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    Channeling Articles

    Beacons of Light - Re-minders from Home from the Group - August 15, 2003.

    Channeled By Steve Rother

    From Steve:
    I do a lot of private Re-member Sessions on the phone where people can view themselves from the perspective of the Group. Recently in these sessions, people have been talking about the shift of energy being felt all over the globe. The most common complaints are anger and frustration coming up and old issues returning that were dealt with long ago. These are signs of advancement, according to the Group, and they even talked about them in last month's message. Even knowing that is not enough to keep us from being overwhelmed by it at times. Here, they offer practical advice for taking the next step forward. They watch with love as we get wrapped in our dramas. They say, simply, enjoy the dramas, just don't take them too seriously. The good news is that this may be a time when our physical bodies can catch up to the changes and stop resisting the shift. For many, this will be an easier time to lose weight.

    Last month's Beacons was all about the Phantom Death of Planet Earth. Now we are in the process of moving into a higher state, something that we have been anticipating for a long time. It's obvious to most of us that we have not made it there just yet, so where exactly are we? What is the door that is in front of us and how do we open it? To answer that, the Group reminded me of the words of Rod Serling at the beginning of each Twilight Zone TV episode: “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension, a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the "Grey Zone."

    From the Group

    Greetings from Home

    We greet you with the love of Home, for that is the one energy that all beings everywhere recognize and feel deep within their being. Dear ones, your courage as spirits masquerading in human form is once again at an all-time high. The energy entering into your world at this time is far beyond anything that you have ever before experienced. The next few months will be times of change and introspection as you realign your energy fields.

    Adjusting the Matrix

    Please understand that as you step into higher dimensions your own energy matrix must adjust to accommodate the higher energy that you carry. It is this adjustment that is causing you great stress at this time. We remind you that from a higher perspective your work as a spirit in human form was to define the indefinable, to give form to the formless and to define the very essence of God. You do this by disguising your infinite form as a finite being. This is a frustrating experience in itself, but then add to it the agreement that you made to place the veils over your eyes to keep from seeing Home, and you have created an environment full of internal frustrations. Here, your heart knows there is a higher truth; yet, try as you might, you cannot see it.

    Many of you awoke in physical form saying “What did I get myself into?” After a while most of you made your peace and adjusted to the restraining form of the physical body. Now your greatest dreams are being realized. You are changing the physical body and the energy matrix. Yes, we know, it is not what you were expecting. Be patient, dear ones, as you know from your history these advances will only be seen in hindsight. Your physical changes have been advancing rapidly over the last ten years. When you look back at this time in the evolution of mankind it will seem as if these changes happened in the blink of an eye. Yet most of you are asking when something will change. Look behind you, dear ones, for a gauge on your advancements and you will readily see that you have moved more in the last six years than most of you have in the last six lifetimes.

    Relax the Physical

    Although not everyone is on the same cycles, we will nevertheless address the shifts that are affecting the majority of you at this time. Even if these attributes do not affect you directly, they will affect many of those whom you facilitate. At this time in your movement you are moving out of the field of duality. Your first reaction to this was a physical one. In most cases, the physical body felt threatened by this change and attempted to stabilize this growth by gaining density. At this current stage of evolution the physical body is now stabilizing. As your emotional body now stretches to accommodate these higher energies, the physical body can reset its matrix. The next several months will be a good time to effect change in the physical form for most of you. Please understand that you are not your physical being, and making it smaller or more desirable in your way of thinking may not make you any more at ease with being in physical form. For the time being, the pressure is off your physical being as the emergence of the spirit-body begins. Therefore, your physical body no longer needs to react by protecting itself with density. We tell you that when you do return Home you will see what a perfect container your physical body was for your energy. You will also see how sometimes your judgment of that same body creates the conditions that you think you must alter. Humans are so ingenious; we would never have thought of that part of the game.

    The Emotional Realignment

    The emotional template is now shifting drastically for many of you who are leading the way in this new energy. This brings to the surface the emotional frustration you have stored in your emotional matrix since birth. Frustration unexpressed will give rise to releases of anger. Most of you will aim these anger releases toward safe, but generally inappropriate, targets. We ask only that, in these times, you purposely move away from judgment, as that is an illusion of polarity and will effectively trap you in the old energy. As your emotions arise you will also find the need for different emotional stimuli. This is the realignment of the emotional energy matrix which houses you in physical form. Dare to reach further and try new things, as these stretches can lead to a new emotional dimension of your soul. Embracing your dark side during these times can help to ease the frustration many of you have experienced since birth. Many of you have already found yourselves erupting in an intense wave of sadness and tears. This is an expression of your dark side that is beautiful beyond your understanding. Are you aware that, even as you feel completely alone in your tears, we are standing right next to you cradling the very essence of your being as you make these adjustments to your emotional energy matrix? This is the process of balancing the male-female energy within you that we have spoken of so often. The realignment of the emotional structure will enable the emergence of the spirit-body for emotions are the link between the spirit and the physical being.

    The Pull into Light

    In balancing the new emotional matrix you will begin shifting your basis out of duality. You will adopt the attitude that there is no real good or bad, right or wrong, up or down or black or white. The illusions begin to fade and a new perspective, that of balanced emotional beings, begins to emerge. That can only take place in a very special place that you have created. Your fascination with Light will soon bring a new understanding of the reality in which you live. The seeds of Light that you have planted have been sprouting for the last twenty years. Your fascination with Light has resulted in “lite” potato chips, lights in your shoes and even “lite” beer. This has served you well to draw your collective attention to reach for the Light. As Lightworkers, your commitment is to spread Light on your planet is some way. This has served you more than you know, for it has motivated you to define light. It is that definition of Light that will lead you to define that which you call God.

    The next step is to embrace the whole. No, we are not asking you to now swing into darkness, for that was the way of old and an expression of polarity. Now we ask you to blend the light and dark, for that is where the real beauty is held. Embrace both parts of yourselves, for that is where you will find truth. Only by embracing the dark can you see the real beauty of Light.

    The Grey Zone

    Between Heaven and Earth there is a magical place. Between Light and dark lies a reality beyond description in your current terms. We will call it the Grey Zone. Sounds drab, does it not? Believe us when we say the Grey Zone is the most beautiful combination of all colors and all combinations of Light and dark. It is a blend of Heaven and Earth. Ahh yes, now we see that you are imagining what you believe to be Heaven. You have images of beauty where everywhere you look there is no resistance to any movement, where you think, and everything manifests the moment you grasp the thought. You imagine a place where everyone is in total harmony in every moment. Sorry, but that is not Heaven, only your illusion of it. In reality, that would be intensely boring for us. In your field of duality you naturally believe that you are going toward a better place, where only intent exists and no purpose or action is necessary. You are enlightened seekers and your nature is to seek something better. Many of you live with the greatest hope of returning Home. We also tell you that at this time on Earth more of you are thinking these thoughts than ever before. Please be patient, dear ones, for your perspective will change. What if we told you that when you return Home, you will look back on these days right now as the most wonderful parts of a Game that you were playing? What if we told you that there will come a time after returning Home when you long for the simple beauty of a leaf on a tree or the radiant smile of a loved one, or the comfortable energy of your easy chair? We are not attempting to disillusion you about Home, dear ones. It is all that you re-member and more, but what you don’t understand is that the same veil that keeps you from seeing your own magnificence also keeps you from seeing that Home is being built all around you at this very moment. That vision can only be attained by divine intent activated through divine purpose.

    Divine Intent + Divine Purpose = Divine Service

    One of the most difficult parts of being human is the veil that you wear. There is a dark spot directly over your third eye that keeps you from seeing your true nature. It has served you well in the human experience thus far, only now it is helpful to begin understanding the veil and its attributes. On this side of the veil you are one with all things, and that is what you have referred to as divine. It is the veil itself that causes you not to see the divinity within yourself, for that would instantly connect you with all things everywhere. This is what you call unity consciousness. For the moment let us simply say that divinity equals unity. At this stage of your evolution it is not possible for you to experience true unity, for that would be pulling the veil aside completely and this would quickly end the game. One way that the veil can be quickly thinned is to tap into divine intent. Trusting yourself to utilize the divinity within you means tapping more fully into unity consciousness. This is being one with all things and following the natural flow of energy as it pulls you into balance with everything. We have spoken of this before as the pull of the Universal energy.

    Your divine purpose is generally so simple that you can rarely see it clearly. If we were to tell each one of you what your individual divine purpose was, you would reply with “Isn’t that everyone?” Humans must usually complicate things in order to comprehend them. Divine purpose is the larger picture as it reflects your place in unity consciousness. It is where you fit into the big picture.

    The magic happens when you combine divine intent with divine purpose. This places you in divine service, which is what your soul came here to do. During the readjustment times you are now experiencing, divine intent with divine purpose can help you to clearly see your own next step as an individual. Do not be concerned if you do not immediately know your highest good or if it is not clear how you will be in divine service. Taking even small steps in that direction can ease the challenges of being human and give your life meaning. Here we offer you three simple tools for mixing divine intent with divine purpose to be in divine service.

    Honoring the Spirit-Body

    You are not body alone, nor are you spirit alone in the form you now inhabit. The ways of old within a field of duality taught you to believe that it was necessary to separate the physical from the spiritual self in order to advance. To become spiritual you found it helpful to denounce the physical desires of the body. That was your truth in the lower vibrations and it worked well. Understand that truth is an evolutionary process and as you move to higher levels of existence it becomes helpful to reach for higher truths to support your higher vibration. With the evolution of humans now at hand you will see the emergence of what we will call the Spirit-Body. In the lower vibrations from which you came, it was necessary to place some division between the Body and the Soul. As you now move closer to Home that division is fading. At this time you will see the new importance of treating the spirit-body as one. Honoring the spirit-body as the perfect vehicle to carry your energy is an area of grounding that will become more important as your evolution continues. This can be done by honoring the spiritual desires of the body and the bodily desires of the spirit. This action will help to balance your male and female, your yin and the yang, and your Light and the dark sides. This is the reason that you will now find a different connection to what once was your physical bubble of biology. Grounding has always been important as you walk in physical form. Now you will also find it helpful to ground the spirit-body as one. The emergence of the spirit-body is the reason you will find changes in weight and dimension more effective than even a short time ago. This is also the reason we are asking you to get comfortable with sex as the physical expression of the spirit. The spirit-body is the new vehicle that will take you to the next level of existence and it is beginning to surface at this time among those leading the way in the evolution process. Honor your spirit-body as the physical and spirit united. You have only to listen, as it will tell you what it needs. It now speaks to you through your spirit. These are the new connections that we will help uncover in coming messages. This blending motion of the physical and spiritual self also emulates the blending motion of the Universal Energy. This is the next step toward Lightbody and it is available now.

    Finding Paths of Service

    Embracing the divine purpose is easiest when you follow your own heart and activating the next step of evolution. Yes, we know, you do not trust your own heart, and that is the most difficult part of working with you as angels. Still, you have planted important seeds of your own divine purpose deep within your own cellular memories. If you allow yourself to experience these then you will find that your searching for things outside of yourself will cease. Since the beginning of our messages as Re-minders from Home, we have told you time and again that your heart knows the way. Find your passions and step into them in any way that you can.

    There is a deep inner peace with one who finds and acts on their own divine purpose. Find ways of being in service. This is an action that can set up the energies to place you into full unity consciousness. Placing yourself in service alters your perception of yourself and therefore alters your reality. Being in service in and of itself will move you to a higher level of existence. These are generally small steps at first, but they put action behind divine intent and therefore lead you to divine purpose. If you are unclear where your passion lies then begin only to step into service and watch as your passions surface.


    Dear ones, you are here playing a grand game of your own design. The biggest challenge is that you take yourselves way too seriously. Are you aware that all hunger, war, sadness, anger, loneliness and despair can be dissipated with a single laugh heard around your world? Are you aware that you can change your world and help others to change theirs with just a smile? When you find yourself longing for Home, feeling completely alone or intertwined in your own dramas, can you take a step back and see that you are a player in the most wondrous game? That simple fact is the secret of life as you know it. Re-membering who you really are is as simple as smiling or laughing. When you allow your own spirit to surface it is magical. Now, allow that spirit to be in service in some way and the magic takes form. That is why you are here now. It is so simple that we implore you to not think this through; rather, feel it in your heart. . . and smile.

    It is our greatest honor to be in the loving service of touching your hearts and reactivating your memories of Home. You have given us the opportunity to touch you with the vibrations of Home and have therefore allowed us to be in our divine service. We ask you only to treat each other as the Gods that you are, nurture one another and play well together.


    the Group

    Connecting the Heart

    Body Mind and Soul

    From Barbara

    Steve and the Group said how perfect our bodies fit us and that when we return Home we will appreciate the vessel we were given to experience being human. The test is to appreciate who we are now, body, mind and soul. When we are Home we will indeed see our magnificence. I understand this clearly when I look into my past. I can see so many times when I was in judgment about my body, causing me not to be at peace in my mind. I look back at photographs and see how wonderful I looked but at the time I tended to be critical of myself somehow. I was not connected with my being thus putting a block with my soul or my spiritual self. When I was a child I thought I was too tall and skinny. When I was a teenager I appreciated my height but wondered when I was ever going to develop a figure. There was a period that I truly appreciated my body in my late teens through part of my thirties. I can remember this being a period of joy, happy with my body and all areas of my life. Then in my mid thirties to present day I have played the game of weight on weight off or the so called yo-yo syndrome. According to the scale and the mirror I measured my contentment for my body and tormented my mind with how I needed to be more “perfect”.

    As I have been on my spiritual path, especially the last eight years, I have not placed such importance of my physical being because I know that I am perfect the way I am. I have a sense of peace with this understanding. This has given me a confidence that projects itself and precedes me in all that I do. Even though the scale may have shown more than I wanted to see, I got compliments on how good I looked. Recently I had a complete physical and all tests from my doctor came up with good results. I am thankful for abundance of health and this has caused me a new awareness of my body. I know we create our reality with our thoughts. My new view of who I am has triggered a change in direction for taking care of my physical body. I want to give my body the best that it deserves. As a result I have taken on a new way of eating, exercising and daily appreciation of myself. How interesting that with this new way of thinking my body is naturally loosing weight! But even if I were remaining the same, I know I would be at peace with myself. It is all a matter of perspective in how we see ourselves.

    Before I was awaken to this energy of Lightwork I became a massage therapist. I knew my life was about to change somehow, so I took the classes, feeling this was the next step for me. It was not to be my profession, as it turned out, but instead a stepping stone to the future. I received so many wonderful gifts through these studies but the most important lesson was in staying out of judgment of myself and others. I then realized that all bodies are perfect the way they are. Wouldn’t it be a dull world if we all looked the same? I practiced massage on large, tall, short, small, all types of people. We are not our bodies. Our souls are temporarily using these frames to experience our time on earth. The Group calls them bubbles of biology.

    Health of the body goes hand in hand with peace of mind. When these two are as one it is easy to connect your spiritual self to your soul. You can not reach your potential for physical health without being mentally fit and spiritually nourished as well. Being truly healthy is not just physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual. Without one it is like a piece of the puzzle missing making us incomplete.

    Count your blessings every night. As you relax before falling asleep think of three things that you are grateful for, one for the body, one for the mind and one for the soul. You will find yourself falling asleep feeling peaceful and positive. When you awake, this peaceful state will carry on through out your new day and reflect through your physical body.

    Remind yourself to become relaxed with your mind and body. This will feed your soul. Our daily lives are so busy with noise, stress, deadlines and schedules. Practice the art of deep relaxation such as meditation, yoga and breathing deeply. This will help you connect all three parts of yourself. Take the time to be alone every day if only for a half an hour. Enjoy your own company appreciating how wonderful you are. Have this be your special time. When we are happy with our bodies the mind is at peace and the soul completes the trinity of self. This is when we can truly enjoy our human experience.

    With Love and Light,


    We welcome your comments: Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through empowerment. (858) 748 5837

    Copyright Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at or through Lightworker at (858) 748-5837. Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

    If this information resonates with you and you would like to read more from Steve, Barbara & the Group, you can do so at the web site address: Follow the links to the Beacons of Light.

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