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(MAY 22 - JUNE 22)

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart A 5 Heart Day! Love abounds all around!

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 4 Hearts! - A special day you'll remember fondly.

Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 3 Hearts - Neutral, nothing special but Not a Heartbreak time either.

Love Heart Love Heart 2 Hearts - You might wonder why you even bothered. Loving gestures shouldn't be determined by a holiday.

Love Heart 1 Heart - Not every Valentine's Day is a blast. This one isn't likely to be without a lot of effort. Dashed expectations expected. Future Valentine's Days are better.

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It's a nice conspiracy by the Gods of Good Luck to have the moon in Gemini on Valentine's Day. It means things go your way with a natural flow and easy communication. Life is on your side this special day. AND to top if off, Geminis will bask in the graceful flow of a trine to Aquarius. Not much can go wrong - it's a day blessed with most of the planets (except Neptune - but who cares?) nicely, wonderfully, and luckily aspecting your Gemini sun sign --WOW

With Venus in your solar 8th house, your day will be more serious than usual - sex and communication have a deeper quality this Valentine's Day. Whatever happens today will at least make you keenly aware of what you need in a relationship. You might realize you've been settling for a lot less than you deserve. If your partner doesn't make the grade this Valentine's Day, you just might have your sights set on a future without them. With Jupiter in your relationship house this year, you'll have more options than usual.

Geminis who have Venus at 28-29 Aries or Cancer, or who have Mars at 9-12 Capricorn can have terrific sex this Valentine's Day!

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Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart

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