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(March 21-April 20)

Aries Heart

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart
A 5 Heart Day! Love abounds all around!

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart
4 Hearts! - A special day you'll remember fondly.

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart
3 Hearts - Neutral, nothing special but Not a Heartbreak time either.

Love Heart Love Heart
2 Hearts - You might wonder why you even bothered. Loving gestures shouldn't be determined by a holiday.

Love Heart
1 Heart - Not every Valentine's Day is a blast. This one isn't likely to be without a lot of effort and dashed expectations. Not a year to expect a lot. Future Valentine's Days are better.

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Although Valentine's Day should go smoothly this year for most Aries, it's almost too lethargic and uneventful to be much fun. Lack of enthusiasm and feeling disconnected from the traditional holiday fervor/fever may be a barrier to fully enjoying the romantic vibe of the day. You'll have too much on your mind to devote whole-hearted attention to your partner. And if you don't have a partner, you'll be glad you don't have to make the effort this year.

Aries who have Venus in the early degrees of Taurus (especially) or Pisces will want to include time for a sexual romp - desire will be strong!

Communication with your partner should go well with the Gemini moon encouraging a light-hearted repartee.

Aries born April 18-20 will likely be high-strung and crave excitement. Advice is to think before you act. Impulsiveness is likely to work against you today.

In general, most Aries will have work issues to deal with or have a parent's needs that interfere. Chalk it up to a Valentine's Day that is rather ho-hum this time. Your heart isn't that much in it anyway.

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