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Pisces and Biochemical Cell Salts

By Ellis Peterson

Ferrum Phosphate is the Cell Salt for Pisces

February 20 until March 21 is the time of Pisces. Pisces pertains physiologically to the feet. It is concerned with enemies, prisons, hospitals, limitations, the sea, water and all places of confinement. Why places of confinement? The word March is from the Latin Margo, meaning boundary, confine, border, edge.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and marks the boundary of the Zodiacal circle.

Ferrum Phosphate, the cell-salt for Pisces attracts Oxygen into the lungs. It starts life, the breathing process in children.

Pisces as the last sign is the foundation on which the entire body rests. With good feet you can go far. Metaphysically, Pisces relates to understanding. When you understand, you can travel far mentally.

Pisces stands for the the end of things. Pisces is interpreted as confinement. It is the bottom. Below this no one is able to go. It is time to begin work building a better vehicle.

A new incarnation means the work must be taken where it was left off. Another school day has begun.

Pisces, then stands for the end of a cycle of spiritual existence beyond the veil and the entrance of a Spirit into a new body. Reincarnation will take place again and again until the task of perfecting the body is complete.

Man breathes, easily, freely, fully, unconsciously when there is no deficiency in iron (Ferrum Phosphate.) Deficiency in Ferrum Phosphate causes oppression or Depression.

Neptune is the positive ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the highest and finest force in the Universe. It represents perfection and purity. The negative interpretation of Pisces is deceit.

The symbol of Pisces is the fish, an old and sacred symbol. Fish are symbols of corpuscles, life-forces in the body. As the fluids in the body become depleted in iron, the corpuscles (fishes) slowly suffocate. Ferrum Phosphate stops this suffocation and putrefication. It carries oxygen, the breath of life to the blood. Where strength and firmness are required, iron is used.

Pisces and Enemies

The corpuscles or fish in the blood are either harmonious (health) or not. Diseased corpuscles in the blood stream constitute true enemies of the body. The more diseased corpuscles, the more negative action of the brain. They become more distorted and chaotic. The need for prisons, hospitals and sanitariums.

With the right amount of iron in the blood, and in the cells of the brain, one is not upset by any thing. One lacking in strength, power, firmness and endurance is very deficient in iron. Without a proper balance of iron in the blood, health cannot be sustained, and a lack of Ferrum Phosphate causes fevers.

A few symptoms due to the lack of Ferrum Phosphate are: rush of blood to the head, delirium, congestion of the brain, dizziness, emotional unbalance or insanity, headaches, all fevers, inflamed gums, very red tongue, incontinence of urine, sore pain over the kidneys, lumbago, sore ligaments, and palpitation of the heart.

The cell-salt Ferrum Phosphate is needed by Pisces. But it is also required by every one since iron allows the healing spirit to enter the blood.

To Love your enemies, may mean to understand the presence of enemy cells or corpuscles within our own selves. They must be found out and Astro-Biochemistry applied to heal them.

I use and recommend Hyland's Homeopathic Cell Salt tablets.

Ellis Peterson is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years.

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