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    Astrology Forecast for The Solar Eclipse in March 2015

    By Barbara Goldsmith


    Barbara Goldsmith photo

    On March 20th, the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Endings at this time are usually permanent with no going back.

    Allow the old to pass away so that you can start fresh, because just 13 hours later, the Sun goes into Aries and the Spring Equinox begins.

    Pisces rules compassion and caring for others: putting yourself into another person's shoes.

    Another burning learning from the break-up of the relationship has shown me that it is important not to depend on one person for most of your love, attention and care. I trusted this person with my heart and soul, and because I put so much effort and focus into the relationship, I had not cultivated any other really deep relationships over the years.

    In retrospect, this is a fatal error. At the time of the separation, I felt I had no one else I could talk to.

    In the end, I am extremely grateful for an organisation that by its very name is Piscean: the Samaritans.

    One night, on the very darkest of days, I spoke to the most wonderful man, Stuart, who simply listened and helped me to find peace. His love, compassion and caring came through loud and clear, and from that night onward began the start of my healing process.

    ANOTHER BURNING LEARNING from the relationship break up: know when it's time to let go. Know when something is past its sell-by date. Don't let something fester until it becomes so huge that you have to cut someone dead.

    And now, as I try to complete all the entanglements I still have with this person: financial, business, personal...I know it's important to let it go. Not to hold on. Not to try to have a different result. To know that we each need to be free.

    ANOTHER GREAT PERSPECTIVE shared by one of you: the 3D relationship is over, but the soul connection is always there. That is so very soothing.

    Pisces is all about surrender. When I think of Pisces, I think of BEING. Not doing, but being.

    During this Total Eclipse in Pisces, allow yourself to be, to relax, to kick back and to accept your life exactly as it is. And know that just a few hours later, you can start taking action.

    Where does it fall in your chart? What do you need to surrender and let go of to make space for something new and better to come into your life?

    Thank you to so many of you for your outpouring of love and concern. Many of you shared your own stories and experiences and even a few jokes which definitely cheered me up.

    Within a few days I started to feel so much better and I know that all your positive thoughts made a huge difference.

    Here's the video forecast:

    Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 2015

    And I shall close with the some of the words the Beatles song LET IT BE, because they so aptly describe the energy of this eclipse in Pisces:

    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    And in my hour of darkness
    She is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be...

    With love and light,

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