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    Valentine's Day Horoscope 2018
    for Gemini

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart A 5 Heart Day! Love abounds all around!

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 4 Hearts! - A special day you'll remember fondly.

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 3 Hearts - Neutral, nothing special but Not a Heartbreak time either.

    Love Heart Love Heart 2 Hearts - You might wonder why you even bothered. Loving gestures shouldn't be determined by a holiday.

    Love Heart 1 Heart - Not every Valentine's Day is a blast. This one isn't likely to be without a lot of effort and dashed expectations. Right out the gate, don't expect much this year. The good news is that future Valentine's Days are better.

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    Unless important planets are badly aspecting Geminis on Valentine's Day, and they are for a few of you, every V'Day should generally be pretty good because of the Sun in Aquarius every year. (see below for last year's horoscope)

    But this year is a mixed bag of good times for some Geminis, so-so and not-so for other Geminis.

    Geminis born in mid June will enjoy the day - whatever occurs will be gratifying. With Uranus sextiling your sign, you have an opportunity to have a blast, especially if you try something new and think outside the box. Fun is on the agenda -- maybe a day trip, a picnic to a private spot you've been curious about, add anything to spice it up with your clever Gemini mind. The possibilities for combining adventure and romance are endless. This is the time to try that new restaurant, new winery, or anything you can imagine that has been on your Valentine bucket list.

    Geminis born in late May, early June, might not feel very loving with Mars in Sag stirring up arguments and unexpected wrath from others. If it's your partner who has suddenly become uncooperative and angry (for what seems like the most ridiculous thing), your hopes for a romantic time could be dashed.

    All other Geminis will have a rather smooth day, nothing extraordinary. Small tokens of affection will touch your heart though.

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart

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    2017 Valentine's Day Horoscope for Gemini

    Every year, Geminis born in mid June typically have an enjoyable Valentine's Day - the Sun in Aquarius always makes an easy trine to your sun at this time of the year. To top it off, you also have joyful and expansive Jupiter in the mix this year, creating an uncommon Grand Trine for a super special Valentine's Day.

    Geminis born in May are also blessed this year because of a loving and friendly aspect from Venus in Aries to your sign.

    For all Geminis, love takes on a playful and light-hearted tone this Valentine's Day. But don't rule out the potential for intimacy and deepening friendship - they'll go hand-in-hand in effortless camaraderie this year.

    Single Geminis could plan a day out with a friend or two to maximize the best of the planetary transits. The only wet blanket for Geminis born in June is a long-term Saturn opposition that you've already been feeling (as a real drag and some loss) for the past year and a half; it continues through Dec. 2017. That's what makes this a 4 Heart forecast instead of a 5.

    Your Valentine Food this year is Yellow Curry or if you dare... Red Curry (but don't have anything red on your plate if you happen to be born in the year of the Rooster). Year of the Rooster Forecast.

    Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart

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