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    The Astrological Compatibility of
    John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston

    By Eric Hughes

    Since John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are one of the hottest couples currently in Hollywood, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what planetary factors contributed to their break-up and then their subsequent decision to give their relationship another chance.

    First of all, I must say that despite my initial cynical thoughts about them as a couple, they actually do have a lot of positive planetary configurations together. Their astrology charts combine to form many of the classic compatibility factors that indicate a very solid understanding of one another. On the other hand, they also have some very challenging configurations that are more stressful for them than most people due to their high public profiles.

    Let's start off by looking at the positive features.

    In a compatibility chart, we need to start off by looking at how they relate to each other mentally, physically (attraction wise), and emotionally. We start off by looking at the most obvious feature of the astrology chart which is the sun sign of each person.

    He has his sun in Libra and hers is in Aquarius. They are both Air Signs that are both at 23 degrees. This gives them an exact (perfect) trine which is very harmonious. This indicates that both of them are thinkers, talkers, and very cerebral. They have a mutual love of the exchange of thoughts and ideals. This is an excellent indicator of compatibility on the most basic level. No matter what happens between them, they should always be able to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings to each other effectively. Why? The reason is that they are both natural communicators.

    Next up, we need to look at the Sun and Moon combinations. This will show us if the outward personality (sun) is in synch with the emotional nature (moon) of the other person. As just mentioned, John Mayer has his sun in Libra at 23 degrees. Jennifer Aniston has her moon in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. Once again, this gives us an exact aspect except this time it is a sextile. A sextile is a positive aspect that is generally thought to be a bit weaker than the trine. While this may be true to some measure, a sextile produces a feeling of excitement, curiosity, and fascination with each other.

    This aspect makes them perpetually excited and enthusiastic to be with each other. Since Libra is an Air sign and Sagittarius is a Fire sign they are quite naturally compatible because his ideas are a source of inspiration and joy to her. Likewise, her abundant natural optimism gives him a strong sense of encouragement. The dynamic created here is that of a solid friendship where both people are able to easily relate to the feelings and needs of the other.

    Interestingly enough, this sextile aspect just described is doubly reinforced due to that fact that Jennifer's Sun in Aquarius makes a sextile to his Moon in Aquarius. This sextile isn't nearly as strong as the previous one; however the energy is still there in action for both people to feel. The basic vibe of this relationship thus far is one of a very strong "you can always count on me" friendship quality to it.

    Next up, we need to look at the moon placement for each person. Jennifer has her moon in Sagittarius at 23 degrees and John has his at 14 degrees also in Sagittarius. This produces a conjunction between their moons. This is highly significant. This means that on an emotional level they both have a yearning for freedom, exploration, adventure, and good old-fashioned fun. They both need heavy doses of these things to feel the most alive and in a word-happy.

    Now, let's move on to Venus and Mars and see how these planets come into play. Venus and Mars create the dynamic physical attraction that is so necessary in successful relationships. The Venus of one person needs to be in aspect to the Mars of the other and preferably in a harmonious aspect like a conjunction, trine, or sextile. In this relationship, Jennifer has her Mars in Scorpio and John has his Venus in Virgo. This creates another sextile; however in this case the sextile is somewhat weak. This means that there is a definite physical attraction between them, but there is some kind of adaptability going on.

    What I'm saying is that if this aspect was a trine, the feeling upon first meeting would be "Wow, who IS this and why haven't we met sooner"! Whereas a sextile feeling would be one where one person would find the other attractive and feel comfortable around the other person, but it wouldn't have the same knock your socks off kind of feeling that a trine has.

    When the question of relationship longevity comes into focus we see a powerful trine between John's Saturn in Aries and Jennifer's Moon in Sagittarius. This is a solid aspect giving the relationship a durability that gives each person the feeling that the other will always be there for them.

    Lastly, we have one of the most significant aspects with John's Mercury and Sun in Libra conjunct Jennifer's rising sign (ascendant) in Libra. This is particularly noteworthy because it indicates that John and Jennifer truly identify with each other. They tend to have viewpoints, thinking processes, opinions, and instincts that blend perfectly with each other.

    O.k., now let's look at some of the more challenging aspects to balance out this picture.

    First of all, John's moon is square Jennifer's Pluto. Interestingly enough, the reverse is also true; John's Pluto is square Jennifer's Moon. So what we see here is that this aspect is doubly reinforced. This is a truly intense aspect that makes each person magnetically drawn to the other on an emotional and sexual level. The passion felt here is red hot and never dull, but this aspect also gives each person a feeling of emotional vulnerability. There is a certain rawness to the nerves here where feelings of competitiveness and possessiveness are experienced. Some of the darker feelings will feel a bit irrational to each person, but the main objective here is an emotional transformation for each person. There mutual energies are forcing these two to either descend into jealous and petty bickering, fighting just for the sake of their egos OR they can choose to rise above the need to feed their egos and instead focus on a healthy and loving form of communication.

    Even though these two do appreciate each other, they also seem to take each other for granted and/or can be self-indulgent with one's needs over those of the other. This is symbolized by Jennifer's Moon in Sagittarius square John's Venus in Virgo. This aspect's main purpose is for each person to learn the art of compromise, negotiation, and cooperation.

    Alright, I have saved worst aspect for last here to discuss. Jennifer's Saturn in Aries is square John's Mars in Cancer. This can be an extremely frustrating aspect that usually means that they tend to strongly disagree on certain major issues going on in their lives. This will usually result in one person wanting to leap into action while the other person would much rather take a much more cautious approach. This can leave one person feeling seriously restricted and irritated and the other feeling like he/she was being pushed into doing something they didn't want to do and feeling quite angry about it. As a side-note they may also experience some irritating sexual frustrations due to either their timing being off or there might be criticism of the approach or technique of one person.

    Eric Hughes is an Astrological Consultant who compassionately enables people to understand themselves on a deep spiritual level.

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