peak on Thursday. We may find duty is being forced upon us no matter how much we want to create beautiful things. In another part of the zodiac, Mercury and Venus will be shaking hands with Uranus, and this could help to sooth some of our frustrations this week.

    The Moon will be in bright and sparkly Sagittarius as the weekend of January 16th begins, but it may take until afternoon before we experience that Sagittarius optimism. Many of us will be ready to get out and wander following the Sagittarius mood, but some will go to extremes. Mars will be approaching another bad aspect, this time with Neptune, and this will encourage impractical behaviors, especially with our money and our energy. And, that impracticality may turn into an attempt at over-achieving on Sunday after the Moon enters Capricorn. Think before you spend, and don't be afraid to stop and relax.

    Mars and Neptune will be hitting the peak of their conflicts as the week of January 19th begins on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so Monday could be another wasted day if we don't temper our impulses. But, we will encounter that Super New Moon in Aquarius I mentioned above on Tuesday. It will actually be a good day to launch a new project so long as we do it within a half hour before or and after the New Moon, and as long as the project was begun before January 17th when Mercury's retrograde storm began. Mercur's retrograde will begin on Wednesday morning, so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will all be days for Mercury related problems, like computer crashes, equipment breaking-down, travel detours and delays, and even empty promises from others. The Moon will enter Pisces on Thursday morning, and we may decide to get back to some of those creative projects.

    The weekend of January 23rd looks pretty sweet. Those creative projects we began on Thursday will probably continue into Friday. It will also be a great day for helping others and spiritual connections. The Moon will enter "me first" Aries on Saturday morning, and we may really want to start something new, but again beware of Mercury, the Trickster. Many will feel bold, feisty, and impulsive, but stress could also be increasing. Don't be afraid to take a stand this weekend, but keep your goals reasonable.

    The week of January 26th will begin with the Moon entering steady and methodical Taurus on Monday. The Taurus Moon will keep us on an even kilter, and she will remind us to appreciate the beauty in our lives. Venus will enter Pisces on Tuesday morning. This will increase our artistic cravings even more, and she will increase sensitivity. Cruelty may be exposed on this day. The Moon will enter busy Gemini on Wednesday evening, and many will want to talk. We will probably be ready to tackle big problems as the week ends with Mars approaching a positive aspect to Pluto, but in our effort to get things done we may get harsh with our words because of an argument between Venus and Saturn. Think before you speak.

    Mercury will be crossing in front of the Sun as the weekend of January 30th begins. This could signal original ideas coming from our subconscious. Write down those ideas, but do not act on them just yet. The Moon will be in Cancer as the month ends on Saturday, January 31st, and we may want to spend some extra time at home.

    We have a super Full Moon and another super New Moon coming in February. Mercury's retrograde will be ending a few days before Valentine's Day, but we will still be in the storm. Valentine's Day may be a big let-down for some. Check back next month to find out more.

    Author Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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