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    Valentine's Day Horoscope 2018
    for Cancer

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart A 5 Heart Day! Love abounds all around!

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 4 Hearts! - A special day you'll remember fondly.

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 3 Hearts - Neutral, nothing special but Not a Heartbreak time either.

    Love Heart Love Heart 2 Hearts - You might wonder why you even bothered. Loving gestures shouldn't be determined by a holiday.

    Love Heart 1 Heart - Not every Valentine's Day is a blast. This one isn't likely to be without a lot of effort and dashed expectations. Right out the gate, don't expect much this year. The good news is that future Valentine's Days are better.

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    Overall, I'm afraid this is another ho-hum Valentine's Day for most Cancers, but it's still more pleasant than last year. (see below for your 2017 Valentine horoscope). But Cancers born June 21-25 will have a wonderful time thanks to Venus in Pisces.

    Those born July 13-15 have Jupiter in Pisces making a fun-loving and fortunate aspect to your sun sign degrees on the 14th and 15th. So make sure you don't sit at home doing nothing unless it's with your beloved. Even a casual day without much fanfare will go smoothly for you select Cancers blessed by Venus and Jupiter this year.

    Other Cancers have challenging planets on the 14th. Valentine's Day might not seem very special this year. Obligations, disputes, and stressful partnerships have already taken the wind out of you this past year. V Day is likely to be more of the same but perhaps even more intense with the Solar Eclipse on the 15th

    Because Mars is in your 6th house of health now, all Cancers are advised to avoid too much Valentine's Day candy or rich foods that could upset your digestive system now and for the rest of the month.

    But Mars can also emphasize taking care of and nurturing your critters - maybe your cat or dog would look cute in a Valentine accessory this year.

    With the Solar Eclipse in your 8th house, sexuality runs high on Valentine's Day for most Cancers. On the flip side, it could mean something as mundane as dealing with finances, too. It's not exactly a sensual endeavor for most, but Cancers love the security of knowing their finances are in order. So it's an auspicious time to invest and sort things out.

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart

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    2017 Valentine's Day Horoscope for Cancer

    Unless Cancer has personal planets in fire and air signs, this Valentine's Day is likely be a big dud. The planets aren't in any auspicious signs for your Sun in Cancer. If something positive happens, it's because of better aspects to your natal Venus, Mars, or Jupiter which would be in fire and/or air signs. (It helps in times like this to know what's on your chart). But luckily for love, most Cancer's have at least one of those good planetary angles this year.

    It's not very romantic, but the best use of your Valentine's Day might be spent at work and having a lunch date with your boss, especially if they are also a Cancer or Capricorn. The most rewarding part of your day will be furthering your career. If you're not working, spend time with your parents and have a discussion about both your future plans...or have a cozy dinner with your children or pets. It'll be a fulfilling day with family.

    Your Valentine's Day foods this year are Crab Cakes and Smoked Oysters.

    Love Heart Love Heart

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