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    PayPal or Skrill

    You will need Skrill for many online gambling casinos. PayPal will not allow many gambling sites to accept PayPal. However, when it is available to players, it can be among the very best ways to transfer money to an online casino.

    If you using an e-wallet for internet gambling you'll need Skrill.



  • Using Skrill to pay online at a retailer that accepts Skrill is free.

  • Receiving money into your Skrill account is free.

  • Send money Price: 1.45%
    Min. Fee: GBP 0.43
    Send to bank account: Free
    No fee when you use the Skrill money transfer service to send directly to a bank account.

    If you do not use your Skrill account for 12 months and keep a balance in it, you will be charged a monthly service fee of 5 Euro (or account currency equivalent).

    The fee will be deducted monthly from the available funds in your account until your balance is zero. Skrill will not charge your credit card or bank account and will not cause your account to go into a negative balance.

    To avoid being charged a service fee, simply sign in to your Skrill account or make a transaction.


  • Flat rate per transaction.
    2.9% + $0.30

  • International sales: 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received.

  • Buying is free for purchases in the U.S. only.

  • Selling is 2.9% + $0.30 per sale in the U.S.

    PayPal vs SKRILL:

    Pros and Cons of Each System

    Skrill was originally used for online gambling transactions. The company was initially called Moneybookers, and although gambling is still supported on Skrill, it also now includes many other products and services.

    Information below provided by Catalin Zorzini of

    Skrill PayPal
    Languages7 major European languagesMost languages
    Multiple currencies per account?Only for VIP accountsUnlimited
    Verification methodWithdraw small sum from your account.Deposit small sum to your account.
    Registration & verification time*1 day2 days
    Allowable accounts per customer12
    Charges you for:Sending moneyReceiving money
    Deposit feeFrom 0% to 7% of totalFree
    Merchant transaction fee2.99% (+ fixed amount)4.5% (+ fixed amount)
    Currency conversion fee2.99% to 3.99%Free
    Cross-border transaction feeFreeFrom 0.5% to 7.4% of total
    Dormant account fee* After after 12 monthsFree
    GamblingAllowed and encouragedRequires advance approval
    Bonus to sign up for gambling?Yes, through promotions offeredUh, no!
    Can be used to buy or sell “adult” servicesYes - they don't decide your personal morality for youNot if they know what you are buying or selling.
    Merchant acceptanceVery few merchants currently accept payments through SkrillWidely accepted but not universally.
    MasterCard Debit Card offeredAll customersOnly US customers

    * Amount of time it took us to create and verify accounts during this test. Your experience may differ.

    When you offer payment via either of these services, you're also typically able to receive payment via MasterCard or Visa (and sometimes other cards) as long as you have a merchant account. This means you do not necessarily need to have a separate payment system set up to receive credit card payments, which means you are spared the burden of PCI compliance by using these services.

    Now the one really important thing you will want to think about when making your decisions is that customers will not be happy if you're not offering their preferred payment method. This can cost you a sale. The more payment options you can offer, the more sales you will get.

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