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    George Shaffer's Visions of Earth Changes

    My name is George Shaffer. I am a retired associate professor of mathematics. I was a member of the "American Association of University Professors" for 16 years. I have taught at the high school level for 16 years and 21 years at the college level ( 16 years full time; 5 years part time). I have a special interest in electronics and have a hobby of amateur radio; my call sign is (W8NTX). I was first licensed in 1953 and have had 48 years of enjoyable hamming. I spent two years teaching in Japan and my call sign there was (KA7GS). I am a member of "The American Society of Dowsers", I practice meditation and have had vivid visions, mostly in full color . The following, earth change, map is an example of these visions.

    When I meditate I ask for an event and then I meditate for approximately thirty minutes a day. It sometimes takes months until I receive at least three visions that are approximately the same. Many of my vision are in full color and this earth change map is an example of this. I have asked for probable earth changes through the year (2005), the reason for this is my age. There is a good possibility that I will still be around at that time. I realize that my earth change map does not have the severe changes that I have seen on other maps. I believe this might be due to my short time frame. I have received (through visions) that the coming earth changes will be over a longer period of time than originally thought. I also believe that all prophecy will eventually be fulfilled, but at a much slower rate than originally thought. This should give the human race a chance to adjust to these changes (let's keep our fingers crossed). The only reason I am publishing my earth change map is to get people thinking positively, because I firmly believe if we all have our thoughts in the right direction we can lessen the severity of these earth changes by spreading them out over a longer period of time. Nothing would make me happier than awakening on the morning of my birthday on (2005) and none of these earth changes will have taken place. The dark blue on the map indicates severe earth changes while the lighter blue would be more of a moderate change.

    5-1-96-  I saw the map of the United States slide across my vision, one map right after the other. The maps were moving so quickly I could not make out much detail. I asked for the process to slow down. I then was shown the west coast of the USA including Alaska. Starting in Southern California I saw a black line sliding through California, Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, and ending in northern Alaska. When the line stopped, I saw clocks imbedded in the line; maybe as many as four or five spaced along the line. All of these clocks were ticking with the second hands moving. The vision ended with large parts of coastal territory missing. The last part of the vision was very short, but it seemed to match the map of the United States that I have displayed above.

    NOTE (1)- I believe I was shown some of the San Andreas fault. I also believe that major earth changes will come very soon and the majority of these changes will be along the west coast.

    NOTE (2)- This same vision was shown to me two more times during the same night. This was not a full color vision but a bright black and white display.

    NOTE (3)- I saw this same vision again on (5-4-96).

    NOTE (4)- There was a (5.4) quake in the state of Washington on (5-2-96). It shook the baseball stadium and they had to call off the game. This may be just one quake of several that may be coming rather soon.

    A reader, of my Web pages, from Japan, asked me to see if I could gain any information about earth changes in Japan.  The following is the information that I received.
    5/23/01  As you suggested I have been meditating about Japan and earth changes.  About two days ago, during a scrying session, I did see Japan and a possible earth change.  Keep in mind this is only a probable earth change and we can do something about it through our very thoughts.  I have only seen this vision once but I will keep trying and see if I can get the vision again.  I believe I saw the island of Shikoku where I saw part of the island (the northeastern part) slowly disappear into the ocean. This vision was in full color and the time frame (I chose for this information) was through the year 2005. During a later dowsing session I received more information about the coastal areas of Honshu and Kyoshu. The map will show the changes that I saw. The affected areas are colored blue.  These areas have a high probability of being under water by the year 2005.

    9-24-94-  I saw the skyline of a modern city; it appeared to be a USA city. The buildings were leaning; some had fallen over and others were leaning on the buildings next to them. All the buildings seemed to be heavily damaged.

    NOTE- I had asked to see the damage that would occur during the coming earth changes.

    2-17-95-  I saw a cement roadway with one section collapsed about two feet below the other. I also saw a collapsed overpass.

    5-27-95-  I saw the map of the United States; the scene then changed to show me a volcano erupting.

    9-13-95-  I saw the map of the United States. This map was in full color. I saw a portion of Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri blacked out.

    NOTE- I have been asking if there was going to be any earthquakes, in the near future, of magnitude 8 or more. I was looking for cracks or an earth shift such as a fault etc.. I got the map instead.

    1-6-96-  I had asked to visit the akashic records. I don't know how I got there but everything I thought of was shown to me. I thought of sausage and immediately saw two buckets of pork and fat. I thought of the book " Stairway To Heaven." I immediately saw a smoky stairway which I could ascend. I went a short way up the steps and thought of pyramids. I was shown pyramids and one particular one was damaged on one side, as if it were damaged by an explosion. I then thought of maps, detailed maps from all over the world were flashed in front of me. I thought I should get more detail so I asked to see the west coast of the USA. The states I saw were Wa, Or, and Ca as they appear now. I then asked what they probably would look like by the year 2005. " See the map above."

    NOTE- I was shown the same map twice in a row.

    Later the same night I had a dream where someone handed me a map. I opened the map and I saw the same changes on the same three states as shown on the attached map. All these visions and maps were in full color.

    1-23-96-  I had the same vision of a United States map where a portion of Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota was blacked out. This time the blacked out portion was shaded the same as the water was. See vision (9-13-95).

    NOTE- This vision was in shades of gray.

    1-31-96-  That inner voice told me: " The earth will shake beneath your feet."

    1-31-96-  I saw a map of the lower east coast of the United States where the coast had gone through earth changes. " See the map above."

    5-21-96-  I saw the same flat line running from California to Alaska. There was a clock on the northern part of the line ticking away. See vision (5-1-96).

    8-24-96-  I saw a city skyline with the tall buildings all askew.

    1-6-97-  I saw a map of the USA. This was a black and white vision. The map showed earth changes that verify the map that I have already drawn. "See the map above."

    5-9-97-  I saw five to six cities. They were shown to me in succession. These were large cities and some had very tall buildings. The buildings in all the cities were heavily damaged. The buildings were toppled or leaning at strange angles.

    NOTE(1)- The vision started in full color then changed to black and white, I felt as if some of the cities were in this country and some were in other countries. The damage seemed to be caused by earthquakes.

    NOTE (2)- Two days after this vision, Iran had a major earthquake.

    7-11-97-  I saw the island of Kyushu, Japan. It looked like the Nagasaki area. I saw a huge explosion then the vision faded.

    NOTE- It may have been a past event of the atomic explosion over Nagasaki. If it were a future event, it could have been a volcano.

    9-18-97-  I saw a full color scene of a volcano spewing smoke and ash.

    NOTE- I asked to see a volcano if my map had a high probability of being fulfilled by 2005, and to see a placid running stream if the probability was slim of the map changes coming about by 2005. This is the way I get my yes or no answers during meditation.

    11-13-97-  I was viewing a roadway from above, and saw all sorts of vehicles coming and going (trucks, cars, recreational vehicles, etc.). The road suddenly buckled and some vehicles were lost to my sight. I was moved along this road still viewing it from above and I saw a small city with tall buildings (not sky scrapers) that were heavily damaged.

    NOTE- This may be earth changes that will occur soon.

    12-17-97- I saw the state of Alaska (not in full color). I saw a hand with a pencil in it and this hand and pencil was drawing a line across Alaska. I also got confirmation of the earth changes along the west coast and they match what I had seen earlier.

    NOTE- I was meditating about Earth's changes that will occur in Alaska by the year 2005.

    12-21-97- I saw the state of Alaska (with a portion blacked out) and the earth changes that I saw were about the same as the ones I saw on 12-17-97.

    12-22-97 - I saw the state of Alaska and the earth changes that I saw were pretty much the same as I have seen in my other visions.

    NOTE- I have consistently been asking for earth changes in Alaska and never received any visions for this area, until I received an e-mail from someone in Alaska who asked what I saw for their area. When I started meditating on Alaska again, I received information very quickly; this seems very interesting to me.

    1-24-98- I saw the competitors skiing at the Winter Olympics in Japan. I also saw all the brightly colored flags and many people. This scene was beginning to fade when I was shown many buildings (around the 12 story type, some were smaller). I did not have enough time to see if the buildings were damaged.

    NOTE (1)- As I was observing this scene I had the feeling that this was an earthquake vision.

    NOTE (2)-  2-20-98 On Saturday a minor earthquake hit the Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan, shaking buildings in Nagano and even rattling Alpine skiers in the men's slalom. The quake, measuring 5.0 on the richter scale, hit at 9:55 a.m. Saturday (Friday in the United States) as the skiers were on the first leg of the men's slalom, the last alpine race of the Nagano games. Its epicenter was about fifty miles northwest of the Olympic City, Japan's meteorological agency said.

    NOTE (3)- I don't mind these visions coming true if there is no loss of life or property.

    4-29-98-  I was in the dream state and in this dream a phone rang. This immediately put me in the hypnagogic state (the awakening state). A vision usually follows this sequence and at times I hear a voice yell "Hey" and this also gets me out of the dream state. Here is the vision that I received: I saw women carrying packages and other objects on their heads. I was shown the head dress that they wear to carry these objects. The women seemed to have a light complexion. I was then shown buildings (not very tall buildings). Some of these buildings seemed to be damaged. The vision then faded.

    NOTE-  I believe I was shown the women to give me a geographical location and I also believe there is a high probability of an earthquake in that area.

    5-24-98-  I saw a large comet very close to the sun. It was traveling in a close tight orbit around the sun and probably came very close to earth.

    NOTE- This was a clear vivid vision.

    7-13-98-  I saw what looked like a city residential area. The houses were tightly packed together but were neat and orderly. The homes were of the one and two story variety. Suddenly people started popping out of windows and doors heading for the middle of the street. This vision was vivid and in full color.

    NOTE- I had the impression that there was a highly probable chance for an earthquake in Iran. There are many people in this world receiving this type of information "there must be a reason for this". Prophecy only gives us the probable future, and this can be changed by us. The human has free will, and our very thoughts can make a difference. There would be no point to life if everything were predestined, so let's use our free will and get our thoughts going in a positive way for the people (that might be affected) in Iran. Remember "love is the key".

    8-23-98-  I saw several rural scenes; large hip roofed barns and other farm out buildings. These are the kind of buildings that one sees in the New England states and the northern parts of the Midwest. They remind me of the kind of buildings one would associate with a family dairy operation. The buildings suddenly began to collapse and fall apart. The few people that were standing around fell to the ground and when they got up they lost their balance and fell again. This vision was in full color and lasted several minutes. When I took myself out of the hypnagogic state (after a brief period of time), I closed my eyes again and the vision was still there.

    NOTE- We have the power to change this by our very thoughts and also extending love to all people. Let's get these positive thoughts flowing

    11-5-98-  I saw in clear detail clocks displayed to me one at a time (all shapes and sizes) and the clock hands did not seem to indicate any special time. I asked, "Why all of these clocks?" In the next scene I was shown the following symbol in a brilliant white color.

    1-7-99-  I saw the comet that I have seen before, check "George Shaffer's Earth Change Page (1-24-98)". This time I had a little more detail. The comet was in close orbit around the sun, so close that it looked as if it might be pulled into the sun's surface. It made a three quarter orbit around the sun and veered back into space (sling shot style). This means its return to space will probably put it in a new orbit around our sun. The comet's new direction (on its way into outer space) may cause Earth some problems.
    NOTE-  I am still meditating about this comet and I hope to receive more information. I don't believe I have seen the full picture. If and when I get new information I will immediately post it .

    1-13-99-  I saw an area of Southern California and Arizona shaded in red as shown on the map. I believe there will be earth change activity for this area in the near future.

    5-10-99-  I saw many maps slowly slide by me (one after another).  These maps were from all parts of the world: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Japan, and others.  This was a clear black and white vision.  The maps that I saw did not seem to show any significant earth changes.  If there were changes they were minimal.

    NOTE-  Since this was a black and white vision I hesitated to put it on this web page.  I prefer my visions to be in full color before I publish them. I may have been shown this vision because there might be a slim probability that we can defer major earth changes for the time being.  We must continue with a positive attitude and extend love to all people throughout the world.  I would be interested to know if anyone else has an opinion on this vision.

    6-6-99-  I saw a comet going around the sun in the very tight orbit.

    NOTE-  This was a full-color vision and the third time I have seen this vision.  I believe this comet has a high probability of happening and will be very meaningful to earth and its occupants.  Let's all hope and pray it will be meaningful in a positive way.

    11-3-97   I saw a streak of blue and orange light, tinged with gold; beneath this streak of light I saw a blue star (very bright) and it's size was about one-third the size of our full moon.
     I was given the impression that this vision (of the blue star) had something to do with the planet Nibiru.

    7-9-99-   The area in which my wife and I live (Southern Ohio)  was being flooded.  All the streams, waterways and and fields were being flooded and heavily eroded.  New streams had been formed and roadways where being washed away.  I was given the impression that this flooding was not caused by heavy rains.

    NOTE-  This was a full color vision and a bit frightening to witness.  At the present time (in Southern Ohio) we are experiencing a drought.  If this flooding was not caused by heavy rains, I leave it to your imagination as to what could cause it.  If Southern Ohio could be flooded in this manner I dread to think what other places in this country might experience.

    7-12-99-  I saw what looked like a comet making a very close approach to earth.  It seemed to pass us by but came dangerously close. This vision was very short but extremely vivid.

    NOTE-   I hope that I am not being too repetitive but I will remind you again that all prophecy is only a probable event and we have the power to make changes (through our very thoughts).  Our collective (positive) thoughts may not have universally reached enough maturity in order to change the direction of a comet but it should be strong enough to lessen the severity of damage a close approach might cause.  During the period of the last three years I have seen visions of this comet five different times.  Always remember "Love is the key".

    9-27-99-   I saw a large bright ball of white light that was positioned over and above the northwest corner of the state of Washington.  This ball of white light slowly moved across the border between Canada and the USA, and as soon as it crossed the border it disappeared.  The vision then ended.

    NOTE-  I have been asking to see where the first probable earth change in the USA would occur.  I believe this ball of white light was showing me that the first most probable earth change (in the USA) will take place in the Northwest corner of the state of Washington.
    Remember prophesy describes only a highly probable event.  Through our free will and positive thinking we can delay or completely eliminate these events.  I (along with you) do not want this prophecy to occur.  I publish my visions so that all of us will get our thoughts going in the right direction and just maybe we can delay or stop this from happening.

    11-11-99-   I saw a comet like object (maybe a meteor) heading for earth.

    11-11-99-   I saw a comet like object (maybe a meteorite) strike the earth in the northern hemisphere, it was difficult to tell where the exact location was. As the comet like object hit or exploded (just above the earth) I saw a gigantic flash of light.

    NOTE-     These two visions came on the same day, approximately two hours apart.  If this comes to pass it will do great damage to earth and many lives could be lost.  If this does come true it will be soon.  I believe it is time for all of us to get our thoughts in a positive direction and maybe we can lessen the severity of a hit.  Remember "Love is the key".

    12-22-99-  I saw a comet-like object heading toward Earth.  This could have been any object that glowed as it entered Earth's atmosphere (meteorite, asteroid or small comet).  This was a clear, full-color vision.

    NOTE-  I have seen this comet-like object heading toward Earth many times.  I had been asking (during meditations) to see a comet-like object heading toward Earth if it were still highly probable for Earth to be struck (soon) by a  spatial object.  I therefore believe this is a highly probable event.  We humans have the power to change this event through a loving positive attitude.  Now is the time to turn our thoughts in that direction.

    1-23-00-  I saw a meteor like object entering our atmosphere (quite large), it was glowing brightly and looked as if it had an impact heading.  Directly behind this meteor I saw a gigantic space vehicle.  It was heading on the same course as the meteor like object.  The vision then faded.

    NOTE-  I have seen this space vehicle many times before (in my visions) and there is evidently a meaningful message that has been given to us.  This message could be interpreted several different ways and (I am sure) your interpretation would be as good as mine.

    3-29-00-  I saw a street that had one side lined with  streamer like flags. These flags were of various colors and could have depicted other countries or areas within the same country. There were people milling around on the street and they all seemed to be heading the same direction. I did not see any cars or vehicles of any type on this street. I had a similar vision when the winter Olympics were being held at Nagano, Japan.  I felt at that time the vision was an earthquake vision and I have the same feeling about this vision.

    Note- I don't know of any world competitions going on at this time . There could be events in some countries that would attract a good number of people so lets all think positively and if there is an earthquake in such a situation it will be a mild one .

    4-4-00-  I saw a wedged shaped asteroid.  It was moving in a slow tumbling motion. This was a full color vision and I was able to view this asteroid for several seconds .

    Note- Let's hope this is not the asteroid that will threaten Earth .

    5-13-00-  I clearly saw a clock and the time that it was showing was 10:00.

    Note-  I have had many visions of clocks and I am not sure what they are telling me.

    5-16-00-  I was taken on a world trip.  I was at a very high altitude traveling westward around the world.  As I was moving I saw below me maps of the world and as they slid by I had time to view them and did not notice any major earth changes.  There were probably minor earth changes which I did not recognize.  This was not a full color vision and I have only seen it once.

    Note- There were probably coastal changes which my poor knowledge of geography did not let me notice.

    5-19-00-  I saw a city which was located on a bay.  I was viewing this scene from above.  From my viewpoint this city reminded me of Seattle, WA.  As the vision progressed I saw meteorite like objects exploding above this city.  I could not tell whether the explosions were causing damage.

    Note-  It doesn't look like this area of the country is out of the woods yet.

    7-17-00-  In this vision I saw the sun shining bright and clear. The sun had rays, jetting out, all around it. I was then shown a clock where its hands were spinning rapidly.

    Note-  We may be in for more severe  (even more than the record breaking one's we already have had) sun activity.

    7-24-00-  I saw a certificate which showed the date 2000 on it and there was a hand pointing to this certificate.
    Note-  I dowsed to see if this had anything to do with earth changes and the response was a definite yes.

    8-27-00- I was walking on the back deck of our home and the snow was piled waist high in places.  It was impossible to walk through it.

    Note-  I believe there will be much snow in southern Ohio this winter and probably all the surrounding states as well.  There will be much more snow than usual for these areas.

    11-25-00-   I was shown (in a vision) the state of Washington with an arrow pointing to it.

    Note -   I had asked to see where in the U. S. A. there would be the first significant earth change of a permanent nature.

    This information was freely given to me and I freely pass it on to others. If you would like to copy some or all of it, please do so. (My main purpose is to get as many people as possible to view this material).


    I have always wondered what good prophecy does for the people of this world. Why do we need to know the future? Wouldn't it just make us paranoid if the future was not to our liking? For the sake of me I just can not understand why we are given this information. It seems that many of us are given prophecy and possibly everyone could get the information if they would try. If this is true there must be a very good reason why we are receiving it. Could free will be the reason? If things are not predetermined and we  are free to choose what direction we want to take then the future is not fixed.

    The prophecy we receive is only the probable future, coupling this with all the people of the world (each and every one using their free will) this would make the number of possible futures astronomical. This may be the very  reason we have prophecy is to get, not just a few people to change their ways, but to get the majority of people to change their thinking in a positive way. If this is true we need to get the word out on a world wide bases to get things going in the direction of  good.

    Keep in mind, time may be running out for us earthlings and we need to start thinking a message of love and guard against those little hate thoughts (that can creep into the back recesses of our minds). If we could master this, the human race could create the future they would desire. It is time to start! "Love is the key."

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