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    Earth Changes and the Physical Body

    Channeling of 'The Group' through Steve Rother - June 5th, 2001

    About this Issue:
    Steve Rother: The following information is from the Group. I have hesitation about quoting scientific material because I have seen so much that has been misquoted. I am therefore very pleased to give credit and a special thanks to Marc Timm, our science editor. Marc has taken statements from the Group and has provided validation in the form of internet links that you can investigate yourself. In the article below I will clearly state items that we have yet to validate and would appreciate hearing from people who can validate or disprove the information from reputable sources.
    There is a LOT taking place on our planet right now. I will take this opportunity to recap the events that have begun here so that we can understand what is happening and where we go from here.

    The doom and gloom prophecies that were so prevalent around the year 2000 were accurate. The Grand Game of Hide and Seek was about to end. There were and still are a lot of variations here. The Group says that most of them were true some were even inter-dependant. One event that planet Earth would have ultimately encountered was the pole shifting. They say that the Earth has actually turned on its axis and shifted poles five times preciously. The end of the world prophesies were referring to the next pole shift, which according to the Group was to be the sixth and FINAL shift.

    From scientific data we can see that these pole shifts have happened approximately every 500,000 years. We are currently overdue for one of these shifts by a mere 200,000 years. We can also see scientific evidence that the Earths magnetic fields have been decreasing in preparation for this shift and this decrease has always preceded previous pole shifts. Be aware that over the last century the magnetic fields have decreased by ten percent.

    An interesting side note here is that the Group says this decrease in magnetic field is the origin of the increasing emotional heaviness that has been felt on the planet for the last decade. This same decrease in magnetics has also changed our relationship to time. They say that we now only have about 20 hours in our 24 hour day.

    It's easy to see that everything was lining up for a pole shift. The Group says that this was all in preparation for the end of the Game.

    We have changed that reality. . .

    Now the cosmic events that were in motion will be redirected toward a higher use of this same energy. Here is what the Group says is already in motion:

    A short time ago (months) the Sun reversed it's polarity and what used to be North is now South.

    Energy from this vortex has been filtering into our energy fields in two different ways according to the Group. This began as a huge wave of energy and light particles that were sent off from the sun the moment it happened. Since that time the energy has been filtering in very slowly as reflected magnetic waves. Very few people feel this physically. Even today this energy is still entering and being absorbed by then Earth. We can still see evidence of this in our electronic equipment. Lightworker.com and PLANETLightworker.com both went down for several hours this last week and at the time of this writing the main NASA site is down. This energy, according to the Group, is being stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth. Tectonic plates are the plates that float on the molten core of the Earth. These plates take up the slack because the Earths core rotates faster than the Earths surface.

    Previous to these events, the Group talked about increased activity, both volcanic and seismic, (Earthquakes and Eruptions) around the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire includes the Pacific Ocean and much of the Pacific Rim. This is where the vast majority of the Earths volcanoes are located.

    Here the Group says that the Ring of Fire is actually the lifeblood of our planet and creates the living environment that we humans need for biological survival. Much of this is accomplished beneath the sea. They say that the Ring of Fire is actually the expansion strip of the tectonic plates much like you would see expansion strips on a bridge or a sidewalk. (Sorry, the old contractor comes out once and a while) This takes up the slack for the natural expansion and contraction of the planet.

    Storing the energy in these plates is like storing electricity in a capacitor and allows it to filter in to our existence gently over time. On a personal basis this has changed our energy and is having effects that I will discuss below.

    So what is happening now and how does it effect me?

    The Vortexes that the Group keeps talking about have a deeper meaning than we know. A Vortex, essentially a whirlpool of energy. This is the basic essence of our Universe. From our galaxy, whose vortex form we see as the countless suns of the Milky Way, throughout the gravitational Vortex of our solar system, down to the vortex of an atom, the vortex form recurs as a constant in all that is. They also have the properties in relationship to time that we are just becoming aware of. A Vortex actually can connect dimensional time portals (coming soon) and anchor all of the inter-dimensional realties that exist here on the planet. They also stabilize the energy stored in the tectonic plates and help direct a controlled release of this energy. Please see the last Re-minder from Home on how to create a Vortex.

    All of these events were originally set into motion to end the Game here on Planet Earth and now we are redirecting the outcome. The events now unfolding are even more exciting than we imagined. With the help of this new energy and the advances we are making vibrationally, we are now forming portals into other dimensions. If you think that contact from outer space is exciting, wait until you see what is happening in the alternate dimensional realities right here on Earth!

    So, what is happening right now? (I love these questions)

    All of these events were originally set into motion to end the Game here on Planet Earth and now we are redirecting the outcome. The events now unfolding are even more exciting than we imagined. With the help of this new energy and the advances we are making vibrationally, we are now forming portals into other dimensions. If you think that contact from outer space is exciting wait until you see what is happening in the alternate dimensional realities right here on Earth!

    The energy has turned a corner. Many of you will feel an excitement in the air that illustrates the potential that is before us. Even with the excitement, many are feeling held back and even in slow motion. Please understand that your relationship to time is changing once again and that this is nothing to be concerned with. The Group loves to laugh at us because we spend so much time asking for the changes that will lead us into another reality and then fight against the changes as they are given to us. They love to re-mind me that everything I have ever given up has deep scratch marks all over it.

    Weather changes, droughts, floods, climate changes and the like are all in our face at this moment. This will continue but should not be as drastic as the shifts we experienced over the last fifteen years. For the longer term, Global warming will soon become a key issue. We have more control over these issues than we understand. This is the reason that the Group is talking so much about Vortexes and people gathering in their homes as Circles of Light. If only a tenth of the people on this planet came together to focus intent one time over the next year, there would be no ill effects.

    Physically, we are seeing bronchial, respiratory and throat chakra problems with some people who are being overwhelmed with this energy. This can have similar symptoms as bronchitis but will react differently to medication. The simple answer is to take care of yourself, watch your stress levels and a key here is to get more sunlight. The polarity reversal of the Sun has affected the physical polarity of the biology in these people. It does not mean you are not 'advanced', it simply means that you are more physically sensitive to the energy coming in and need to be extra careful until your body acclimates.

    As in any change of this magnitude we will see many who find themselves in reversed polarity and need assistance to recover.

    The good news here is that it may be much easier for you to lose weight if that is your intent. ( There had to be some good news!) Physical exercise will go a long way for the next few months.

    Sleep will be all over the board for a time. One night you may sleep like a baby and the next you may be lucky to get two hours. This will be especially evident in those who are leading the way vibrationally. (Re-member that it was you that insisted on sitting in the very front of the class.) This will not be as difficult as some think because it is just your biology acclimating.

    Take your time, sleep when you feel the pull and find ways to relieve the stress. Water helps to ground and assimilate the energy. Creating Vortexes can help you to balance physically and help balance the Earth at the same time. Find a group of like-minded people and connect.

    Above all. . . enjoy the ride!
    Steve Rother

    Copyright Notice: Copyright 2001-14 Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated in whole or in part provided that there is no charge for the information and provided that this notice is attached. Further information from Steve Rother and the Group may be found at the web site: Lightworker.com or through Lightworker at (858) 748 5837.

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