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    Guardian Angels, Birth Guides and Spirit Runners

    By Nicole Lanning

    Guardian angels, birth guides and spirit runners -- what are all of these things?

    I have been working with my own personal angel, guides and runners for as long as I can remember. I was born with a wonderful gift, as a lot of us are, but was fortunate enough to have my gift developed and enhanced throughout my lifetime.

    All of these different types of spirit forms can come in and out of our lives at any given time. We are all born with at least two different birth guides. Some are born with even a few more depending on their spiritual and life path that is chosen. These birth guides are yours, and yours alone. They work only with you and the spiritual realm to help you on your physical pathway through life as well as keep open lines of communication between you and the spirit realm. Each birth guide has its own job in your life. You may have one that is more of a protector role. You may have one that is more of nurturing role. Each and every one is different, just as we are.

    Guardian angels are here to watch over and protect us on our physical existence in this Earthly plane. They are the ones who step in just at the right time when accidents happen or things come out just by the skin of our teeth and we sit back and wonder how. It is because of our guardian angels.

    Spirit runners, or runner guides as some others refer to them, are like temporary guides who come into our life for a specific reason. Maybe we need some extra energy protection in our life at a certain point, or maybe some extra guidance or help in a love area. These are the spirit runners who come and usher in their expertise of this area when it is needed most. As soon as this area of our life has been resolved and completed they leave as quickly as they came in. Runners can also be with more then one person at one time, just as angels can be.

    So how do we get in contact with them? Great question! Start with meditation, as quieting the mind is a wonderful way to start opening yourself up to them.

    Look for signs as well. Literally ask a question that you are wanting the answer to, whether it be out-loud or in your mind, and wait and watch for signs to show you the way!

    Opening yourself up energetically is another great way for ascension purposes that you make stronger communication links between you and your guides, angels and runners.

    So take a step back and see what signs are being shown and ask for help and make as much with your communication with them as you can, as they are here to help us!

    Many Blessings and Love and Light

    Nicole Lanning.

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