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    How to Win Articles by Tara Pierce

    Published by LottoWorld Magazine

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  • Treasure in the Tarot.
    How to use Tarot cards to help you win. July 1996 Issue.

  • "Map Your Way To a Fortune."
    To be luckier you might have to move. March 1980 Issue.

  • "Third Eye Sight"
    How to meditate to psychically see the future. May 1997 Issue.

  • "Sound Sleepers"
    Confirm your lucky numbers through your dreams. February 1997 Issue.

  • "Use Your Head To Win."
    Phrenology can determine your potential for luck. September 4 1980 Issue.

  • "Dream Your Way To Millions!"
    How to win through learning prophetic dreaming. October 1994 Issue.

  • "Your Fortune Is In The Palm Of Your Hand.
    Palmistry for your lucky numbers. May 15 1980 Issue.

  • "The Hand Of Fate."
    A different angle on palmistry and your potential to win. August 21 1980 Issue.

  • "Magic Mirrors, Witches, and Pendulums."
    Using the pendulum to predict. October 1994 Issue.

  • "Your Heart's Desire -- Is There a Fortune In Your Name?"
    Your name foretells your potential for prosperity. February 1980 Issue.

  • "Discover Your Personal Lucky Number."
    The same system Pythagoras used. March 1994 Issue.

  • "Turn Your Numbers Into Fireworks."
    Using your birth path for your lucky numbers. July 1994 Issue.