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Psychics Answer

Where is Chandra Levy?
Chandra's body was found May 22, 2002

so now we ask,

How did she die?
Some comments below address both questions.

Chandra Levy

Feedback AFTER Chandra's body was found May 22, 2002

Debbie Hammond - October 19, 2002
I first dreamed about Chandra about the time of her death, but thought I was dreaming about my daughter who looks enough like her to be sisters. My daughter is also an Aries, exactly 1 year & 2 weeks older than Chandra.

In my first dream, she & several friends were attending a baseball or softball game in a public park. A man in a white jacket and baseball cap was sitting directly in front of her. During the game she leaned down and whispered into his right ear, saying "Guess what? I'm pregnant."

The next morning when I awoke I remembered every detail of the dream, but thought I was dreaming about one of my daughter's friends, because in the dream as I approached the bleachers where Chandra and the others were sitting, I remembered thinking 'it looks like Christie (my daughter) but it's not Christie'.

I told my daughter to tell her closest friends that one of them may be pregnant. A week or so later the news reported Chandra missing and ran a photo of her in a red sweater. I knew that she was the one I'd dreamed about. (I have a portrait of my daughter in a similar red sweater & hairstyle hanging in my hallway.)

The second dream occurred about this time with Chandra crying and walking towards me. She looked straight at me and said "That bastard killed my baby!" I said to her "He killed you, too, so what are you going to do about it?" She said "I want him to pay!" as she held up 2 fingers, which I took to mean that she wanted him to pay twice - for her & her baby.

She never mentioned the name of her killer. She told me that I had to help her and I told her that I'd try but she had to give me information. I asked her where she was. She showed me an I-85 overpass sign 20 or so miles from my hometown . It was the Rock Creek Dairy Rd. overpass sign. I took it literally and mentioned that she most likely couldn't be here in NC.

But she showed it to me again and I knew that it was significant. I started looking for towns and cities with the name Rock in it, but there were so many it would've been impossible to ascertain which one was correct.

In the third dream, she approached me with an elongated triangular rock, flat on both sides, with one corner broken off in her left hand and tapping it with her right index finger. She kept saying "Find the rock. Find the rock." I noticed it had blood on it and finger or palm prints stained into it.

I asked what the rock meant and a sharp pain went through my right temple. I knew she'd been hit in the right temple with that rock and had been dazed by the impact. She showed me that the killer had thrown it over-handed away from the crime scene.

Later, during the day on several occasions, I'd get the same stabbing pain in my right temple and knew she was reminding me to help her. I visited her web-site and wrote in to the forum about these dreams. I also e-mailed the FBI web-site in NC (my state) with the same dream info.

I know that the rock she was hit with is in Rock Creek Park. Too many details in my dreams have been verified for it to be mere coincidence. I wish that I or someone could find this rock so that any prints or blood and hair evidence could be obtained before it's too late.

I honestly believe that this could lead to her killer . I'd send this info to her parents so that their private eyes could look for it, but don't know how to contact them, which is why I contacted the Chandra Levy web-site in the first place.

Anyone living near DC interested in looking for this rock should be very careful not to contaminate any forensic evidence on it. Use gloves or tongs to place it in a plastic bag for lab testing. The rock is about 6-7 inches long at the base, about 4 inches in height from base to apex, flat on front & back, one corner broken off at one end of the base, about 1-1 1/2 inches thick,& a medium to dark gray color.

*JB* August 6, 2002
It was interesting to read the impresions. I too had impressions of two people, one who is protecting Gary Condit but who also is related to the mafia. I had felt a single shot to the back of the head, that there had been a break up previously and that she was shown a ring to get her attention. The case will be broken and it won't be the ring that the police are searching for but another ring that was given to her and which now is kept hidden as a trophy. It will be this ring that breaks the case. The murder was mafia or crime from the Modesto area that is involved in postitution and some legal business. Chandra's mother had sat down and taked to Chandra well before the event and had a heart to heart conversation with her daughter. She has suspicions that are very correct.

To PsB: I I would like to compare notes. I have more details that I did not present at your site but they are specific to the case. I would like to know if you had similar feelings.

*S* June 12, 2002
This murder was quick, clean, well planned, and in broad daylight. Mrs. Condit was visiting D.C., something that seldom happened before. This visit was intentional on his part. The site, including the deserted ravine, and it's relationship to the mansion was well scouted. As with most women expecting to hear from their lover, Chandra waited until the very last minute before leaving the apartment to turn off her line of communication, her computer. She was so anxious and eager to meet him that she double-checked her directions to the mansion in the park. She didn't want to miss seeing him. I think she had begun making demands on him, possibly because she was pregnant. He played along with her, letting her think he was ready to marry her. (The good news she mentioned to her aunt.) He knew she was too young and naive, at times she blabbed too much; she wouldn't have kept her mouth shut. I think he simply choked her, threw her down the ravine and returned to work. Not a hair out of place.

*JR* June 6, 2002:
Here are some details of my dream. Please note that the first dream occurred on May 7, 2000--one year before Chandra was killed. (I believe that is why I believed that the man in my dream was "Bear." I had not heard of (Gar)y or (Car)olyn. I have dreamed more details of the same dream. ..weird!!

OK, it starts: I am in a building that I believe is a church because of the long benches or pews. Several people are there, but my attention is focused on three men and a woman. They are wondering "if she will really show up." A side door opens and Chandra walks in looking radiant and wearing a dressy dress. The woman leaves the group and whispers to Chandra that "Bear" is here. This terrifies her and she rushes over to the bench I am sitting on and begins removing her jewelry. There are several chains and watches which she almost throws down beside me. Then she turns to run out, but turns back and removes some nice clothing so that she will look "More casual." She starts out again and comes back and takes off a vest and leaves that. She mumbles, "It will just be taken off anyway."

Next she goes to a wooded area -- but she goes there by a route that no one wold expect her to take. She peers through the trees and sees two men that she fears are "waiting for her." She runs out of that place before they see her. She goes to a phone and calls Gary's number hoping that he does NOT answer, because IF he is meeting her--then he should not be at his house. He doesn't recognize the incoming #, so he answers. She hangs up and goes on the run. She takes some means of transportation -- sometimes I dreamed she was actually on a train and all the time she is panic-stricken. She doesn't know whom she can trust and she can't go to her apartment. Finally, she calls a friend who picks her up. They drive around while he "helps" her figure out where to go. Then he suggests a place for her to hide out until he can scout around and find out what's going on.

While she is in this room, she uses the cell phone that this friend loaned her. She makes many phone calls and all of them prove to her that Gary is really going to have her killed. Then she figures out that this guy who be friended her is in on the betrayal, too. So, she says "Well, I'm going to hide this so someday-someone will find it!" (I have no idea what is in the package) Chandra then climbs upon a counter, which looks like a box turned on its side. Then she pulls a chair up on top of the counter and stands on the chair. Now she can reach a spot to hide this package. She puts the chair back in place.

Two men lead her out and I can see that each man has used a hypodermic syringe on her, but she still appears to be on her feet. In my last dream, she was crying and begging for someone to talk to the little girls who were singing: "WHITE Cross buns." She said they can describe the men. Well, besides a million small details, thats it! Doesn't it sound like the Levy case?

*DG* May 29, 2002:
There is a man in the D.C. area who is either a florist or a delivery carrier who in part delivers flowers. He had inside info on meeting arrangements between Chandra and Gary. He convinced her that Gary wanted a key to her apartment which she had made and gave to this guy. He had her meet him in the park, but she thought she was meeting Gary. He told her how to dress and what to bring. He has done this to other women in the area. Some connection to a local Catholic Church but not real clear. A lot of blue comes to sight with the church vision.

Do you have a strong sense of what happened to Chandra? Please now use our Psychics and Suspects Message Board to post instead of emailing me. I haven't been able to keep up with all the responses to include other crimes as well. The message board includes other crimes too.

Feedback BEFORE Chandra's Body was found May 22, 2002

*Caroline* July 11, 2001:
She's dead - that's what I feel when I look at her picture. So are the other women on the cover of "People" this week. I think Chandra might have been dealt a blow to the head or something first. It's like she couldn't process what was happening.

*RGJ* July 16, 2001:
She was killed by drugs. Buried under overpass in the woods next to a muddy shallow stream. Her body is wrapped in large black plastic trash bags. She is most likely in the early stages of being pregnant.

*Mona* September 4, 2001:
Here's my idea of what happened to Chandra: Chandra wants Gary caught. She is an FBI agent, after all. She wants him executed. She has more influence in heaven than Gary does in hell. A large heavy man slit her throat. From the way my head feels I would say he beat her pretty bad. She is still in physical pain -- to say the least. She is dead but she is still recovering from the slaying. That's why she hasn't been able to communicate better. She is in a lot of physical pain. It isn't true that when you die you are out of pain. She is in a lot of pain. But she is healing consistently and is not afraid.

She is so sorry and ashamed at putting her mother and father through their pain. She wants them to know this. She loves them more than even they think she does. Saying this gives her great relief. She is confident she will go to heaven thanks to the fact that they taught her how to love and she is full of love for so many people. She is a rich soul.

Joyce Chiang is with her too. She is so worried about her brother. She does not want him to fret. She doesn't want him to change from being the sweet, quiet genius that he is. "Save the world from nuclear war, my brother." She is not in pain. She resents that her life is cut short and she will not be able to make friends of the people she was destined to love in this lifetime. Chandra is not insane. (This is still Joyce talking). Chandra's (machinery/equipment) works. Chandra promises to talk to any psychic who will pray for and heal her parents.

*PsiB* July 17, 2001:
I came up with a feeling that she is located in or at the back of a park, very near to water and lying or sitting next to a tree. There is a brick building of some type nearby, maybe a 100 feet or so from her. I also could feel like there's a chain link fence around the park. It reminded me of a baseball field. She is on the outside of the fence on a downward slope near water. There is some type of sidewalk or walkway nearby to her. I also had the image of a gun. I could not get anything else; I'll keep trying.

*Judy* July 27, 2001:
I've experienced intuition/psychic dreams for the past 15 years of my life. I'm only 23. I dreamt of a girl being disposed of in a garbage truck. There was a cat involved. It was a cover up/accident, not an intentional thing, more of a panic frenzy to cover up. I couldn't really see the girl's face but when the headlines of her disappearance were aired, I was overwhelmed with strong deja-vu. God knows.

*JT* October 17, 2001:
I always felt from the beginning that she was killed by somone that Gary Condit hired, maybe even his brother. I feel that Condit was involved in some scheme where he was getting "blood money", so to speak -- kickbacks, blackmarket, payoffs, money laundering, and that Chandra knew about it and was going to spill the beans. There is a lot of political corruption in Washington and she was going to do something about it, that was her mission. Yes, I do believe that she really worked for the FBI. I believe she is not only near water but in the water, the Potomac River. If you'll notice that's an area that hasn't been searched.

*J. Ledyard* October 22, 2001
1. Chandra knew something about the Oklahoma City Bombing coverup. Remember, Condit was orginally from Oklahoma and was on the secret commitee to investigate the bombing. Chandra worked in the Federal Bureau of Prison's front office and had access to all McVies records.

2. She disappeared right around the time that the FBI located those 3000 so-called "non-essential" documents and there was a great rush to execute McVie before he could talk.

3. I feel her around water. The Chesapeake Bay? The 'ole cement shoes they say in the movies.

*Rafael* November 25, 2001
I think she is in the water, and the person responsible was born under the sign of Scorpio.

*Rusty A* - January 4, 2002.
Yes, I have seen her in some of the dreams. She is near trees, Birch trees, that are close to where she used to walk. I agree with the person on the page that talked about the water. Have them look around birch trees.

Link to Spirit Voices - Submitted March 13, 2002.
This is Electronic Voice Phenomena, voices from the spirit world talking about Chandra Levy with the aid of a Krups Coffee Maker.

*GaelicGal* - March 26, 2002:
When I first heard of her dissappearance, I immediately had a "flash or vision" or insight of a large brown (tan) brick building with lots of windows and some foliage around it and of her being on the right side more back of building in a light blue or grey dumpster, dead of course. I felt Gary Condit did have something to do with all this. This flash was the only insight or image of her I had. I still feel she is dead and will probably never be found.

*T* March 28, 2002:
I am writing on behalf of my daughter. She has been dreaming about Chandra Levy. This is the info she got through dreams:

Chandra was wearing a green outfit. She was put into the trunk of a black car and that car was traveling on interstate 85. ( My daughter lives in Indiana and had no idea until AFTER the dreams that I-85 ran through Washington.) She was taken to a place in or near a town called Buckner..or what appeared to be an old factory made of brick. The building had a huge amount of lockers in it. There was an incinerator that led my daughter to belive that her body had been burned but that searching this building would lead to the discovery of a green button and some hair samples from Chandra. My daughter's dreams are almost always proved to be prophetic so I feel certain that she is right about this.
*JT* April 27, 2002:
Chandra Levy was pregnant with Gary Condit's baby. This caused her to put more pressure on him to leave his wife. Obviously, he felt this would hurt his political career and he wanted her to have an abortion. She didn't want to do that and told him she would keep the baby and raise it herself. Since people would ask questions, that was no solution for him. She had to disappear permanently. He pretended that he had reconsidered to her while he made plans to have her killed. I believe he did not kill her himself. Two other men are involved. One is a male relative of Condit's (his brother?) and the other man is a bodyguard/driver associated with Condit.

Chandra had a confrontation with Gary's wife shortly before she disappeared. She knew he had lied about asking her for a divorce. He said he didn't have a chance yet. He set up a meeting with Chandra in a park near a river late in the evening. He knew he couldn't let her leave Washington alive. He showed up just long enough for the other two men to hit her on the head hard, grab her and strangle her. He left to set up his alibi. They hid the body in some building basement while the police searched the area near the park and her home. Since the police had thoroughly searched the area, it was unlikely they would search again. They waited 2-3 weeks and then buried her under a tree several feet from the riverbank which had already been searched. That's my vision of what happened. I think it will be a long time before she is found.

*GM* May 2, 2002:
Dear Tara, It is of the utmost emergency that you continue to act in your helpful manner concerning the disappearance of Miss Levy, as things are focusing. It appears to me after my examination that one of the posters, "PsiB" July 17, 2001 might have been on the correct sight. I wish to inform that person exactly that and give them a name to an aerial map location to look at for confirmation. Would you post this leaving my e-mail blind? (Note from Tara: If PsiB contacts me again and allows it, I will forward each other's email address)

*Adam* May 22, 2002: (submitted before news that Chandra's body was found)
This is what was in it [dream]: Two girls which held hands to form one, they always held hands, one was blind the other deaf, but together they were whole, however bound by their hands -- after looking at a picture of Chandra I believe they may be her--the reason -- looked into her disapearance had to do with another part of my dream that, I guess, commanded I research more. I was talking to a frantic man who only wanted me to call him by the alias of Greg S. Condit. Upon research, I found out that Gary Condit used the alias "Greg" at a spa in Georgetown.

The twins -- they were in a dark place. I think there were stairs going up but they preferred to remain down there. They had a room that was set up for them and a call came at which point the deaf girl grabbed the phone and held it up to the blind girl's ear and mouth to talk,. I don't know what the conversation was, but it seemed to be important and a bit calming; the girl seemed to be resolved and accepting of her circumstance, not necesarily happy, but she knew that she had no other choice but to be there. When she spoke (in the phone) I heard no words come from her mouth.

Anyway "Greg" in the dream was frantic. He wrote his name with pencil on a wood wall with a lot of scribbling. He mentioned something about "plan B." Then there was a train I was to get on. I met a woman who was unclear about my request of bringing the twins and left them in the dark place.

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