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    What Does Your Face Reveal?

    By Kathy Thompson

    To start reading faces the first thing to look at is the face shape. It will give you an idea of the basic personality. Out of these basic five shapes, there are 25 combinations. Some of us may be a combination and have traits from both shapes.

    Basic motivation is acceptance. (Water) The face and body is round and fleshy. They have luminous, loose, and relaxed features. They are food minded, homebodies. They love people, life, and are happy and cheerful. They are enthusiastic, volunteers, optimistic, entertainers, hosts, generous, sentimental, and procrastinate.

    Basic motivation is recognition. (earth). The face and body is square in shape. They have large, sharp, strong features. They are the fatherly/motherly type. They are freedom lovers, optimistic, love travel, aggressive, ambitious, go-getters, talk too much, successful, organizers, direct, frank, they make things happen.

    Basic Motivation varies; money, people, power, recognition, security. The face and body is long and lean. They have smooth, delicate graceful features. They don't like to lose. They are practical, successful, good organizers, dominant, self-centered, competitive, aggressive, active.

    Basic motivation is security. (wood) They have a wide forehead and a pointed chin. The face and body is thin, long, willowy features. They are reserved, indoor, thinkers, honest, ambitious, integrity, perfectionists, ambitious, idealistic, sensitive, and seek spiritual attainment.

    Basic motivation is adventure. (fire). They have a narrow forehead coming to a peak with a wide jaw and chin. The face and body is skinny, pointed, wiry, and quick features. They are hard to please, demanding, skeptical, picky, insecure, open, talented, tremendous drive, perfectionists, generous, escapists, outgoing, active, restless, adventurous, with a lot of vitality.

    Stop and think how you would communicate/sell/ persuade the above face shapes? Think of the many ways you can benefit from knowing this information.

    You Can Read
    a Face Like a Book

    How Reading Faces
    Helps You Succeed in
    Business and Relationships

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