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    Your Personal Month Forecast

    November 2015

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    By Lynn Buess MA, EdS


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    How to Determine Your Personal Year for This Year 2015

    Add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 8 (the number of the universal year 2015).

    For example:

    March 3 is 3+3+8=14=1+4=5 personal year.

    Or October 4 is 1+0+4+8=13=1+3=4 personal year.

    December 25 is 1+2+2+5+8=18=1+8=9 personal year.

    Don't like math? Use Kwynn Buess's Numerology Calculator to figure out your Personal Year.

    Your November 2015 Numerology Forecast

    If you are in a 1 personal year

    You are struck with some cool inspirations about how to get ahead in your workplace. The idea is good, and the time is not quite right. Do not be impatient, but plan now and carefully collect the facts and skills that you will need to excel. A social gathering places you in a situation to meet some people who have been successful in their own way. You get some further insights and you could make a couple important connections. A luxury item that you have wished for may come on sale soon at a price within your range.

    You will placed into a situation now that will require letting go of what you thought to be essential. This might include material commodities, outworn ideas and thinking, or perhaps entangled relationships, for example. The forgiveness principle becomes more important to your life and those around you. A move could be in store soon. If something is weighing you down rather than lightening your load, this can be a clue to what might be best discarded. With weight loss on all levels comes lighter consciousness on all levels.

    If you are in a 2 personal year

    You may consider doing some revision of your image from within and without. Dress, hairstyle and posture are all important, and alterations will bring benefits. Some adjustments in your attitude also will become significant when you meet the situation soon that is going reveal a grand opportunity for progress in your chosen direction. Your humor, wit and wisdom can shine now, and the lightness attracts likeness.

    Psychic experiences and contact with the supernatural are commonplace to the attuned now, as the intergalactic increase in consciousness touches all of creation and its sentient beings. You can get some internal answers and information that is of personal benefit and can be offered to others who are ready. The forgiveness principle becomes more important to your life and those around you.

    If you are in a 3 personal year

    You find yourself experiencing some confusion and reservations about the consistency of your own consciousness. You feel that you have accomplished much in your personal growth and spiritual progress. With all of this there are some nagging questions as to where you really are in your journey. You are shown levels of the unconscious that still hide dark and negative karmic memories that cause you to live in denial and fear. You have accomplished some excellent clearing sessions and are very close to a breakout into yet a higher strata of perception.

    Perhaps you are torn between wanting your freedom and wanting a committed relationship. You may be reluctant to get more involved with a possible partner because of this fear. Perhaps you can have both your freedom and a commitment with partner. Before you mistakenly let go of what could be a good thing, you might want to be open with partner about what you want and let partner reveal what partner wants. It is very possible you are both wanting so much in common that you can work it out to the delight of both parties.

    If you are in 4 personal year

    Sometimes a well timed retreat is the best strategy if you want to advance. Many of you will be reappraising your life direction at this time. What appears to you to be delays in your well laid plans may be an unrecognized opportunity of the soul. Your previous plans may very well have been well laid, and yet, perhaps the universe has a greater Plan. As things become clearer you will look back at this moment and recognize the meaning of the entire sequence of events. You have an opportunity to make an investment in a new direction of your life. The secret revolves around trust in the universe, timing and preparedness.

    Use the magnetic and ethereal aura that you emanate to best advantage. Don't reveal too much too soon with your potential new associates. Your reputation and element of intrigue work in your favor. Timing and refinement of a presentation are very important and sometime around the third or fourth week you are struck with an uproaringly funny notion than can be worked into the text with enthusiastic response.

    If you are in 5 personal year

    Perhaps you are still running away from a childhood that was extremely inhibited and constantly under excessive parental control. Perhaps you are rebelling against lost opportunities and lack of freedom you felt you should have had when you were younger. Perhaps you are a child of creation that still rebels against your Source because your ego does not believe it has gotten its just dues. You have come to realize the rebellion is not necessarily a sign of independence. Perhaps it is time for reconciliation and accord of spirt and soul.

    You may feel guilty when you are having fun, and resentful when you take things so seriously and can't have any fun. You still harbor residual rebellious anger from past karmic experiences. The good news is that you are starting to let go of anger and assume a more joyful way of living. You are now becoming more able to live free and have fun. Earth was once a delightful playground. You are once again finding the joy of living.

    If you are in a 6 personal year

    This can be a troubling or brilliant month of self discovery. As this month progresses you are subject to moments of both wisdom and discovery along with pride and conceit. You feel sometimes that you belong to a rarified elitist group with a great mission in life. Some of these feelings are probably coming from the soul level. Many of these feelings are getting distorted passing through the ego. As you sort out the difference you will have much joy of heart going about your mission. It is often difficult to see ego distortion when such distortion grips the entire group.

    With adroitness and good timing this can be a most rewarding time for you. Money owed to you can arrive in the most unusual and surprising manner. Do a thorough check of your investment holdings, as this could be the time to divest some of your options and consider alternative investment options. You may feel impelled to check an old contract or possibly a personal loan to make sure that all is in order. Possible flashbacks or scenes from other times and lives brings insight into your present behavior and potential. You are at the threshold of a major metamorphosis.

    If you are in a 7 personal year

    You are curious and stimulated by spiritual events rapidly unfolding. You have journeyed to many places in the outer world and now your journey takes an inward spiral. You now have more time to explore the inner world of higher consciousness. You are fascinated observing the route that higher light takes as it comes into the human mind and body. You study old texts and more contemporary theories in an attempt to better grasp various modalities of the healing process. Physician, heal thyself: and then you will become effective in healing others.

    Many of you have been haunted by strange dreams and eerie episodes of imagination. Perhaps you have seen visions of angels or great light beings. Perhaps you just feel like your imagination has gone amuck. Very likely you are being bombarded by new archetypal energies coming in now. The combination of celestial input and human transformation is touching both the lower subconscious and higher Self. It might help to keep your journal updated and seek like souls with whom you can share and decipher these important messages.

    If you are in an 8 personal year

    You find yourself strengthening your inner connection and you are able to plan and make decisions with greater confidence and ease. The circumstances you must face are not easy to do because it involves other people with their own destinies and personal issues. However, you are clear about what you must do and you move decisively and dramatically to get back in control of your outer, as well as, inner life. You gain access to information that will reshape your life perspective. You are steady within yourself and thus maintain a stable life pattern even amid the less stable social environment.

    Your mind is active exploring the meaning of connections with realms that seem vastly beyond the minds conceptual ability. Financial matters and dealing directly with family matters keeps you grounded and resigned to the here and now. You will be making decisions that will have long range impact upon the direction that you will be heading. Faraway places have greater interest as you are encountering limitations in your present environment. This can include VERY far away places.

    If you are in a 9 personal year

    Many of will be giving up a part of your life that is not working favorably any longer. By the end of this year it will be easier for you to see how to do that. Your recent path of self empowerment has left you feeling more self reliant and less dependent upon social infrastructure to provide you with assistance. You will be making decisions that will have long range impact upon the direction that you will be heading. You are privy to information at this time the nature of which will both shock you and confirm things that you have felt to be true but could not previously confirm. Perhaps you had become fixated upon one central issue and decisions revolving around it. Suddenly you have multiple options and the confusion that comes with multiple choices. The best of the most will filter its way out soon and you will see a different picture of where your life is heading. You are coming into a different circle of associates. Powerful new allegiances will be formed.

    About The Author
    Lynn Buess, MA, EdS has been leading seekers into a deeper study and exploration of numerology for over fifty years. He brings a unique background to the understanding of numerology and the wellness process of self growth. The year 2014 marks his 40th year as a published author. During his earlier years he studied multiple theories of esoteric and metaphysical subjects including eastern religion and philosophies, reincarnation, astrology, and yoga to mention a few. His academic years in pursuit of three degrees in Psychology took him into humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology and parapsychology studies as well. Lynn's Website is

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