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    Conversations with Chief Joseph,
    Channeled by John Cali
    - June 7th, 2001

    This must be my week for opening Pandora's boxes!

    After reading all the mail I received this week, another common theme became clear to me. The idea we create our own realities is downright painful for many, if not most, folks. Or, at least, distasteful.

    Many people honestly believe they have no choices, they are victims of life. And even those who do believe they can choose often beat up on themselves for past choices they've made - the results of which they are living now.

    I really want to help those of you who are uncomfortable with all of this to be more at peace about the whole issue.

    Again, let me share my personal experience with the concept that we create our own realities. Maybe it will help some of you who struggle with it.

    When I first heard the notion we create our own realities many years ago, I absolutely refused to believe it. How or why would anyone create all the pain and anguish I saw in the lives of so many? It didn't make any sense!

    But the idea intrigued me, so I kept studying and reading everything I could get my hands on. Finally, it made sense. I accepted we are totally responsible for whatever manifests in our lives - all of it. It's either that or we're victims. I never liked being a victim.

    But then another issue reared its ugly head for me. I see this issue in so many of the letters I get today. And it's this issue I want to talk about here.

    Most or all of you on this mailing list really do get it that you are the creators of your lives. But what often boggles your mind, as it did mine for years, is this question: Why in the hell would I create illness, bad relationships, lack of abundance, etc., etc. - why would I do any of that to myself?

    Well, nobody does that deliberately. But we've all done it at one time or another. The key for me is understanding exactly HOW we do it - what is the process of creation, of manifestation? You've all heard Joseph say many times to pay attention to what you're paying attention to. THAT is the key.

    You get what you focus on - it's the Universal Law of Attraction at work. If you're paying attention to what you do not want to manifest in your life, you'll still manifest it because, by focusing on it, you're bringing its vibration into your own vibration.

    And the reverse is also true. When you focus on what you want, on what feels good, you'll manifest only that. It's really pretty simple.

    That's why it's so important to seek joy in your life - we've all heard that from many teachers, including Joseph. But perhaps it hasn't been clear to some why seeking joy is such a powerful way to live our lives. It's the secret to getting everything you want - to manifesting all your dreams.

    Our modern world does not seek joy. It focuses instead on everything that can go wrong. You rarely see "good" news in the media. It's always "bad" news. The focus is on illness, poverty, crime, corruption, war, death, etc. - everything society considers bad or evil.

    Is it any wonder it's difficult to pay attention to what brings you joy when most of the world is talking about everything but joy?

    However, if you refuse to go along with mass thinking (or, as I like to call it, mass mis-creating), and seek joy in your own world, then you will eventually manifest all your dreams. The more you do it, the easier - and the faster - it gets. And it doesn't make a damned bit of difference what anyone else is doing - or what they think of you.

    I don't usually quote myself. But I think what I said earlier this week bears repeating here, given how this long letter (much longer than I intended!) has evolved.

    "So how do you find joy when you are in the depths of despair, when life has plunged you into darkness, when nothing seems to be going right for you?

    "The answer - at least for me - is you do it little by little. When you're in such terrible pain and despair that your whole world looks like it's going to hell, there isn't much you can do to pluck yourself instantly from the abyss.

    "But always - no matter how dark your night - there is something you can reach for that will give you hope, that will give you the least little bit of joy. It doesn't matter how insignificant it may seem - reach for something that gives you joy, even a tiny bit of joy. Maybe you can pet your dog, smell a rose, admire a sunset, tell someone you love them, tell yourself you love you.

    "Little by little, the joy grows. Until finally it overtakes your life. You'll find each day, little by little, will contain more joy and eventually you won't be able to remember why you were ever sad or despairing. You will have remembered why you came to this lifetime - you will remember your only purpose in this life is to be joyful."

    So I'll end this windy letter with that quote and with this:

    Don't beat up on yourself if your life isn't yet all you want it to be. Be easy and gentle with yourself. Know you are doing the best you can. Know where you now stand is the perfect launching pad for the magnificent and joyous life you want to create.

    Enjoy the journey. Life is supposed to be fun!

    With much love and joy,


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