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    What are the Most Common Birthdays?

    By Maria Shaw

    The French Quarter Medium


    Maria Shaw Photo

    There was a study done that revealed the most common birthday for those babies born in the United States. I have always made the joke, that there are more Virgos out there than any other sign. Why? Because everyone drinks a little too much eggnog on Christmas and New Years and nine months later, a Virgo is born! LOL.

    I guess my theory is correct because the study done shows that 9 out of 10 of the most common birthdays occurs in the month of September. This has been the case for the past two decades.

    February is the least typical birth month. Researchers from Harvard University examined the birth rates from 1973 to 1999 and concluded that many people are usually born on September 16.

    A more recent report confirmed that September 9 is the most common birthday date. The data was obtained from the National-Center for Health Statistics. According to the data, 9 out of the top 10 birthday dates are in September, which means that they were conceived from December 17 to December 28.

    Here's the info from the studies:

    September 9

    September 9 is the most common birth date on the planet, which has seen an average of 12,301 births from 1994 to 2004 in the United States alone. All the people born on September ninth are usually conceived on December 17 of the previous year.

    September 19

    The second most common birthday is September 19. The United States recorded an average of 12,229 births on September 19 from 1994 to 2014. Theoretically, all the people who were born on September 19 were conceived on December 27. The people born on the two most common birthdays on the planet were conceived during the holiday season in December.

    September 12

    The third most common birthday date in the world is September twelfth. According to the data from the National Center for Health Statistics, there was an average of 12,225 births in the United States from 1994 to 2014. Since the total gestation period of human beings is 38 weeks, most of the people born on September 12 were conceived on December 20, the previous year.

    September 17

    September 17 is the fourth most popular birthday date when an average of 12,148 individuals are born in the United States. People born on September 17 were conceived on Christmas day.

    What Are The Least Popular Birthday Dates?

    The winter months in the United States like January, February, and December are the least common times for mothers to give birth.

    The least popular birthday dates on the planet are January 1, December 24, and December 25.

    On average about 6,574 babies were born on Christmas day from 1994 to 2014 after they were conceived on April 3.

    7,792 babies, who were conceived on April 10, are born on January 1.

    The dates before and after Thanksgiving are also not very common birthday dates.

    Next time you look at your Face book news feed, notice how many of your friends have birthdays in late August and September. I bet it will be double to triple of the other months.

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