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    Tara's Favorite Resources from the Monthly Newsletter

    What I've been Reading or Watching on YouTube

    Some of you have asked me what my interests are outside of the obvious topics on and, so here are the previous ones I've listed in the newsletter:

    From the September 2022 Newsletter:

    Global Enlightenment Project
    Christopher Macklin performs group healings and prayers on YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, and other media. He sometimes gets suspended on YouTube because of saying "the wrong thing" whatever that is. (Cancel culture thrives on YouTube.) Christopher's free group healings are three times and week. He also has private and specialized group sessions for specific diseases.

    I try to catch at least one of his live group sessions once or twice a week. I started about four years ago with degenerative disk pain. After a few weeks of group sessions, the pain decreased to finally no pain. I usually stick to the live group sessions, but the healings are supposed to work even if you watch a pre-recorded version.

    Website | Facebook

    From the August 2022 Newsletter:

  • Plant Abundance
    If you're a gardener, you'll love Dan's tips and hacks for better plant growing. He thinks outside the box and comes up some creative short-cuts and ways to save money. I especially like his latest "Sandbag In A Bucket Growing Technique."

  • Update Aug. 5, 2022 (after I sent out this newsletter): Apparently Dr. Berg is a scientologist, who according to his son, Ian, gives millions of dollars (money he makes from selling his products) to the Scientology organization. As much as I still recommend his videos for his nutrition expertise, I will not be buying his products; I almost did. Also, he is a chiropractor and nutritionist, not a medical doctor.

  • Dr. Eric Berg
    I've been watching his videos about nutrition and illness. His advice (stretches and Vitamin B12) helped get me through sciatica without needing heavy duty painkillers. He has lots of well-researched information, especially on thyroid issues such as Hashimoto's.

    He's also up on the latest herbs and plants for healing. Who would know how easy Ashwagandha is to grow?! That'll be in my garden next year. But until then, I get it in a bottle at Amazon for thyroid support: Ashwagandha. He's an Aries.

  • Psychic Debbie Griggs
    I like her style, her predictions, and her down-to-earth presentation. She's a psychic detective, medium, and spiritual teacher. (She's a Scorpio)

  • Russell Brand
    Not because he was married to Katy Perry, but the guy is really sharp. (He's a Gemini). I don't agree with all his politics and he is sometimes difficult for me to understand - he talks way too fast with that accent and loud voice. But he's interesting/refreshing; he looks to the why's and what's really going on with politicians and celebrities. He doesn't mince words, which is why he sometimes gets suspended on social media platforms.

    This from Russell Brand's About Page:
    "Everybody knows that the old ideas won't help us. Religion is dead. Capitalism is dead. Communism is dead. Where will the answers of the next century lie? Particularly, when we're facing a mental health epidemic and ecological melt down. On this channel my videos explore new ways to connect with ourselves and one another and how to elevate our consciousness."

    From the July 2022 Newsletter:

  • Huff Paranormal
    Fun and creepy. Hear spirits talk through a spirit box, even celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, XXX Tentacion, Juice WRLD, Sushant Rajput, Freddie Mercury.

    Huff and his audience knew first that Gabby Petito was murdered and how even before the police discovered her body. She came through and told what happened.

    Huff has contacted loved ones for viewers and many celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Sushant Rajput, Freddie Mercury, Bob Sagat, and more, including Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and other less than sterling characters. Scientific proof that the soul never dies.

  • Music for Body and Spirit
    While working, I sometimes have these videos playing in the background, according to the frequency I want to experience. Here are a few of my latest favorites:
    Angelic Music to Attract Your Guardian Angel is at 432 Hz, Singing Bowls Heart Chakra at 639Hz to Harmonize Relationships, and 741 hz to removes Toxins and Negativity and Cleanse the Aura.

  • Andrea Jean Cleaning Hacks and Tips
    Andrea Jean comes up with the most amazing cleaning tips most of us would never think of. Her videos are short, most under 5 minutes.

    My favorite hack is using her recipe of half Dawn detergent with half vinegar for cleaning and washing dishes. Another good one: the many fun uses for shaving cream, including putting it on a broom to clean your tub. I can't wait to try that one!

    From the June 2022 Newsletter:

  • Robert Lee Camp
    He's been my teacher for at least 15 years of a secret Esoteric science (not so much now) of an ancient card system - that he uncovered - which is used for character analysis, prognostication, and relationship compatibility.

    You might have noticed that I have links to Robert's two books throughout much of What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Past, Present, and Future Destiny and Love Cards: Learn How to Perform Relationship Readings.

    The card system gives adds another dimension to astrology. It's easy to learn on a superficial level but there are gems of hidden knowledge within those cards that I still get excited about discovering through Robert's teachings.

    After listening to his latest (free) online meeting, I was surprised to learn the 5 of Spades often turns up when someone will die!

    I always incorporate the card system within my astrology readings. Shortly after Robert's talk, I gave a reading for someone who has the 5 of Spades coming up in his Saturn period. Because of this person's age and other supporting astrological factors, I expect this person will pass before fall of this year. In no way, would I ever tell anyone what I see. I could be wrong for one thing. It's important to have a strong moral code when you are privy to someone's possible fate.

    You will never see people the same way when you learn what their card is. I'm a 2 of Diamonds with a Jack of Spades personality card. It fits me to a "T".

    I believe Robert, a Queen of Diamonds no less, is still available for readings. Here are his resources:, Facebook page:, Podcast - Mr. Destiny Show, Older videos on YouTube

  • The Behavioral Arts
    Spidey's another of my favorite body language experts, especially with the Depp/Heard trial. I didn't watch much of the trial, only in snippets because who has time to be glued all day every day for six weeks? But I sure was interested in the body language analyses on Depp and Heard. Spidey also has a pleasing nuance to his voice and gets to the point.

    From the May 2022 Newsletter:

  • Alexander Kolesnikov - Astrologer extroardinaire, software engineer. I greatly deepend my knowledge of astrology from Alexander's teachings. He uses declinations and planetary hours which greatly contribute to the accuracy and analysis of natal charts, synastry, and predictions. Alexander's knowledge base is Magi Astrology which uses declinations. He's incorporated declinations in his new, free software AstroZeus. (It's in beta now. I'll post the link when it's up and running.)

    Alexander's teachings are very reasonably priced at Udemy (search "Alexander Kolesnikov").

    Website: | LunariumUKPage YouTube.

  • The Behavior Panel
    Four body language experts team up to reveal celebrities, murderers, politicians, royal figures, and others. Interesting body language analyses of various psychopaths are lots of fun.

    Their current videos are the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial, Will Smith Hits Chris Rock - What REALLY Happened?, Alec Baldwin, Madeleine McCann.

  • Wim Hof Breathing Method
    I've been doing this 11-minute video for a year and a half either daily or at least 4 times a week. They only excercise I get is working in my yard, so this breathing method gets my circulation going again after long hours on the computer.

    Without knowing this could lead to weight lost, I ended up losing ten lbs within the first six months and have effortlessly maintained that weight. Here is more information about how this technique works and the breathing method. (I don't do the cold showers or ice baths that Wim Hof is known for)

  • Teal Swan
    A spiritual teacher who doesn't make you feel bad that you feel bad. It seems like her gems of wisdom come from a wizard in another dimension or knowledge she came in with this lifetime. She's different than so many spiritual teachers that I've come across. She's authentic and doesn't spout the usual airy-fairy stuff you hear so often in New Age/Spirituality circles. I find her down-to-earth style refreshing.

    From the April 2022 Newsletter:

    The Book I'm Current Reading:

    Half on the Other Side: How Ancient Spiritual Techniques Helped Me Deal with Substance Abuse, Depression, Sexuality, Gender, and Love
    Paperback by Stephen Petullo.

    You might recognize Stephen's name throughout the pages of He, along with his twin brother Scott, are my go-to authors for metaphysical content. They co-authored the Best Seller Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It twenty years ago.

    Stephen's "Half on the Other Side" is fresh off the press as of March 9 and now available on Amazon. I'm only on Chapter 2, having just picked up the book yesterday and am completely absorbed in it so far.

    You can do a search on to check out both Stephen and Scott's many in-depth articles. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Fate vs Free Will

  • Sex and Spirituality - Why Great Sex Is Rare

  • Death, Spirit Possession and Mediums Sometimes Souls Don't go to The Light

    Here are three of my current favorite YouTube video channels: I hope you will also find something helpful in these resources as well.

  • Psychic Astrologer Sloan Bella
    I'm on my second year of watching her videos. Sloan is refreshingly herself, some might say crude or blunt - over the top. No topic is taboo except when she needs to "code" or "cloak" some information to avoid being kicked off YouTube or Facebook, which happens to her now and then.

    Sloan is a natural born psychic and spiritual teacher. She also has a good heart. She lives in the L.A. area and has had many celebrity clients through the years. She knows what's going behind the scenes in Hollywood. There are plenty of ugly truths that she reveals gracefully to her public like me who adore her. She's a mixed bag of wise teacher, philosopher, and Hedda Hopper. Her opinions are similar to those of Russell Brand but without the accent. She taps into universal truth.

    I've learned so much from listening to her. She's flamboyant and fragmented in her delivery which took some getting used to. She flits from topic to topic and back again, but it's all so interesting and entertaining and often funny, that you don't notice an hour plus has already passed. She has terrific spiritual resources, too, which leads me to another favorite ...

  • Brian Scott
    So much good stuff on his channel! I found him from Sloan's reference to Quantum Jumping. I use Brian Scott's "8 hour Quantum Jump Deep Sleep Meditation" every night. My nightly routine had been listening to Coast to Coast, but after two decades, I felt a need to change to something more productive for myself. I'll still listen to Coast when a new topic piques my interest but I feel better nodding off with a spiritual project in my subconscious.

    Brian Scott has something spiritual/metaphysical for everyone, even a how-to on Automatic Writing - something I've been prompted to do for decades. His voice is so soothing that I sometimes drift off to sleep even before his Guided Meditation have started.

    Some popular subjects he covers are The Law of One, Reality Transurfing, Quantum Jumping, Neville Goddard, Spirit Guides, Healing Modalities, Archangels, Abundance, Activations, and more.

  • Sydney Staff Songsters
    I don't usually listen to only Christian music, but I love the song "We are Not Alone" that was a favorite in the Unity choir years ago. A search for that song online led me to this Australian group. Their rendition of "The Prayer" is glorious, also. Thank you to Paula Mandella, our choir director for "making" us sing this one.