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    June 15, 2002 - Dolphin Flow

    The Second Act

    From Steve:
    This was a live presentation from a seminar in Syracuse, New York. I was saving this message for an upcoming book but when I got it back from the transcription manager, I saw that it really needed to get out right away. The recent energy shifts and re-positioning have made life a bit difficult for many. Here, the Group offers practical tools for moving through life comfortably.

    Greetings from Home.
    You have come in with the most wondrous veils in place. These veils do not allow you to see yourself as you really are. It is as if you have little tags on your forehead that reveal your identity to all that see you. Still, you are unable to see these yourself. Ahh, and even if you look in the mirror, you cannot read them for they appear backwards. Everyone else can see who you are but it is you who does not have the vision to see yourself. Those are the properties of the veil as you have designed it. Yet as hard as it is to see your true magnificence, the memories of the magnificence of Home is deeply ingrained in your being. When you feel the longing of Home we ask you to understand that it is one way in which you are able to re-member who you really are. In the time you are with us, we will share with you these powerful vibrations of Home. Breathe them in dear ones. These are not new to you. These are your memories of a time when you re-membered your true nature and walked every step in that knowledge. These are the memories of Home.

    The Flow of Light from Home
    Welcome the energy, and connect and as you walk from here today, take that piece with you. For even as you walk into the grocery store, when you shine those smiles, and flash your eyes to the people that you meet, magic happens. For you share with them the vibrations of Home and the memories of their magnificence. That is what we call Lightwork. Spreading Light through empowerment is what many of you have come here to do. Sometimes it is done in the most mundane places. Sometimes as you pass another on the street, you smile, and something magical happens. That energy is passed from one to another. In this fashion the energy is distributed until the collective vibration of Humanity is raised to such a level that you begin to see each other consciously. That is the thinning veil that you are now beginning to experience. You are at the brink of this stage of evolution as we speak. You are such wonderful beings. You have no idea what you have already accomplished. You sit here talking and reading the books and sharing with each other to try and figure out ways to take your work to the next level. We tell you, dear ones, you have already won the Game.

    In times past, you have looked so very carefully for the little road markers, and the ideas that you have set in place for yourself. We tell you look no further, for they no longer exist. There is no grand plan in place from this point forward. You are the masters of the Gameboard and the grand plan is now complete. You are the ones holding the pen in your own hands for everything you script from this day forward is of our own design. We ask you to dare to script the very best for yourselves for that is the time that you put yourself in your passion and be of greatest use to the Universe. Oh, holding power can be so difficult when you are unaccustomed to it. No one told you this would be easy. You have tried so many times to stand in your power, and you re-member the pain of falling, scuffing your knees, and elbows. There we are with our wings helping you back up. It is in these times that we hold you and hug you and re-mind you of Home in any way that we can. We know that if we can only spark that memory deep within you, that the energy will begin building. We know that after you feel the energy of Home, even once, that you can never go back.

    Oh, dear ones, you are never alone. Make space for that part of you which connects to your own higher self and you will be finding much more of the power held within you. This is when you step into your true work on the New Earth. This is also the time when you walk into the grocery store and make more of a difference than you will ever know. Sometimes it is the most mundane things on your planet that make all the difference. There are many times that you, as facilitators, do not get to see what you have set into motion. Walk in the knowingness that you are carrying the Light of Home in all that you do. Walk in the knowingness that you may make a difference with more people than you can possibly imagine. And enjoy that.

    The Whole World is but a Stage.
    There are no less than two hundred of you reading and hearing these words, that are holding modalities, yet to unfold, that will transform the face of the New Planet Earth. Ahh, you are all thinking now, "How do I come to know that? Where do I find this?" and the one we love so much "How do I make a living at this modality?" Then you pull out your pens and get ready to write the answers that you think will lead you to your passion. Oh, you are such wonderful beings. You are so imaginative and so accustomed to giving your power away. Yet, we tell you that you have had it all along. You have known this in your heart, for this is not a process of taking down notes, not a process of learning, but a process of re-membering. This is a process of simply unfolding for yourselves that which you have known in your heart, for you are back from the days of Atlantis, you are back from the days of Mu. You will be re-membering the magic of those times and incorporating that into your reality. The world that you visit now is only a stage. It is only an illusion that you have played out many, many times. Only now the play is over; it is complete. And you stand on the stage taking final bows with the most thunderous rounds of encore and applause flooding all of your senses. Each one of you thought that your work may be over. There you stand on stage as applause dies down, only the curtain does not fall. From this point on the play continues, only now there is no script to follow. We wish you to know that even though you can not see the audience, you cannot imagine the applause from this side of the veil for what you now do. Now you step into the role of Human Angel.

    Each one of you thought that this was about you. And we tell you it is not. It goes far beyond that. You could have left the stage and returned Home if you so chose. You look for meaning in life outside of yourselves and try to understand your bubbles of biology. Ahh, we love when the Keeper does that, for he is still searching for the instruction manual that came with his. Oh dear ones, you are the spirits of your being. You are your true essence when you smile, when you laugh. That is when you pass it on one unto another. That is when you give the gift of Home.

    In your efforts to carry around these dense bubbles of biology, you have forgotten who you are. That, in fact, was the nature of the Game. Yet now, re-membering your nature and your power, and carrying it with you, becomes the next act of the play. That which you call ascension is not leaving the Earth. That which you call ascension is not leaving the physical body. In fact it has already begun. You woke up in the fifth dimension this morning dear ones. Previously you have only experienced brief glimpses of fifth dimensional realities. Some of your dream time and meditations have taken you there. And now we tell you, you are firmly standing in the reality that you only glimpsed prior.

    The Timing of the Second Act
    Dear ones as you struggle, you hit the brick walls that you think re-strain you from finding your higher truth. When you find that the rug has been pulled out from under you and support is no longer there, we tell you there are some keys. Those of you that hold the modalities of higher vibrational healing, may have felt like you have hit a brick wall. For try as you might, you have not been able to get this information out. Dear ones, did you not understand that the timing was of utmost importance? You can easily see that if you were here teaching energy techniques fifty years ago, you probably would not have been accepted. The collective vibration of humanity was not high enough to support higher healing modalities at that time. Ahh, now you are beginning to understand. Some of you have been in a holding pattern. That is so difficult for you. You have felt re-strained, you have felt not supported, you often wonder if you are on the right path because it seems to be blocked. Oh dear ones, sometimes a rock is only a rock. Do not give your power away to the rock as you look for a deeper meaning. For if you know in your heart that you have something to give, if you know in your heart that there is something you have come here to do, do not let anything dissuade you. And see that those roadblocks and those brick walls that seem to be restricting you are simply a matter of timing. For you cannot see from behind the veil, what is being orchestrated behind the stage. Some of you look at yourselves and say, "I am sixty-two years old and I have never done anything before. What makes me think I can be a healer now?" Do you not understand it took sixty-one and three quarters of a year to get to the point where you could take your true role as a healer? The experiences and difficulties of your first sixty-two years, now become your credentials. And in fact we tell you, you are at a crossroad with your own evolution in biology. Within your lifetimes you will easily reach three hundred years. If you only live another ten years, we tell you the average life-span will increase to one hundred and twenty. Ah, sixty-two may not sound that bad now does it? In fact, you are wondering, "Does that mean I have to go through puberty again?"

    There will be a process where you will be able to move from one level to the next and you will be able to rejuvenate emotionally, physically and spiritually. There will be a process that will allow you to raise your vibration, and for most of you experiencing our energy it has already begun. It is the process of OverLight. Please do not place too much into those words, dear ones. You hold the power and if you choose to go through the OverLight process it will bring you to a vibration that will equal the Children of Crystal Vibration as they enter. These are the magical children. They have not been supported previously due to the fact that your collective vibration was not high enough to support them. We speak of them as if they are separate from you but, in fact, they are not. They are you incarnate in the higher vibration. They carry magical abilities for soon you will be in each other's heads, you will know each others thoughts, you will know each others feelings, you will know each other's fears. We tell you what a grand place this will be when that happens. For in that state there will be no room for shadows, there will be no room for war. What you are experiencing is simply the birthing pains of the new energy. Welcome it, dear ones.

    Connecting Passion
    Be courageous and know that you have a purpose for being here now. The key to finding that purpose is to look for your passion. Look for that which lights you up when you talk about it. Oh so many of you right away go to the thinking. "Oh, but how can I make a living at my passion?" you ask. "How can I do this all the time?" We love the way the human brain works. Some of you will, some of you will not. It is not important to transfer everything into every piece of your life. What is important is to carry the vibration of that passion in everything that you do, in every time that you smile. Many of you have said that you cannot find your passion. We offer you a suggestion to begin the process of releasing these restrictions.

    We ask you to try an exercise this day. Every time that you look at another, smile and just pretend that the person you are making eye contact with, can see all the way to the very center of your being. Understand that there will be nothing hidden from each other. You have no idea the beauty that will be seen in this exchange. Here, you will have the opportunity to see to the very core. You have no idea of the real beauty that you will see in each other when you let each other all the way in. There you will find God.

    Pain and Resistance
    You have spent much of your life trying to avoid pain. Pain has been the big motivator. Pain is the part that has caused you to move this way or that. Physical pain, emotional pain, there are many forms of pain. Each of you experiences pain differently. It is not calculable on a scale of one to ten, for each experience is unique. This really frustrates your scientists. We tell you that pain, and especially the emotion of pain, is the connection between the energy tube of your life force and your physical body. So every time you experience some sort of change, some form of pain will accompany it. We tell you however, misery is completely optional. Understand that this is a choice.

    We now tell you something, for it is time you understood the reflection of how you will look when you come Home. Ahh, for when you get Home, you will look at each other and you will hold each other so tightly that you will feel the oneness that you share with each other. You will hold your arms around each other and you will laugh about the time you passed each other on the street and did not see each other. You will laugh about the time that you had a misunderstanding and could not re-member what it was all about. You will laugh about the time that you tried to connect and could not communicate and you will say how wondrous it was. Here, you will re-member the pain as the most joyous human experience. For it is not a negative on our side of the veil, dear ones. Still, when you experience continuous pain it represents a misdirection of energy. Pain drains energy from you that can be utilized elsewhere. When energy is misdirected, it simply means that its path is altered to less than its highest use. As humans you often feel energy misdirections as some form of pain. The pain most often felt in the human experience is simple resistance. When a being in any form, moves through energy, they will experience resistance. The amount of resistance, and thus the amount of pain, will determine the energy available to do one's real life purpose. Therefore, learning to flow through life with Grace can be very helpful in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth.

    You look outside yourselves as a result of the veil you wear. You do not believe you are whole, so you are constantly looking for things to add to you to make you whole. Connect to the energy of each other, and you will feel whole in that moment. The Children of Crystal Vibration will connect much easier than you, for it is their nature to honor the oneness. We will offer you a suggestion that may help to create that connection now.

    The Flow of Abundance
    Let us offer you the suggestion of flow. For many of you have worked very hard at the art of graceful acceptance. You are wondrous givers and you feel great when you can give, yet, many of you do not know how to accept. You cut yourself off and you actually limit the amount you can give because you have not allowed yourself to accept. Part of the challenge of that is that you have been taught a belief that everything is finite when actually nothing is. You hold the belief that if you receive, that everyone else will have less. Energy is not finite, dear ones, it is infinite by nature. There is no beginning and no end to anything. It is only an illusion of polarity to set the stage on which you act in your play. You live forever. Your energy is, and that is the secret of I Am. There is no end and when you accept, everyone can have more. In fact you often block the flow of energy when you do not accept. That is the concept of energy flow. When you accept energy it does not stop with you, it simply flows through you. When you allow yourself to accept energy you have more to give others. If you are in the process of creating Home on your side of the veil, you will need to learn flow, for we tell you there is no greater place of abundance than Home.

    "Abundance," we use the word and in your mind you envision those funny little squiggles with lines through them. Your illustration of money is only a reflection of energy, dear ones. It is not energy in itself. And it is so humorous to watch you, for reflections can be manipulated and you love to chase reflections. You get very discouraged and then ask spirit to help you. Yet, even when that help is given it is often not accepted. Just understand that what you call money is only a reflection of energy. So let us go to the true essence of the energy that it is reflecting, for that is the essence of Home. That is the true essence of abundance. Abundance is an excess of what is minimally needed. Many have been so concerned with being selfish, that they only create what is minimally needed. They have requested only what is absolutely necessary, and then when someone comes in their field and needs help, they have nothing extra to give. Can you see how abundance could play a part in the role of the Human Angels? You have stated that you wish to be a Human Angel which will allow you to be in exactly the right spot at the right time to help make a difference, to help spread the light. It may be a smile. It may be a hug. It may be a word of encouragement. It may be money. Whatever it is we ask that you allow the energy to flow through you. Open to acceptance, for it is the flow. You are not the energy that sticks to you, you are the energy that flows through you. Likewise, it is not the destination that you seek, it is the journey.

    The Dolphin Flow
    In learning to move through the energy that you are experiencing now, we ask you to take a tip from the dolphins. See yourselves as dolphins, which are actually part of your parental race. They are built with such sleek design that they can swim through the murkiest waters and nothing sticks to them. That is not by accident. They have learned to flow the energy through and around them without attaching themselves to it. Their sleek design is actually a product of eons of evolution. As a result of this evolution, they live in the greatest of abundance at all times. Whatever they need is right in front of them in each moment. Because of their evolution, they live in a constant state of abundance. They experience abundance moment by moment so they need not carry anything with them. By adapting to the energy, rather than attaching to it, you learn the flow of energy. With the Crystal Energy infiltrating into the Earth at this time, many are grasping to old ideals and beliefs for assurance. Be the dolphins, dear ones. Know that everything that you need is right in front of you and allow yourself to accept in each moment. Allow yourself to accept everything that flows through your field for the more that you allow yourself to accept and flow through you, the more abilities you have as a Human Angel. Whatever the circumstances in your life, adopt the role of the dolphin, just traveling through looking for a place to play. Let no thing attach itself to you. Instead enjoy the flow of energy as you travel through it and simply enjoy the ride.

    You decided to come to Planet Earth to put on these veils, to wake up screaming as a little infant and be confused. You have been very successful. You have confused yourselves so well. We tell you, use the laughter dear ones. For when we find you getting too serious, we will tickle your funny bone to re-mind you that it is only a Game. Play the Game well and enjoy the abundance that is your birthright. Enjoy the Game and play as the dolphins do. Their role as custodians of planet Earth is over. Those dolphins that are choosing to stay are there to teach you how to hold the energy. They are there to teach you how to play.

    Do not worry about the next act of the grand play. You are in the process, at this moment, of writing the script as you go. Fear not the change. Welcome it and be the dolphin that swims everywhere and has everything. Allow the energy to flow completely through you without allowing anything to stick to you. For it is those things that stick to you in the way of your beliefs, that make it so difficult for you to swim to the next level. Some have worked very hard to obtain possessions, only to find that when you have many things, those things own you. True abundance is not about things, it is about having the courage to create a lifestyle that fully supports you to the highest degree. That is where the joy is. Dare to treat yourselves well for only then can you play the role of the Human Angels. Dare yourselves to have all that you desire now. Dare to create everything in your life that you want and more. It is the "and more" that allows you the opportunity to play the role of Human Angel, for that is the piece that you will pass amongst you. Those are the seeds that you will plant in other people every time you smile. That is the joy of the next act.

    You are the magical beings. You are the magical third graders that have changed the whole school. Walk in pride, dear ones. Dare to hold your light high and proud. For in that time, there will no longer be shadows on Planet Earth. You sit at a critical juncture now, deciding what will be in the next act of the play. Do not concern yourself with how the play ends or who plays what role. That is the act of a Human Angel.

    Dear ones, we are so honored to be in your presence. It is only possible because you have asked. We are here with simple suggestions so that you may see, and re-member your magnificence. For you are the angels that do not re-member that you are angels. You are the part of Home that we are missing. Take a moment and feel the honor that all of us on this side of the veil have for you, the masters of the Gameboard.

    Dear ones, you cannot see who you are, and yet you are changing your reality for you are beginning to see God in the mirror. Know that you hold the power. Enjoy the journey dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we sit in your presence. Re-member Home, re-member your empowerment, re-member to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together. ESPAVO.

    The Group has spoken several times of the new role of the Dolphins and the Whales. The message Passing the Torch (Beacons of Light Jan 9th 2000). We have just been through a difficult shift on this planet of ours. In the last Energy Weather Report, June 1st 2002, the Group said this was a time to acclimate. In learning to adjust to the Crystal Energy I will re-member the Dolphin Flow.

    Big Hugs and gentle nudges
    Steve Rother 'Keeper'

    Connecting the Heart

    By Barbara Rother

    We all find ourselves saying "The world must change!" One of my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi is: "You must BE the change you wish to see in the world." We look outside of ourselves instead of turning within. Realize and express the greatness that is inside each and every one of us. Acknowledge your power to bring about these changes, whether they are toward world peace or the peace in your daily existence. How do you begin? Take a moment to touch your own soul. Breathe. Quietly listen to music, observe the beauty of a sunset. Be in touch with your own self before you can touch another.

    Release the seriousness of moving forward. Adapt the attitude of the dolphins and flow through life creating your reality with a graceful acceptance. Know that each event that comes your way is there offering a lesson for you to understand. Be open for change with a free understanding of abundance.

    I look forward to this coming March when we will present an event in Hawaii. We are in the process of setting up an event that will include a swim with the dolphins. Many of you have had this opportunity before. I have yet to experience this. I anticipate the lessons I will learn from them. They have a way of teaching us how to go with the flow of life. Perhaps that is the reason we are so drawn to them.

    As we open ourselves to our own guidance, we begin to see that each one of us has the ability to make a difference. Begin with a smile to everyone who comes into your field. Be in the moment when you are talking with someone. Really be with that person and learn from each other. One heart at a time we CAN make a difference. Realize how your attitude in your own life can effect all around you. Be the best you can be now and appreciate who you are. Release the act of finding fault with yourself, and with others. Do not wait till you complete that class, loose that weight, earn more money. You are the perfect you at the perfect time. How can others see the glory in you if you do not first see it in yourselves? Each individual has their special gifts. Thank yourselves for who you are now and share that with others. Then be ready to move forward for we are forever changing.

    This is a time of celebration of who we are. You have a gift that is uniquely yours. Challenge yourself to develop that gift. Be all that you can be. Flow with the changes that face you day by day. Ask yourself: "How can these new opportunities help me grow?" Above all enjoy becoming the Human Angel to yourself and to all around you. Laugh, sing, dance with the celebration of who you are, and of who you are becoming day by day. This is how we can bring about change. This is how we can make a difference today. In our living room, Steve and I have a beautiful sculpture of two dolphins playing. Whenever I look at this it re-minds me of their free spirits. Have you noticed how they always seem to be smiling? They are a good example how to be connected to the joy in our world.

    and so it is...

    Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment (858) 748 5837

    If this information resonates with you and you would like to read more from Steve, Barbara & the Group you can do so at the web site address:


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